Bible Dictionary: Ln.   1840

  1. LO, a call of attention, Gen. 50:5, ad-
    dressed in calling regard to something
    of importance, Psal. 40:7; Matt. 3:16.
  2. LOAD, to put on, as a burden, Isa. 46:
    1: to supply bountifully, Psal. 68:19.
  3. LOAF, a large cake of bread, Exod.
    29:23; Mark 8:14.
  4. LOAM'MI, [h] (not my people), a name
    given to admonish the idolatrous Israel-
    ites, of God rejecting them on account
    of their wickedness, Hos. 1:9.
  5. LOAN, a thing lent, 1 Sam. 2:20.
  6. LOATHE, to dislike strongly, Exod. 7:
    18: to abhor, Ezek. 6:9.
  7. LOATHSOME, filthy, Job 7:5: disgust-
    ing, Prov. 13:5.
  8. LOAVES, masses of bread, 1 Sam. 17:
    17; John 6:9, 26.
  9. LOCK, the fastening of a door, Sol. Song
    5:5; Judg. 3:23, 24: a curl of hair,
    Ezek. 8:3; Num. 6:5.
  10. LOCKED, fastened with a lock, Judg.
    3:23, 24.
  11. LOCUST, a devouring insect, larger but
    resembling a grasshopper, Exod. 10:4-19.
    Innumerable multitudes swarm in Arabia
    and Africa, overspreading a country, con-
    suming or infecting every green vege-
    table and the corn, and causing a pesti-
    lence by their corrupting of the air when
    dead.   Such plague has been known to
    destroy 80,000 or 100,000 persons at a
    visitation, Joel 1:3-10.   A species of the
    locust was allowed for food by the law
    of Moses, Lev. 11:22: and it was used
    by John Baptist, Matt. 3:4.
  12. LOCUSTS, great and terrible armies, as
    employed by the false prophet Moh_m-
    , and by his successors, who pre-
    vailed over the countries in which Chris-
    tianity had been corrupted by the priests
    and wicked teachers, Rev. 9:3-11.
  13. LODGE, a small house in a retired
    place, Isa. 1:8.
  14. LODGE, to repose for the night, Gen.
    24:23, 24; Acts 10:6.
  15. LODGED, did lodge, Gen. 32:13:
    did dwell for a season, Acts 10:18-23.
  16. LODGING, temporary habitation, Acts
  17. LOFT, an upper floor, Acts 20:9.
  18. LOFTILY, haughtily, scornfully, Psal.
  19. LOFTINESS, pride, haughtiness, Jer.
  20. LOFTY, elevated, as God on the throne
    of the universe
    , Isa. 57:15: haughty, as
    proud men, Isa. 2:11, 12.
  21. LOG, a Hebrew measure of about three
    quarters of a pint, Lev. 14:10.   See
  22. LOINS, the lower parts of the back
    where the girdle is worn, Exod. 12:11;
    28:42: the whole body, Psal. 66:
    11.   "Gird up the loins of the mind,"
    1 Pet. 1:13, means, have the mind well
    furnished with truth, and the heart with
    grace, as a traveller prepared for a jour-
    ney, 2 Kings 4:29.
  23. LO'IS, Λωις (better), a pious Jewess, the
    grandmother of Timothy, 2 Tim. 1:5.
  24. LONG, great in distance, Deut. 14:24:
    extended time, Exod. 20:12.
  25. LONG, to desire vehemently, as for
    relief in suffering, Job 6:8; or for en-
    joyment, Psal. 63:1: to love greatly,
    Gen. 34:8.
  26. LONGED, did regard with affection,
    2 Sam. 13:39: did love greatly, Psal.
    119:40; Phil. 2:26.
  27. LONGING, desiring with affection, Deut.
  28. LONG-SUFFERING, enduring long, as
    God permits the provocations of the
    wicked, 1 Pet. 3:20; 2 Pet. 3:15; or
    as Christians bear with the imperfections
    of each other, Col. 1:11; 3:12.
