Bible Dictionary: F.   1840

  1. FABLES, fictions, stories destitute of
    truth, 1 Tim. 4:7; 2 Pet. 1:16.
    • Fables.   The theory of evolution is a lie.
  2. FACE, the surface, Gen. 1:2, 29; 2:6:
    countenance, Exod. 34:29-33: the
    presence, 2:15.   Face is referred to God
    denoting his favour, Psal. 31:16; his
    anger, 34:16; his manifest presence,
    Exod. 33:11, 14, 20.
  3. FADE, to wither away, Isa. 1:30; Ezek.
    47:2; Jam. 1:11.
  4. FADING, withering or perishing, Isa.
  5. FAIL, to be diminished or spent, Gen.
    47:16: to decline, Luke 22:32: to
    be insufficient, Heb. 11:32: to be desti-
    tute, 12:15.
  6. FAILED, did diminish, Josh. 3:16:
    did decline, Job 19:14.
  7. FAILING, losing their power, Luke
  8. FAIN, willingly or gladly, Luke 15:16.
  9. FAINT, to lose vigour, Josh. 2:9, 24;
    Heb. 12:3: to be insufficient, 11:32: to
    be destitute, 12:15.
  10. FAINT, fatigued or weary, Judg. 8:
    4, 5; 2 Sam. 21:15.
  11. FAINTED, did faint or become weak,
    Gen. 47:13: did swoon or become
    sick, Dan. 8:27.
  12. FAINT-HEARTED, timorous or fearful,
    Deut. 20:8; Isa. 7:4.
  13. FAINTNESS, timorousness, dejection,
    Lev. 26:36.
  14. FAIR, beautiful, Gen. 12:11-14; Acts
    7:20: elegant, Isa. 5:9: delightful,
    Matt. 16:2: plausible, Prov. 7:21.
  15. FAIRER, more beautiful or comely,
    Judg. 15:2; Psal. 45:2; Dan. 1:15.
  16. FAIR-HAVENS, a place or town with
    good anchorage for ships in the Medi-
    terranean, on the coast of Crete, Acts
  17. FAIRS, periodical meetings of dealers
    in merchandise, for the purposes of buy-
    ing and selling, Ezek. 27:12, 27.
  18. FAITH, belief, an act of the mind giv-
    ing credit to testimony or promises, Heb.
    11:13.   Faith in God, is the belief of His
    existence as the Creator and Governor
    of the world
    , Heb. 11:3, 6, 7: faith in
    Christ, is the belief of Him as the only
    Saviour of sinners
    , Rom. 3:22-24: faith
    in the gospel, is believing its declarations
    of pardon, holiness, and immortal bless-
    edness, through the mediation, atone-
    , and intercession, of the Son of
    , John 3:16; 2 Tim. 1:5-10; 1 Pet. 1:
    3-7.   Faith, as signifying the belief of a
    manifest truth, is exercised by irreligious
    or wicked men, and even by evil spirits:
    but this bare credence is a dead faith,
    and may consist with the most deter-
    mined malignity of heart, as was the
    character of the apostate Balaam, the
    wicked prophet, Num. 24:13-16; Rev.
    2:14; and as is the case with devils,
    Jam. 2:17-19.   Faith in true Christians
    is a vital principle productive of real
    holiness, and universal obedience, 1 Pet.
    1:1-4, as it is believing with the heart
    unto righteousness, Rom. 10:10: this dis-
    position is a grace of the Holy Spirit,
    Gal. 5:22; it is of the operation of God,
    Col. 2:12; it is the principle by which
    pious men live to the honour of God,
    Rom. 1:17; it works by love, Gal. 5:6,
    purifies the heart, Acts 15:9, and is the
    means of spiritual blessings and eternal
    salvation, Rom. 5:1-5; 1 Pet. 1:7-9.   Faith
    is put for the gospel believed, Gal. 1:22;
    for the profession of Christianity, Rom.
    1:8; for fidelity, or faithfulness in the
    habits of life, Luke 18:8; for fidelity
    in God, Rom. 3:3.
    • Faith, a necessary part of true Bible salvation,
      Rom. 10:17; Eph. 2:8, 9.
  19. FAITHFUL, firm in obedience, Num.
    12:7, especially in religion, Col. 1:2-7.
    God is faithful in performing His pro-
    , 1 Cor. 1:7; 10:13.
  20. FAITHFULLY, honestly, 2 Kings 12:
    15: generously, 3 John 5.
  21. FAITHFULNESS, truth, fidelity, and
    honesty, Psal. 5:9.   The faithfulness of
    God is manifest in His performance of
    His promises relating to the preservation
    of the world, its ordinances and seasons
    Psal. 89:1-5; Isa. 54:9; Jer. 31:
    35-37; and those relating to the coming
    and kingdom of Christ, and the fulfilment
    of the predictions in the Scriptures, Isa.
    25:1; Rom. 15:4-12.
  22. FAITHLESS, unbelieving, Matt. 17:17;
    John 20:27.
  23. FALL, a ruin, Matt. 7:27: a ruinous
    descent from a state of dignity and hon-
    our, Prov. 16:18: as the fall of Israel,
    Rom. 11:11, 12, is their descent from
    the evident favour of God, by their
    apostacy from his worship and ordi-
    nances, and their rejection of Christ.
    The fall of man is his descent from holi-
    ness and happiness by the apostacy of
    our first parents, by which moral depra-
    vity and death have been inherited by
    all mankind
    , Gen. 3:1-19; Rom. 5:19.
