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Bible ( Библия )
**File: Иоанна / John (n.d.)   BPS
**File: Римлянам / Romans (n.d.)   BPS   [CHM note: kept printed 14:24-26 "as is" {KJV 16:25-27}.]

*printed Booklet: John & Romans (n.d.)   BPS   [pp. 47-48: Bible Study 15, 4.]
*printed Book: N.T. (n.d.)   BPS   [Info only: Central margin cross-references.]
**printed Book: Библия / Bible (n.d.)   BPS   [ Title Page ]   [Info only: Central margin cross-references.]

**printed Book: Russian N.T. & Hebrew N.T. (5-1979)   The Society For Distributing The Holy Scriptures To The Jews   [TBS 10M/5/79]   [ Title Pages ]   [Info only: Mark 1:2 both correct (the prophets).   Russian & Hebrew @ Romans 16:25-27.]

**List: Bible portions (BPS)   Ref: OH

Bible & N.T. (~2012)   RBS

**List: Russian Synodal Bible (1876, 1956) w/ King James Bible (1769)   OLB

**List: Russian Synodal Bible (1876) w/ King James Bible (1769)   theWord   [RST]

*Software: Russian Synodal Translation (1876)   Bible-Discovery   [Info only:]

*File: БИБЛИЯ   (СИНОДАЛЬНЫИПЕРЕВОД)   КНИГИ СВЯЩЕННОГО ПИСАНИЯ ВЕТХОГО И НОВОГО ЗАВЕТА (July 2011)   [Info only: Russian @ Romans 16:25- 27.]

Синодальный / Russian (n.d.)   mentioned @ IBT   [BJU]

**File: Russian Bible History

**List: Russian Bible Society

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