  29. LOOK, the appearance, Dan. 7:20:
    haughty demeanour, Isa. 2:11; 10:12.
  30. LOOK, to see or view, Gen. 13:14: to
    search, Gen. 41:33: to consider, Deut.
    9:27: to contemplate, 2 Cor. 4:18: to
    regard with pious confidence, Isa. 45:
    22: to expect with assured and joyful
    hope, Phil. 3:20.
  31. LOOKED, did look, Gen. 18:16: did
    consider, Exod. 2:11: did hope for, Heb.
  32. LOOKING, viewing, John 1:36: contem-
    plating, Heb. 12:2: anticipating, Jude 22.
  33. LOOKING-GLASS, a kind of mirror of
    polished brass, Exod. 38:8; Job
    37:18.   See GLASS.
  34. LOOP, the bow of a double cord, Exod.
    26:4, 5.
  35. LOOSE, at liberty, Lev. 14:7; Dan. 3:
  36. LOOSE, to unbind, Judg. 15:14: to
    liberate, Acts 24:26: to put off, Judg.
    15:14: to open, Rev. 5:5: to declare
    forgiven, Matt. 16:19.
  37. LOOSED, did loose or liberate, Psal. 105:
    20: did sail, Acts 27:21.
  38. LOOSED, unbound, Job 39:5: bro-
    ken, Judg. 15:14: liberated, Rom. 7:2.
  39. LOOSING, unbinding, Mark 11:5: sail-
    ing, Acts 16:11.
  40. LORD JEHOVAH, the most glorious title
    of God our Creator
    , Exod. 34:6;
    Deut. 6:4, 6.   See
  41. LORD, a governor, applied especially
    God, Deut. 10:14, 17: to Christ, Phil.
    2:11: to the Holy Spirit, 2 Thess. 3:5;
    2 Cor. 3:17, 18.   Lord, as applied to
    man, indicates authority, as of a king,
    Acts 25:26; a chief ruler, Gen. 45:8,
    9: to nobles, Dan. 5:6: to tyrants, 1 Pet.
    5:3.   Lord is used as a title of reverence
    to a husband, Gen. 18:12: to a master,
    Matt. 10:24: to a person of property,
    Gal. 4:1: to persons of apparent worth,
    Gen. 24:18.
    • Lord of All the Earth, [God] Mic. 4:13--HL.
  42. LORDSHIP, authority or rule, as of a
    governor, Mark 10:42.
    • Lord's Supper, The.   A Baptist church ordinance.
      Symbolic only.   Not a sacrament.
      See New Testament Church.
  44. LOSE, to suffer loss, as of life, Judg.
    18:25; or of money, Luke 15:8; or
    of a recompense, Matt. 10:42; or of [the
    soul], through sin and wickedness, 16:26.
  45. LOSS, detriment or injury, Acts 27:
    21, 22.
  46. LOST, in a state unknown, as property,
    Exod. 22:9: dead, as children, Isa.
    49:20: destroyed, as an army, 1 Kings
    20:25: a state of ignorance and
    sin, as
    the ungodly
    , Matt. 10:6; Luke 15:24:
    hardened in impenitence, John 17:12;
    2 Cor. 4:3.
  47. LOT, לוט (wrapped up, or hidden, or
    myrrh), the son of Haran, and nephew
    Abraham, Gen. 11:27; 12:5.   Lot's
    brief history is deeply instructive, Gen.
    13. 14. 19.; and the shade over the
    character of Lot is partly dissipated by
    the testimony of the inspired apostle, 2
    Pet. 2:6-9.