    In the fall of man are seen, horrid in-
    gratitude,--unaccountable folly,--the
    greatest infidelity,--daring contempt of
    the majesty and justice of God,--prodi-
    gious pride,--and cruelty to himself and
  24. FALL, to drop down, Gen. 49:17;
    Num. 11:31: to attack, Judg. 8:21:
    to be dishonoured, 1 Cor. 10:12; 2 Pet. 1:
    10; or afflicted, Jam. 1:2: to apostatise
    from Christianity, Heb. 6:6.
  25. FALLEN, dropped down, Judg. 3:25;
    1 Sam. 5:3: become poor, Lev. 25:13:
    dead, 2 Sam. 3:28: happened, Phil. 1:
  26. FALLING, dropping down, Isa. 34:
    4; Acts 1:18: declining, 2 Thess. 2:3.
  27. FALLOW, ploughed, but not sowed, as
    ground, Jer. 4:3.
  28. FALLOW-DEER, a red species of deer,
    Deut. 14:5; 1 Kings 4:23.   See DEER.
  29. FALSE, untrue, deceitful, Exod. 23:
    1.   False prophets, false apostles, and
    false Christs, were impostors, Zech. 10:2;
    Matt. 24:24; 2 Cor. 11:13; 2 Pet. 2:1.
  30. FALSEHOOD, treachery, 2 Sam. 18:
    13; deceit, Jer. 10:14.
  31. FALSELY, untruly, Gen. 21:23; Lev.
    6:3: perfidiously, 1 Pet. 3:16.
  32. FALSIFYING, counterfeiting, Amos
  33. FAME, common report of any one's
    power, greatness, or excellency, Josh. 6:
    27; 9:9; 1 Kings 10:1; Matt. 4:24.
  34. FAMILIAR, intimate, as a near friend,
    Job 19:14.
  35. FAMILIARS, intimate friends or do-
    mestics, Jer. 20:10.
  36. FAMILIAR SPIRIT, a spirit of divina-
    --a wicked pretence to intimate
    communication with celestial or infernal
    spirits, so as to be able to fortel future
    events, Lev. 20:6; 1 Sam. 28:
    7, 8.   See
  37. FAMILY, a natural household, Exod.
    12:4, 21: a kindred, Num. 36:6: a
    nation, Zech. 14:18: the whole company
    of the worshippers of God, including
    good men and angels, Eph. 3:13.
  38. FAMINE, destitution of food in a
    country, Gen. 12:10; 2 Kings 6:25.
  39. FAMISH, to be distressed by want of
    food, Prov. 10:3.   To famish the gods of
    the earth, is to distress or punish idol-
    ators, Zeph. 2:11.
  40. FAMISHED, distressed by want of food,
    Gen. 41:55; Isa. 5:13.
  41. FAMOUS, of honourable name among
    men, Num. 16:2.
  42. FAN, an instrument to winnow corn,
    Isa. 30:24; Matt. 3:12.
  43. FAN, to winnow corn, Jer. 4:11: to
    afflict, so as to purify by repentance,
    denoted by the expression "to fan," Isa.
    41:16; Jer. 51:2.
  44. FAR, very much, Gen. 18:25; Phil.
    1:23: greatly, Eph. 1:21: very distant,
    Isa. 10:3; Acts 11:19.
  45. FARE, the price of a passage, as in a
    ship, Jon. 1:3.
  46. FARE, to be entertained or supplied,
    1 Sam. 17:18.
  47. FARED, was entertained, Luke 16:19.
  48. FAREWELL, the expression of good
    wishes on parting, Acts 15:29; 18:21.
  49. FARM, land cultivated for the growth
    of corn and the feeding of cattle, Matt.
  50. FARTHING, a Roman coin of brass:
    the assarion, Matt. 10:29, was the tenth
    part of a Roman penny, or about three
    farthings English: the quadrans, Mark
    12:42, was equal to two mites, the fifth
    part of the farthing English.
  51. FASHION, the pattern or form of a
    thing, Gen. 6:15; Exod. 26:30; Phil.
    2:8: the appearance, Luke 9:29; 1 Cor.
    7:31: manner, Mark 2:12.
  52. FASHIONED, did fashion or form, Exod.
  53. FASHIONED, formed or perfectly made,
    Job 10:8; Ezek. 16:7; Phil. 3:21.
  54. FASHIONING, framing or acting, 1 Pet.
  55. FAST, firmly, Prov. 4:13: closely, Job
    38:38: securely, Judg. 15:13; 16:
    11: near, Ruth 2:8: rapidly, Ezra 5:8.
  56. FAST, to abstain from food for an un-
    usual period of time, Est. 4:16; Isa.
    58:3, especially for the purpose of more
    solemn prayer, Jer. 14:12; Matt. 6:16.
  57. FASTED, did fast or abstain from food
    on solemn occasions, 1 Sam. 31:13;
    Neh. 1:4.
  58. FASTEN, to make fast or firm, Exod.
    28:14: to fix, Jer. 10:4.
  59. FASTENED, did fasten or fix, Judg.
    16:14; 1 Sam. 31:10; 1 Chron. 10:10;
    Acts 28:3.
  60. FASTENING, fixing, or looking stead-
    fastly, Acts 3:4.
  61. FASTING, abstinence from the usual
    refreshments of food, Dan 9:3.   Moses,
    Elijah, and Jesus Christ, fasted forty
    days and forty nights at a time, Exod.
