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[Bible Study Books/Outlines (KJV) by Bible- believing Baptists.]

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM   [ Luke ]

*Book: The Four Gospels (2003)   My. David W. Cloud, WOLL   [ABSS]   [pp. 123-133: Luke.]

*Booklet: The Gospel of Luke (n.d.)   Pastor M. L. Moser, Jr., CP

**Booklet: A GUIDE TO PRAYER including "How to Pray for Missionaries" by Milton Martin (n.d.)   My. Bruce Moore, CBC   [Luke 18:1]

*Booklet: THE HORROR OF HELL (1994)   Pastor Glen Spencer, Jr.   [Luke 16:19-31; Rev. 21:8]
**Tract: A HOUSE DIVIDED! (n.d.)   Preacher Silcox   [Luke 11:17]
**File: How Terrible Hell Must Be. (12/12/1996)   Compiled by CHM   [Luke 16:19-31]

**Book: Lectures in THE LIFE OF CHRIST (before 1992)   Pastor Gary S. Prisk
   [pp. 49-53 LUKE]

**File: Loving Even Your Enemies (3-9-1999)   Compiled by CHM   [Luke 6:27-36]

**Tract: The Nudity CRAZE (n.d.)   Preacher Silcox   [Luke 8:26-27, 35]

**Paper: OUTLINE: The Gospel Of Luke (11-1992)   Compiled by CHM

**Tract: THE PLAN OF REPENTANCE   GOD'S WAY TO HEAVEN (n.d.)   Pastor Erich P. McCandless   [Luke 13:3,5; 5:32]

*Book: Rightly Dividing The Book of LUKE (1980, 2009)   Pastor E. L. Bynum   [ CD ]   [Print out]   [new]
*Book: The Summarized Bible   A Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Study (1919)   Keith L. Brooks, Baker BH   [Info: Reprinted 1965]

**Tract: The Younger Son   [Luke 15:11-24]

*File: The Gospels   Part One: The Manifestation of His Life (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Two: The Final Week (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Three: Miracles of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Four: The Parables of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Five: The Sermons of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: The Gospels   Part Six: The Predictions of Christ (n.d.)   P. Pope   [ CD ]
*File: Luke 1-11 (n.d.)   C. Bishop   [ CD ]
*File: Luke 12-24 (n.d.)   C. Bishop   [ CD ]
Luke the Historian in the Light of Research. (n.d.)   A. T. Robertson
Luke's Thrilling Gospel (n.d.)   I. Powell
The Son of Man (n.d.)   John R. Rice
*Tract: The Story of The Prodigal Son   THE BRAT (1992)   Jack T. Chick

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