Russian Bible Society: 3/1/2020

Russian Bible Society
(Calvinistic Baptist)
[not Reformed, oppose Hyper-Calvinism]
P.O. BOX 6068
Asheville, NC 28816 . USA (1-2015)

Arden, NC 28704 (1-2015)
828.681.0370 & 1.800.252.8896 (1-2015)

C. H. M. disclaimer . *=Library, **=Online
We do not endorse Hyper-Calvinism.

**Tract: RUSSIAN BIBLE SOCIETY (~2000)   Dr. Bob Doom & Jerry Young
[What We Believe.   Projects Completed.]

**File: Russian Bible Society (n.d.)   [Info: founded 1812, disbanded 1826, reopened 1944.]
[Our Past   Our Purpose   Our Projects   Our Prayer]

*Paper: Doctrinal Statement (6-20-2012)   RBS   [Info only: added .com 1-2015.]
[Projects completed since 1975]

*Paper: Translating the Russian Bible (Spring 1999)   M. E.   [1812-1826 RBS.   26 languages.]
   ["the RBS, working with the BFBS,
published the first Russian vernacular Gospels in 1819,
a complete Russian New Testament in 1821,
and a Russian Psalter in 1822.
(Translation of the first eight books of the Old Testament were completed by 1825 but were not circulated.)"
   ["... a new translation of the New Testament, published in 1862,
and the first complete Russian vernacular translation of the Old Testament, published in 1876."

**Paper: THE RUSSIAN BIBLE SOCIETY--A CASE OF ... (Oct., 1948)   Stu. R. Tom.   [CHM notes.]

**File: Russian Bible History   [old RBS @ Russia, etc.]

Goetze Bible Dictionary (n.d.)   [Info only: RBS product.]

Goetze Study Bible (n.d.)   [Info only: RBS product.]

New Thompson Study Bible (n.d.)   [Info only: RBS product.]

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