    34:28; 1 Kings 19:3; Matt. 4:2.
    Fasting and special humiliation with
    prayer were customary in times of cala-
    mity, and on other extraordinary occa-
    sions, Judg. 20:26; Neh. 9:1, as the ordi-
    nation of ministers, Acts 13:2; 14:23.
  62. FAT, the oily part of animals, Gen. 4:
    4; Lev. 4:8, 26: the richest produce of
    the land, Gen. 45:18: lustiness, fulness
    of flesh, Psal. 17:10.
  63. FATHER, the male parent, Gen. 2:24:
    a remote ancestor, John 4:12; 8:39,
    53, 56: an inventor, or master of an art,
    Gen. 4:20, 21: a religious instructor,
    2 Kings 2:12: a [respect]ed counseller,
    13:14: a patron, Job 29:16.  
    as our Creator and Preserver, is in the
    highest sense our Father
    , Matt. 6:9;
    23:3; Rom. 8:15.   Satan, as the
    prompter of the ungodly to sin, is virtu-
    ally the father of the wicked
    , Matt. 13:
    38; John 8:44; 1 John 3:8-10.
    • Father, Distinguishing Title of the New Testament   Psa. 103:13.
      The Father, My Father, Your Father, Our Father,
      Holy Father, Righteous Father, Abba Father--HL.
  64. FATHERLESS, without a father, desti-
    tute, Exod. 22:22-24; Jam. 1:27.
  65. FATHOM, a measure of six feet, Acts
  66. FATLING, a young animal specially
    fed, Isa. 11:6; Matt. 22:4.
  67. FATNESS, fruitfulness, Gen. 27:28:
    spiritual blessings, Psal. 36:8; Jer.
  68. FATS, vessels to contain new wine or
    oil, Joel 2:24; 3:13.
  69. FATTED, specially fed, as a calf, Luke
  70. FATTER, fuller of flesh, or more healthy,
    Dan. 1:15.
  71. FAULT, offence, 1 Cor. 7:7: crime,
    Gen. 41:9; Dan. 6:4.
  72. FAULTLESS, perfect, Heb. 8:7: free
    from blame or defect, Jude 24.
  73. FAULTY, blamable, 2 Sam. 14:13:
    criminal, Hos. 10:2.
  74. FAVOUR, kindness, Gen. 39:21;
    Exod. 3:21: affection, Dan. 1:9: coun-
    tenance or support in a cause, Acts
  75. FAVOUR, to support or countenance,
    1 Sam. 29:6; Psal. 35:27.
  76. FAVOURABLE, propitious or kind, Job
  77. FAVOURED, regarded with kindness,
    Luke 1:28.
  78. FAVOURED, comely or handsome, Gen.
    29:17; 39:6.
  79. FEAR, a natural passion by which we
    flee from evil or danger, Neh. 6:14:
    depressing dread, Gen. 9:2: awe of God,
    Gen. 20:11: filial reverence, Jer. 32:
    40: the whole knowledge and practice
    of religion, Psal. 34:11.
  80. FEAR, to dread, Gen. 15:1: to regard
    with circumspection, Heb. 4:1: to reve-
    rence, Deut. 13:4.
  81. FEARED, did fear or dread, Gen. 19:
    30; Exod. 9:20: did reverence, Neh. 7:
    2; Acts 10:2.
  82. FEARFUL, terrible, Heb. 10:31: awful,
    Exod. 15:11: timid, Isa. 35:4: cow-
    ardly or base in conduct, Rev. 21:8.
  83. FEARFULLY, adapted to excite admi-
    ration and fear, as the human frame,
    Psal. 139:14.
  84. FEARFULNESS, timorousness, dread,
    Isa. 21:4; 33:14.
  85. FEARING, dreading, Mark 5:33: wor-
    shipping, Josh. 22:25.
  86. FEAST, an entertainment, Gen. 21:8.
    God appointed many festivals to the
    Israelites, to promote their religious
    edification and social happiness: the
    feast of unleavened bread or the pass-
    over, of pentecost, and of tabernacles,
    Exod. 12:14, 18, 27; Lev. 23:5, 15-
    17, 34.   See
  87. FEAST, to eat sumptuously, 2 Pet. 2:
    13; Jude 12.
  88. FEASTED, did feast, or partake of an
    entertainment, Job 1:4.
  89. FEASTING, eating at a feast, or feeding
    joyfully, Est. 9:17; Eccles. 7:12.
  90. FEATHERED, covered or clothed with
    feathers, Psal. 78:27.
  91. FEATHERS, the plumage or clothing of
    birds, Lev. 1:16; Job 39:13: the pro-
    tecting care of God, Psal. 91:4.
  92. FED, did feed, as a shepherd does
    his flock, Gen. 30:36: supplied, as God
    did the Israelites with manna, by miracle,
    Deut. 8:3-16.
  93. FED, specially fatted, as beasts, Isa. 1:
    11: supplied, Luke 16:21: instructed,
    1 Cor. 3:2.
  94. FEEBLE, weak, as a person diseased,
    Psal. 105:37; as a king, having lost his
    counsellers and captains, 2 Sam. 4:1;
    Jer. 50:43; as a kingdom, deprived of its
    army, 49:24.   "Feeble knees" denotes
    timid doubting Christians, Heb. 12:12.
  95. FEEBLER, weaker or less flourishing,
    Gen. 30:42.
