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Biblia / Bible
Finnish Bible (1642/1776, ~2008, SFC)   ["Our Finnish brother Peka who is a young "born again Fin" of 22 years of age is holding Bible studies in his parents home.   He is burdened to have the good but old Finnish Bible updated and then put it together with the King James English to make a bi-lingual English/Finnish Bible.   Please pray for Brother Coats and this Bible project."]

**File: Johanneksen / John (1776)   BSO   ["as is", Western European (Windows)]
**File: Kirje roomalaisille / Romans (1776)   BSO   ["as is", Western European (Windows)]
File: Bible / Bible (1776)   BSO
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*File: Bible (1776 revision)   Web   [Info: ä Ä ö Ö do not display correctly.   May need "Cardo" Fonts.   2016 update is now o.k.]   []

**File: Finnish Bible History

Bible Studies
**Book: Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

Booklet: ULTIMATE QUESTIONS (1987, 1998)   J. Blanchard

My. Howard Nelson Family (Scandinavians for Christ)

*List: Chick Illustrated Tracts--Finnish   (JTC)

Tract: Title--Finnish / God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)
**Tract: God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ GSPS ]   [ Web ]


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