Prayer & Fasting

**Book: The ABC's of Christian Growth   an A to Z guide to Christian maturity (1989, 1996)   Pastor Robert J. Sargent
[Daily Walk, Prayer, ABC's LIST]

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*Booklet: FOOD, FASTING & FAITH   Revised . . . (1997)   Lester Roloff

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**Paper: How to Spend Thirty Minutes With God. (n.d.)

**Tract: Intercessory Prayer Guide for Mies. (~9-26-2012)   My. Garry Castner

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**Paper: N.T. Fasting References (9-27-1996)

**Paper: O.T. Fasting References (9-27-1996)

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[pp. 22-40: The Pastor and Public Worship: Public Prayer]

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FASTING (n.d.)   My. David W. Cloud

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*Book: How to Pray (n.d.)   R. A. Torrey

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