  96. FEEBLENESS, weakness, infirmity, Jer.
  97. FEED, to eat, Isa. 27:10: to sup-
    ply with food, 1 Kings 17:4: to tend
    a flock, Gen. 37:12-16: to govern,
    2 Sam. 5:2: to instruct and counsel,
    John 21:15-17: to bless with saving
    instruction and knowledge, Isa. 40:11.
  98. FEEDING, eating, as the beasts of the
    field, Job 1:14; Matt. 8:30: tending, as
    a shepherd, Gen. 37:2; Luke 17:7.
  99. FEEL, to discern by the touch, Gen.
    27:12: to seek, Acts 17:27.
  100. FEELING, the act of perceiving, Eph.
    4:19: sympathy, Heb. 4:15.
  101. FEET, the parts of the body which
    touch the ground, Exod. 3:5: the seat
    of a pupil in receiving instruction from
    his tutor, Acts 22:3.   Feet denote a
    guide, Job 29:15; and labour, Isa.
    32:20.   To be "under the feet" is
    to be degraded, 1 Cor. 15:25.
  102. FEIGN, to pretend, 2 Sam. 14:2; Luke
  103. FEIGNED, did feign or pretend, 1 Sam.
  104. FEIGNED, insincere or hypocritical,
    Psal. 17:1; 2 Pet. 2:3.
  105. FEIGNEDLY, insincerely, Jer. 3:10.
  106. FE'LIX, Φηλιξ (happy or prosperous), a
    Roman governor of Judea: he delivered
    the country from the Egyptian magician,
    who had headed a large body of the
    people, to seize upon the temple and
    city of Jerusalem, Acts 21:38, and from
    the four thousand murderers, who were
    headed by a noted robber named Eleazar,
    whom he sent a prisoner to Rome, 24:
    2; but he was a very bad man: for he
    connived at the murder of Jonathan the
    high-priest, and prevailed on Drusilla
    to live with him as his wife, forsaking
    her husband Azizus, king of Emessa.
    Paul, knowing his evil character, "rea-
    soned on righteousness, temperance, and
    judgment to come,"
    at which "Felix
      His avarice led him fre-
    quently to send for Paul, hoping to
    extort some money from him; but his
    crimes led to his being recalled to Rome,
    A.D. 60, where he was saved from de-
    served execution only by the interest of
    his brother Pallas, 24:25-27.
  107. FELL, to cut down, 2 Kings 3:19.
  108. FELL, did fall, as on the ground, Gen.
    44:14; or absorbed in a trance, Acts
    10:10: did die, as in a plague, 1 Cor. 10:8
    became an apostate, as miraculously with
    spiritual gifts, 10:44.
  109. FELLED, did cut down, 2 Kings 3:25.
  110. FELLING, cutting down, 2 Kings 6:5.
  111. FELLOES, the circumferences of wheels,
    1 Kings 7:33.
  112. FELLOW, a companion or associate,
    Judg. 7:13, 22.   Fellow is frequently
    used as a term of contempt, Gen. 19:9;
    1 Kings 22:27; Matt. 26:61, 71.
  113. FELLOW-CITIZENS, Eph. 2:19; fellow-
    heirs, Eph. 3:16; fellow-helpers, 2 Cor.
    8:23; fellow-labourers, Phil. 4:3;
    fellow-prisoners, Rom. 16:7; fellow-
    servants, Col. 1:7; Rev. 19:10; fellow-
    soldiers, Phil. 2:25; and fellow-workers,
    Col. 4:11; denote associates in those
    several relations.
  114. FELLOW OF JEHOVAH: Messiah is
    called by Jehovah, "the [M]an that is my
    Zech. 13:7, denoting His essen-
    tial Divinity, though appointed to become
    incarnate, and suffer from the sword of
    Divine justice, as our Redeemer
    , Phil.
    2:6; John 1:1.
  115. FELLOWSHIP, companionship, common
    interest, Lev. 6:2: so the first Christians
    lived in holy fellowship with one another,
    observing the ordinances of Christ, Acts
    2:42.   Believers being in a state of re-
    conciliation with God, and holy obedi-
    ence to his will, are said to "walk with
    as Enoch, Gen. 5:22-24; and
    thus in church communion, they are
    said to "have fellowship...with the Father,
    and with his Son Jesus Christ[,]"
    1 John
    1:3-6.   Taking by the hand, in the ad-
    mission of new members to a Christian
    church, is "giving the right hand of
    Gal. 2:9.   Companionship
    with infidels, or with immoral persons,
    is "fellowship with the unfruitful works
    of darkness,"
    Eph. 5:11.
  116. FELT, did feel, Gen. 27:22: pal-
    pable, gross, thick, Exod. 10:21.
  117. FEMALE, one of the sex which brings
    forth young, Gen. 1:27; 6:19; Gal. 3:28.
  118. FENCE, a wall or other enclosure, as of
    a garden, Psal. 62:3.
  119. FENCED, fortified, as walled towns on
    continents, Deut. 3:5; 2 Chron. 8:5;
    or as a man in armour, 2 Sam. 23:7.
  120. FENS, marshy places in low lands by
    the sides of rivers, Job 40:21.
  121. FERRET, a small animal, a species of
    weasel, Lev. 11:30.
  122. FERRY-BOAT, a small boat used in the
    conveying of passengers over a river,
    2 Sam. 19:18.
  123. FERVENT, warm or ardent in mind,
    Acts 18:25; 1 Pet. 4:8: burning or
    dissolving, 2 Pet. 3:10.
