Every Bible believing,
       Fundamental, New
Testament church has the
responsibility of exposing as
many people to God's Word
as possible.   Yet, many people
are apprehensive about
coming to a "strange" church;
especially one they haven't
been raised in.   That's why
StL offers the:

Home Bible
Study Course

Seven lessons that a person
can take in the privacy of
their own home.
Go ye into all the world, and preach
the gospel to every creature.

                                                Mark 16:15

Lesson One introduces them to the Bible
and what makes it unique.   A very "friendly" lesson
full of fascinating facts concerning the greatest book
ever written.

Lesson Two deals with fulfilled prophecy
and science.   Its goal is to build up the Bible's
credibility as a truly supernatural book.

Lesson Three shows the student what is
yet to come, as it deals with unfulfilled prophecy
and how it ties in with the signs of the times.

Lesson Four covers the life of Christ.   Was
He God in the flesh or just an ordinary man?   The
student will learn things about Christ they don't
normally hear about in a mainstream church.

Lesson Five focuses exclusively on Christ's
death, shed blood, and how it relates to us 2,000
years later.

Lesson Six explains how a person DOESN'T
get to Heaven.   It exposes the things that people are
erroneously trusting in.

Lesson Seven is exclusively about
salvation.   It addresses the subject from various
angles, using illustrations and countless Bible

If your church would like to experience the blessings of running a Bible correspondence
course in your "Jerusalem, Samaria, and Judea," send for a free Starter Pack.
You'll get a sample of the seven lessons described plus an assortment of
form letters and mail-in request cards.