  48. LOT'S WIFE.   See PILLAR.
  49. LOT, that which falls to one's share by
    casting or drawing tokens, Num. 26:
    55, 56: property, Prov. 1:14: fellowship,
    Acts 8:21: punishment, Isa. 17:13,
    14.   Casting lots, to settle a claim, or
    discover a person, was common, as is
    seen in the division of Canaan among
    the tribes, Josh. 18:9, 10; and in the
    case of the mariners to discover Jonah,
    Jon. 1:7; by the first Christians in
    choosing an apostle, Acts 1:26; and by
    the soldiers in sharing the garments of
    Christ, Matt. 27:35.   This course may
    certainly be now used religiously; as it
    is an appeal to the determination of God,
    Prov. 16:33.
  50. LO'TAN, [h] (wrapped up, or myrrh), an
    Arab chief, Gen. 36:20-22.
  51. LOUD, sounding forcibly, Exod. 19:
    16: noisy, Gen. 39:14.
  52. LOUDER, more forcible in sound, or
    noisy, Exod. 19:19.
  53. LOVE, tender regard, as a natural
    affection, Gen. 29:20: friendly esteem,
    Prov. 15:17: active holiness in the
    heart, a fruit of the
    Holy Spirit, inclin-
    ing the soul to delight in God, His people,
    and his service, Gal. 5:22; 1 John 4:7,
    10, 16.
  54. LOVE, to regard with natural affection,
    Gen. 22:2; Eph. 5:25: to pity, Mark
    10:21: to compassionate, John 3:16: to
    benevolently regard, Matt. 5:43, 44: to
    esteem and prefer, Matt. 10:37: to delight
    in, John 3:35.
  55. LOVED, did regard with affection, as
    a wife, Gen. 24:67; or a child, 25:
    28; or a friend, John 11:5: did compas-
    sionate, John 3:16; Mark 10:21: did
    take pleasure in, as an occupation, 2
    Chron. 26:10; or gain, 2 Pet. 2:15.
  56. LOVED, regarded with affection, 2 Cor.
    12:15: taken pleasure in, as excellent,
    Psal. 26:8; or desirable, 2 Tim. 4:10.
  57. LOVELY, united, 2 Sam. 1:23; or ami-
    able, Phil. 4:8.
  58. LOVER, a cordial friend, 1 Kings 5:1;
    Tit. 1:8: a professed friend, Lam. 1:2, 19:
    a voluptuary, 2 Tim. 3:2-4.
  59. LOVING, affectionate, Prov. 5:19.
  60. LOVING, taking pleasure in, Isa. 56:10.
  61. LOW, flat, as land, 2 Chron. 9:27:
    small in stature, Ezek. 17:6: humbled,
    Isa. 13:11: reduced in station, Jam. 1:
    9, 10.
  62. LOWER, less elevated, Psal. 8:5;
    Gen. 6:16.
  63. LOWEST, least elevated, Ezek. 41:7
    least honourable, Luke 14:9, 10.
  64. LOWING, bellowing, as oxen, 1 Sam.
  65. LOWLINESS, humility, modesty, Phil.
  66. LOWLY, humble, Prov. 3:34; Matt.
  67. LOWRING, cloudy, indicating a storm,
    Matt. 16:3.
  68. LU'CAS, Λουκας (luminous), the proper
    name of Luke, Phil. 24.   See
  69. LU'CIFER, [h] (bringer of light), the
    Latin epithet of the planet Venus, or
    morning star, hence called "son of the
    Isa. 14:12.   In the oriental
    style, a star is the written emblem of a
    mighty prince; and Isaiah applies it in
    predicting the degradation of the proud
    king of Babylon.   [omit]
  70. LU'CIUS, Λουκιος (light), an eminent
    Christian minister in the
    church of
    Antioch, Acts 13:1; perhaps a kins-
    man of the apostle Paul, Rom. 16:21.
  71. LUCRE, gain, pecuniary advantage, 1
    Sam. 8:3; Tit. 1:7.
  72. LUD, [h] (birth or generation), a son of
    Shem, Gen. 10:22.
  73. LU'DIM, [h] (births), a son of Mizraim,
    Gen. 9:13.