  124. FERVENTLY, ardently, Col. 4:12; 1
    Pet. 1:22.
  125. FES'TUS, Φηστος (festival or joyful), Por-
    cius Festus, a Roman governor of Judea,
    in which office he was the successor of
    Felix, Acts 24:27.   Festus is known
    to us chiefly by his trial of Paul, who
    had been detained two years in prison
    at Cæsarea.   Festus is thought to have
    been influenced by a bribe from the
    Jews, in proposing to send Paul to be
    tried at Jerusalem: but their designs
    were frustrated by his using his privilege
    as a Roman citizen, and appealing to
    Cæsar.   Festus, being ignorant of the
    gospel, on hearing Paul relate the his-
    tory of his conversion, declared that he
    had become mad by much learning.   He
    sent Paul to Rome, and is believed to
    have died soon after; but he does not
    appear to have embraced or investigated
    Christianity, Acts 26:1-24.
  126. FETCH, to go and bring, Gen. 18:5;
    27:9, 45; Acts 16:37: to strike
    Deut. 19:5.
  127. FETCHED, did fetch, Gen. 18:7; 1
    Kings 9:28: did traverse, 2 Kings 3:9;
    Acts 28:13.
  128. FETTERS, chains for the legs and
    wrists of madmen and prisoners, 2 Kings
    25:7; Matt. 5:4.
  129. FEVER, a disease with excessive heat
    in the blood, Deut. 28:22.
  130. FEW, a comparatively small number,
    Gen. 24:55; Matt. 7:14; Rev. 3:4.
  131. FEWER, a small number, Num. 33:
  132. FIDELITY, veracity, probity, Tit. 2:10.
  133. FIELD, a plot of land, Gen. 50:13; Lev.
    19:19: the open country, Gen. 4:8:
    the place of labour, as the whole inha-
    bited world is the proper field of the
    gospel ministry, Matt. 13:38.
  134. FIERCE, violent or furious, Gen. 49:
    7; Matt. 8:28.
  135. FIERCENESS, furiousness, Job 39:
  136. FIERCER, more vehement or power-
    ful, 2 Sam. 19:49.
  137. FIERY, burning, Dan. 3:6: fierce,
    Num. 21:6: piercing, Eph. 6:16:
    severe, 1 Pet. 4:12.
  138. FIFTEEN, five and ten, Gen. 7:20;
    Gal. 1:18.
  139. FIFTH, the next to the fourth, 1 Kings
  140. FIFTY, five tens, Gen. 6:15; Luke 7:
  141. FIGS, the nutritious and medicinal
    fruit of the fig-tree; vast quantities of
    which have been exported to all coun-
    tries, 1 Sam. 25:18; 30:12.
  142. FIG-TREE, a very fruitful tree in Pa-
    lestine and other warm countries, illus-
    trative of the bountiful goodness of God,
    by its growing in perfection on rocky
    and barren places, affording the most de-
    lightful shade, as some have said, for
    three hundred men, and each tree gene-
    rally yielding 280 pounds weight of figs,
    1 Kings 4:25; Mic. 4:4; John 1:48.
    Adam and Eve, after their transgression,
    used the large leaves of this tree to make
    themselves aprons, Gen. 3:7.   Peace
    and prosperity are represented by "every
    man dwelling under his own vine and
    fig-tree" in the reign of Solomon, 1 Kings
    4:25; and the like security and happi-
    ness are predicted of the blessed reign
    of Messiah
    , Mic. 4:4.   Figs were ripe
    according to their species, from July to
    October; but in mild winters, the first
    ripe figs might be found on some syca-
    more fig-trees as early as March: a
    beautiful fig-tree of this kind that had
    no fruit was cursed by our Saviour, an
    emblem of the impending curse of Al-
    mighty God upon the Jewish nation,
    because of their unprofitableness and
    unfruitfulness, Hos. 9:10; Mark 11:13.
  143. FIGHT, a battle between two armies,
    1 Sam. 17:20: a contest or combat, as
    between Christians and the powers of
    darkness and sinful practices, 1 Tim. 6:
    12; 2 Tim. 4:7: the conflict with perse-
    cutions, as endured by the early Chris-
    tians, Heb. 10:32.
  144. FIGHT, to contend in battle, Deut. 1:
    41, 42; 1 Kings 22:31.   God fights, in
    exerting His power, Exod. 14:14.
    Christians fight, in resisting sin and the
    devil, by steadfast faith in Jesus Christ,
    1 Tim. 6:12; 2 Tim. 4:7; Eph. 6:11, 17.
  145. FIGURE, a form, statue, or image,
    Deut. 4:16; Isa. 44:13; 1 Kings 6:29:
    a representation in office, as Adam,
    Aaron, and others were, as public cha-
    racters, figures, or representations of
    Jesus Christ as our Mediator, Rom. 5:
    14; Heb. 7.; and the Levitical cere-
    monies were figures of his offices, and
    of the more spiritual ordinances of the
    gospel, Heb. 9:9, 24.
  146. FILE, a tool of steel with fine teeth to
    smooth metals or sharpen iron instru-
    ments, 1 Sam. 13:21.
  147. FILL, fulness or sufficiency, as of food,
    Lev. 25:19; Deut. 23:24.
  148. FILL, to put into a vessel as much as
    it can hold, Exod. 16:32: to lay up
    store, Prov. 1:13: to influence, as God
    fills the mind with wisdom, Exod. 28:
    3; and with grace, Rom. 15:13.   Men,
    by sinning, fill up the measure of their
    , Matt. 23:32; 1 Thess. 2:16.
