1. Who was fed to lions yet did not die?

a)   Matthew    b)   Daniel    c)   Joshua

 2. What shepherd killed a 9 foot giant?

a)   David    b)   Gideon    c)   Jericho

 3. Did Jesus actually exist before He was born in Bethlehem?

a)   yes    b)   no

 4. Does the Bible say drunkenness is wrong?

a)   yes    b)   no

 5. How many people survived the flood of Noah's ark?

a)   6    b)   8    c)   10

 6. Can anyone know for sure they are going to Heaven?

a)   yes    b)   no

 7. Who spent 3 days in a whale's belly?

a)   Saul    b)   Paul    c)   Jonah

 8. Will being religious, baptized, and doing your best get a person into Heaven?

a)   yes    b)   no

 9. What book of the Bible tells about the end of the world?

a)   Genesis    b)   Revelation    c)   Galatians

10. How many time does the Bible refer to Christ coming a second time?

a)   1845    b)   212    c)   17

11. Who was beheaded for preaching against sin?

a)   Isaiah    b)   Stephen    c)   John the Baptist

12. According to Jesus Christ, where will most people go when they die?

a)   Heaven    b)   Hell    c)   purgatory

13. Ephesians 2:8, "For by _____ are ye saved".

a)   good works    b)   baptism    c)   grace

14. In the Bible, who said "Ye must be born again"?

a)   St. Peter    b)   Moses    c)   Jesus Christ

15. Who gave Samson a fatal haircut?

a)   Jezebel    b)   Delilah    c)   Rahab

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