  74. LUKE, Λουκας (luminous), the evangelist,
    the writer of the "Gospel according to
    and the "Acts of the Apostles,"
    is believed to have been a physician, as
    some say, of Antioch, Col. 4:14: he
    was for many years a companion of
    Paul in his missionary labours, Acts 16:
    10, "whose praise was in all the churches,
    and who was chosen by the brethren to
    travel with the apostles,"
    2 Cor. 8:18,
    19.   Luke continued the faithful fellow-
    labourer with Paul till his martyrdom,
    Phil. 23, 24; 2 Tim. 4:11; and was hon-
    oured as the writer of two of the most
    valuable of the books of Scripture.
  75. LUKE, THE GOSPEL OF: this gospel
    was written for the use of the Gentile
    Christians, and dedicated to a nobleman
    named Theophilus, Luke 1:4: it con-
    tains some important information and
    discourses not found in the other books,
    especially relating to the birth of John
    and of Christ; it is evidently inspired,
    and forms an invaluable treasure of the
    church[es].   See Commentary.
  76. LUKEWARM, scarcely warm, indifferent,
    criminally negligent in the service of
    Christ, Rev. 3:16.
  77. LUMP, a piece, as of clay, Rom. 9:21;
    or a cluster of figs, 2 Kings 20:7.
  78. LUNATIC, an epithet given to a dis-
    eased person, whose sufferings were af-
    fected by, or at, the changes of the moon,
    Matt. 4:24.
  79. LURK, to lie in wait as for robbery,
    Prov. 1:11, 18; as a beast of prey, Psal.
  80. LURKING, lying in wait, as a robber,
    1 Sam. 23:23.
  81. LUST, strong desire, Exod. 15:9: un-
    lawful sensual desire, 1 John 2:16: the
    corruption of the heart prompting to sin,
    Jam. 1:14, 15.
  82. LUST, to desire vehemently, Deut. 12:
    20, 21: to covet things unlawfully, 1 Cor.
    10:6.   The "flesh lusting against the
    is the opposition of passion
    against inward piety, Gal. 5:15; and
    "the Spirit lusting against the flesh," is
    the influence of grace against the natu-
    ral appetites, constituting the conflict
    experienced by every Christian, Rom.
  83. LUSTED, did lust or desire vehemently,
    Num. 11:34.
  84. LUSTING, eagerly desiring with cla-
    mour for anything, Num. 11:4.
  85. LUSTY, strong, vigorous, Judg. 3:29.
  86. LUZ, [h] (separation or departure), the
    ancient name of Bethel, Gen. 28:19.
  87. LYCAO'NIA, [g] (she-wolf), a pro-
    vince of Asia Minor, Acts 14:6, 11.
  88. LY'CIA, [g] (light), a province of Asia
    Minor, Acts 27:5.
  89. LYD'DA, [g] (birth or begetting), a city
    of Dan in a fertile plain, fourteen miles
    from Joppa, on the road to Jerusalem,
    Acts 9:32, 38.
  90. LYD'IA, Λυδια (generation or birth), a
    woman of remarkable piety at Philippi,
    and the first
    convert to Christ in that
    , Acts 16:14, 40.
  91. LYING, the practice of speaking false-
    , Eph. 4:[25]: idolatrous practices,
    which deny the truth of God, Psal.
  92. LYING, laid down, as a man on a bed,
    Matt. 9:2; as sheep in a field, Gen.
    29:2; as conspirators for their victims,
    Acts 20:19.
  93. LYSA'NIAS, [g] (that destroys sor-
    ), the tetrarch or governor of Abilene,
    Luke 3:1.
  94. LY'SIAS, [g] (that dissolves or scatters),
    a Roman tribune stationed on military
    duty at Jerusalem, Acts 24:7, 22.   See
  95. LYS'TRA, [g] (that dissolves or dis-
    ), a city of Lycaonia, in Asia Minor,
    supposed to be the birthplace of Timothy,
    Acts 14:6-8.

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