    Christ fills all things, being everywhere
    present with His church
    , Eph. 1:23; 4:10.
  149. FILLED, did fill, as with water, Gen.
    21:19; or with sand, 26:15: did
    overspread, Exod. 1:7; 1 Kings 20:27.
  150. FILLED, made full or satisfied, as with
    food, Deut. 26:12; or with pleasure,
    Eccles. 1:8; 6:3, 7: influenced, Acts 2:4;
    5:3; 13:9: excited or inflamed with
    passion, 5:17; 13:45.
  151. FILLET, a band, especially an architec-
    tural ornament round the top or bottom
    of a pillar, Exod. 27:10-17; 36:38;
    Jer. 52:21.
  152. FILLETED, ornamented with fillets,
    Exod. 27:17; 38:28.
  153. FILLING, satisfying, Acts 14:17.
  154. FILTH, dirt, Nah. 3:16: moral pollu-
    tion, Isa. 4:4.
  155. FILTHINESS, rubbish, 2 Chron. 29:
    5: works of moral defilement, Ezra 6:
    21: lewd speeches, Eph. 5:4.
  156. FILTHY, nasty, foul, Zech. 3:3: im-
    moral, Col. 3:18; Rev. 22:11.
  157. FINALLY, lastly, enclosing, 2 Cor. 13:
  158. FIND, to discover, Gen. 29:11; 1
    Sam. 24:19: to obtain, Matt. 7:7:
    to recover, Luke 15:4-8.
  159. FINDING, discovering, Gen. 4:15; Job
    9:10: obtaining, Acts 21:2: enjoying,
    Isa. 58:13.
  160. FINE, precious, Ezra 8:27: pure, 2
    Chron. 3:5, 8: beautiful in texture, Gen.
    41:42: most wholesome, Lev. 2:1.
  161. FINE, to purify, as metal from the ore,
    Job 28:1.
  162. FINER, a refiner, one who purifies me-
    tals, Prov. 25:4.
  163. FINGERS, the wonderful members of
    the human hand, by which all the as-
    tonishing works of man have been per-
    formed, 2 Sam. 21:20; Isa. 2:8; 17:3.

    The finger of God denotes His infinite
    power and skill, as seen in His works of
    creation, Psal. 8:3.   Miracles are works
    wrought by the finger of God
    , Exod. 8:
    19; 31:18: thus our Saviour wrought
    His various miracles proving His divinity
    Luke 11:20.

  164. FINING, refining or purifying, as me-
    tals, Prov. 17:3.
  165. FINISH, to perfect or complete, as a
    work or building, Gen. 6:16, or a course
    of life, Acts 20:24.   Messiah was ap-
    pointed to finish transgression, by offering
    Himself a sacrifice of atonement
    , Dan. 9:
    24; John 19:30.
  166. FINISHED, did finish or complete, as a
    building, 1 Kings 6:9; 7:1.
  167. FINISHED, completed, as the work of
    creation, Gen. 2:1; as the Levitical in-
    struments of religious service, Exod.
    39:32; as the writing of the law,
    Deut. 31:24; as the temple of Solo-
    mon, 1 Kings 6:38; as the work of re-
    demption by Jesus Christ on the cross,
    according to the decrees of God, and the
    predictions and types of Scripture
    , John
    17:4; 19:30; Dan. 9:24.
  168. FINISHER, a title of Christ, as having
    by His death and resurrection finished
    the work of eternal redemption for sin-
    , Heb. 12:2.
  169. FINS, the wings or arms of a fish, Lev.
    11:9, 10.
  170. FIR-TREE, a beautiful and majestic
    evergreen, Hos. 14:8, whose lofty height
    and dense foliage afford a habitation for
    large birds, Psal. 104:17, and a shelter
    for the traveller, 2 Kings 19:23; its
    timber, a kind of deal, was variously used
    in Palestine, 2 Sam. 6:5; Ezek. 27:5.
  171. FIRE, one of the principal elements of
    nature, the source of heat and the means
    of destruction, Deut. 4:11.   Fire has
    commonly been regarded as a symbol of
    God, denoting His self-existence, holiness,
    and glory, Dan. 7:9; Rev. 10:1.   God
    appeared to Moses in fire, Exod. 3:2;
    he gave his law in fire, 19:18; and re-
    vealed himself to his servants, the pro-
    phets, in fire, Ezek. 1:4; Dan. 7:10; Rev.
    1:14.   Many of the divine judgments
    have been executed by fire, as in Sodom
    and Gomorrah, Gen. 19:24.   God has
    revealed that He will destroy the world
    by fire, 2 Pet. 3:7, 12; and that with
    fire He will torment the wicked for ever
    in the prison of Hell
    , Matt. 25:41.
  172. FIREBRAND, a burning piece of wood,
    Judg. 15:4; Amos 4:11.
  173. FIREPANS, shovels to use at the fire
    on the altar of burnt-offering, Exod.
    27:3; 38:3.
  174. FIRES, afflictions or calamities, Isa.
  175. FIRKIN, a Grecian measure, supposed
    to be equal to the Hebrew bath, about
    seven gallons and a half, John 2:6.   See
  176. FIRM, solid, Job 41:23, 24: unchange-
    able, Dan. 6:7.
  177. FIRM, firmly, securely, Josh. 3:17; 4:3.
  178. FIRMAMENT, the firm and expanded
    heavens, including those immense re-
    gions in which the vast planetary and
    stellary bodies are fixed by our glorious
    Creator, Gen. 1:6, 8; Dan. 12:3.
  179. FIRST, the chief or earliest in order or
    time, Num. 24:20: hence, Adam was
    the first man, 1 Cor. 15:45; Gen. 1:26.
    the dead, and FIRST-BORN of every crea-
    ture, are titles of our Saviour, denoting
    His essential divinity, His true humanity,
    and His official dignity, as our Mediator
    with God
    , Col. 1:15; Rev. 1:5.
  181. FIRST-BORN was a title among the
    Hebrews of great importance, Gen. 27:
    19, 32; and God claimed every first-born
    Israelite as his own, on account of His
    sparing them in Egypt, Exod. 13:2; in-
    stead of whom he took the tribe of Levi,
    Num. 3:12, 13, 39, 43.
  182. FIRST-FRUITS, the earliest produce of
    the land, which God required in Canaan
    to be presented before him, in acknow-
    ledgment of His being the Creator, Exod.
    23:16, 19.   Christ is the first-fruits
    of the [several]
    resurrection[s], 1 Cor. 15:
    20-23.   Believers are the first-fruits of
    the creatures, to glorify God, Jam. 1:18;
    and their holy tempers, indicating their
    sanctification, are the first-fruits of the
    Spirit, Rom. 8:23.   See EARNEST.
  183. FIRSTLING, the first produce or off-
    spring, Gen. 4:4; Exod. 13:12; Num.
    18:15, 17.
  184. FISH, animals living in the water, Gen.
    1:26; 9:2, and of which several hundred
    different species are reckoned by Lin-
    næus.   Some are monstrous, as the
    whale, which sometimes exceeds 100 feet
    in length.   The multitude of fishes seems
    to exceed all our conception: a single
    cod-fish has been found to contain
    9,344,000 eggs, a flounder 1,000,000, and
    a mackarel 500,000.   This vast fecundity
    is adapted to their condition, as the
    larger fishes live on the smaller, and
    these on the various spawn.
    was well supplied with fish from the
    Mediterranean and Galilean seas, and
    all having scales were clean by the law
    of Moses, Lev. 11:9, 10.   See WHALE.
  185. FISHERMEN, men whose business or
    trade is to catch fish for sale, Luke 5:2.
  186. FISHERS, fishermen, Isa. 19:8; Matt.
    4:18.   Jesus Christ called His apostles
    "fishers of men[,]" as they were commis-
    sioned and qualified by Him to catch
    men in the net of salvation by the
    preaching of the gospel, 19.
  187. FISHING, catching of fish, John 21:3.
  188. FIST, the hand closed, as for smiting,
    Exod. 21:18: the almighty power of
    , Prov. 30:4.
  189. FIT, adapted or trained, 1 Chron. 7:
    11: proper and becoming, Job 34:18;
    Col. 3:18: useful, Luke 14:35.
  190. FIT, to adjust, as a carpenter fits wood-
    work, Isa. 44:13.
  191. FITCHES, a species of wild pea:
    vetches, Isa. 28:25, 27; Ezek. 4:9.
  192. FITLY, suitably, Eph. 2:21; 4:16:
    seasonably, Prov. 25:11.
  193. FITTED, made to fit, as one piece upon
    another in work, 1 Kings 6:35: pre-
    pared, Rom. 9:22.
  194. FIVE, four and one, Gen. 14:9; Matt.
    14:17; John 4:18.
  195. FIXED, firmly determined, Psal. 57:7:
    placed, Luke 16:26.
  196. FLAG, a large kind of river-rush, Exod.
    2:3, 5; Job 8:11.
  197. FLAGON, a wine-jug, holding sufficient
    for one person to drink, 2 Sam. 6:19.
  198. FLAKES, layers, as of flesh on the bones
    of an animal, Job 41:23.
  199. FLAME, a blazing light arising from a
    fire, Exod. 3:2; Dan. 3:22.
  200. FLAMING, blazing, Gen. 3:24; Ezek.
    20:47; Nah. 2:3.
  201. FLANKS, the side, or the fleshy parts
    of a quadruped or a man, Lev. 3:4; Job
  202. FLASH, a sudden blaze, Ezek. 1:14.
  203. FLAT, level with the ground, Num.
    22:31; Josh. 6:5, 20: deformed by
    depression, Lev. 21:18.
  204. FLATTER, to praise falsely, Psal. 5:9;
    Prov. 29:5.
  205. FLATTERING, false or complimentary,
    Job 32:21; Ezek. 12:24: pleasing by
    flattery, 1 Thess. 2:5.
  206. FLATTERY, false praise, Prov. 6:24;
    Job 17:5.
  207. FLAX, a fibrous plant from which the
    finest thread and linen are made, Exod.
    9:31; Prov. 31:13.
  208. FLAY, to take the skin off a living
    animal, to which the oppressions of the
    rulers of Israel and Judah are compared
    by the prophet, Mic. 3:3.
  209. FLAYED, did take off the skins, as of
    the sacrifices, 2 Chron. 35:11.
  210. FLEA, a small insect, noted for its
    agility, 1 Sam. 24:14.
  211. FLED, did flee, Gen. 14:10; Josh. 10:16.
  212. FLED, escaped, Num. 35:32; 2 Sam.
    19:9: betaken, as sinners to Christ for
    salvation, Heb. 6:18.
  213. FLEE, to run from impending danger,
    Exod. 14:25.
  214. FLEECE, the coat of wool shorn from
    a sheep, Judg. 6:37-39.
  215. FLEEING, escaping, Lev. 26:36;
    Deut. 4:42.
  216. FLESH, the soft part of an animal
    body, Gen. 2:21; Num. 11:33: living
    men and beasts, Gen. 6:13-19: all human
    beings, ver. 12, Jer. 32:17: near rela-
    tionship, Gen. 37:27: frail mortality,
    17:5: the outward appearance, John
    8:15: human wisdom, Matt. 16:17:
    human merit, Rom. 4:1: state of unre-
    generacy, 8:8: remains of sin in the
    godly, Gal. 5:17: the human nature of
    Christ, Heb. 10:10: the benefit of Christ's
    humiliation and sacrifice, John 6:53-55.
    "A heart of flesh," is a feeling, pious
    state of mind, the fruit of regeneration,
    Ezek. 11:19.   To be "one flesh" is to
    be indissolubly united in the sacred bonds
    marriage, Gen. 2:24.
  217. FLESHLY, feeling, 2 Cor. 3:3: sen-
    sual, 1 Pet. 2:11: corrupted in reason,
    Col. 2:18.
  218. FLEW, did fly, Isa. 6:6: did haste,
    1 Sam. 14:32.
  219. FLIES, insects which swarm in hot
    countries, especially in Egypt; and the
    plague of flies was sent to punish the
    Egyptians for their worshipping an idol
    as their protector from those trouble-
    some insects, Exod. 8:21-31.
  220. FLINT, very hard stone, Deut. 8:15;
    Ezek. 3:9.
  221. FLINTY, of or resembling flint, Deut.
  222. FLOATS, flat-bottomed vessels for the
    conveyance of heavy loads, as timber, by
    water, 1 Kings 5:9; 2 Chron. 2:16.
  223. FLOCK, a company of sheep or goats,
    Gen. 21:28; 27:9: the people of
    God's care, Jer. 13:17-20; Ezek. 34:
    6-8; 36:38: the disciples and church
    of Christ, who is the Shepherd and
    Bishop of our souls
    , Isa. 40:11; Luke 12:
    32; Acts 20:28; 1 Pet. 2:25.
  224. FLOOD, a vast overflow of water, Gen.
    6:17: the universal deluge, 9:11: the
    river Euphrates, Josh. 24:2: the Red
    sea, Psal. 56:6: the prevalence of error
    by the influence of Satan, Isa. 59:19:
    profusion of spiritual blessings, 44:3.
    "Noah's flood" is the most awful of
    the righteous Creator and Judge of the
    world, in punishing guilty mankind; of
    whom it is supposed by some learned
    men, that there were thus overwhelmed
    [one] times as many inhabitants as at pre-
    sent on the earth, or about [1],000,000,000
    of persons!
      Scripture is most explicit
    and full in its testimony concerning that
    dreadful event; but infidels doubt or
    reject that testimony: nevertheless its
    truth is confirmed by the traditions of
    all nations; and by the actual condition
    of the earth's surface: for marine sub-
    stances are found on inland plains, and
    near the summits of the highest moun-
    tains of Europe, Asia, and America; and
    various remains of both land and sea
    animals have been found imbedded in
    different strata of the earth in elevated
    situations, remote from the sea, and even
    in rocks of stone, clearly indicating that
    awful catastrophe, as recorded by Moses.
  225. FLOOR, the bottom of a room, 1 Kings
    6:15, 30: a place used for the threshing
    of corn, Gen. 50:10.
  226. FLOOR, to cover the bottom of a room,
    as with boards, 2 Chron. 34:11.
  227. FLOUR, the fine part of meal for the
    making of bread, Exod. 29:2; Judg.
  228. FLOURISH, to blossom as a tree, Psal.
    90:6; 92:12: to prosper and increase,
    72:7, 16.
  229. FLOURISHED, budded and indicated
    fruit-bearing, Sol. Song 6:11: became
    active in beneficence, Phil. 4:10.
  230. FLOURISHING, prospering in peace and
    joy, Psal. 92:14: glorying in health
    and royal magnificence, Dan. 4:4.
  231. FLOW, to run, as the water in a brook,
    Isa. 48:21: to assemble, as people, in
    great multitudes, 2:2.
  232. FLOWED, did flow, Josh. 4:18: did
    befal, as troubles, Lam. 3:54.
  233. FLOWERS, the beautiful and fragrant
    blossoms of plants, as roses, Isa. 40:6:
    ornaments resembling blossoms, 1 Kings
    6:6, 18: the prime or vigour of life,
    1 Sam. 2:33.
  234. FLOWING, running, Isa. 66:12:
    abounding, Exod. 3:8, 17.
  235. FLUTE, a musical pipe, Dan. 3:5, 15.
  236. FLUTTER, to fly with agitation or ir-
    regularity, Deut. 32:11.
  237. FLUX, the act of flowing, a painful
    disease with the voiding of blood, Acts
  238. FLY, an insect of which the species
    are numerous, especially in hot humid
    countries, Exod. 8:21; Psal. 78:45;
    Isa. 7:18.
  239. FLY, to move swiftly, as a bird, Gen.
    1:20: to proceed with haste, Isa. 11:14:
    to vanish or decay, Prov. 23:5.
  240. FLYING, moving as a bird in the air,
    Prov. 26:2.
  241. FLYING, capable of flying, Lev. 11:21;
    Isa. 30:6.

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