Bible Dictionary: On.   1840

  1. ON, [h] (pain, force, or iniquity), a city
    of Egypt, supposed to be Heliopolis, the
    city of the sun, in the land of Goshen,
    Gen. 41:45, 50.   It was situated on the
    eastern bank of the Nile, and about five
    miles above the modern city of Cairo.
  2. ON, a noted Reubenite, who conspired
    with Korah, against Moses, Num. 16:1.
  3. O'NAN, [h] (pain, force, or iniquity), a
    son of Judah, and grandson of Jacob,
    Gen. 38:3-10.
  4. ONCE, one time, Exod. 10:17; immedi-
    ately, Num. 13:30: formerly, Jude 3, 5.
  5. ONE, an individual, Judg. 9:2: united
    in mind and heart, John 17:21.   "God
    is one,"
    means one of the parties, Gal. 4:
    20: a harmoniously united body, of an-
    gels and redeemed mankind, Eph. 1:10.
  6. ONES'IMUS, [g] (useful), the pro-
    fligate slave or servant of Philemon, but
    who became converted to Christ by the
    ministry of Paul at Rome, and after-
    wards a distinguished member of the
    Colossian church, Phil. 10; Col. 4:9.
  7. ONESIPH'ORUS, [g] (who brings
    ), a generous Christian, who appears
    to have entertained Paul, probably at
    Ephesus, 2 Tim. 1:16-18; 4:19.
  8. ONION, a well-known garden herb,
    with a bulbous root, prized by the Isra-
    elites as delicious in Egypt, Num. 11:5.
    Modern travellers commend the exqui-
    site flavour of the Egyptian onion.
  9. ONLY, singly, Gen. 7:23: exclusively,
    Col. 4:11; 1 Tim. 6:16.
  10. ONWARD, forward, as on a journey,
    Exod. 40:36.
  11. ONYCHA, a fragrant substance, sup-
    posed to be the shell of the nail-fish, or
    purpura, the basis of the principal per-
    fumes of India, the best being found in
    the Red sea, Exod. 30:34.   Some sup-
    pose it to have been the bdellium.   See
  12. ONYX, a semi-pellucid precious stone,
    resembling the human nail in colour; a
    kind of agate, Exod. 28:20.
  13. OPEN, expanded, as the sky, Gen. 1:
    20: exposed, 34:14: unclosed as
    gates, Isa. 60:11; or doors, Acts 16:27:
    manifested, 1 Sam. 3:1.
  14. OPEN, to uncover, as a pit, Exod. 21:
    33: to unclose, as gates, Isa. 22:22: to
    enlighten, as the mind by instruction,
    Acts 26:18: to overcome, as removing
    impediments, Rev. 3:7.
  15. OPENED, did open, as doors, Acts 5:
    19: did explain, as the prophecies of
    Scripture, Luke 24:32: did enlighten,
    as the mind, ver. 45: did prepare and in-
    cline, Acts 16:14.
  16. OPENED, unclosed, Neh. 7:3: pre-
    pared, as a way, 1 Cor. 16:9: exposed,
    Heb. 4:13.
  17. OPENING, laying open, 1 Chron. 9:27:
    explaining, Acts 18:3.
  18. OPENLY, publicly, John 7:4: to many,
    Mark 8:32.
  19. OPERATION, working, or the act of
    producing a thing, Isa. 5:22: influence,
    Col. 2:12; 1 Cor. 12:6.
  20. O'PHEL, [h] (the tower), a fort at Jeru-
    salem, 2 Chron. 27:3; 33:14; Neh.
    3:26, 27.
  21. O'PHIR, [h] (ashes), a son of Joktan,
    whose name was given to a country,
    Gen. 10:29.
  22. OPHIR, a country famous for its gold,
    Job 22:24.   Solomon's ships fetched
    it by sea, sailing from Ezion-geber; and
    it is thought, therefore, that Ophir must
    have been Sofala, in South Africa, or, as
    Josephus says, in the East Indies, or
    perhaps, as others think, in southern
    Arabia, 1 Kings 9:26; 10:22; 22:48.
  23. OPH'RAH, [h] (dust or fawn), a city of
    Manasseh, famous as the native place of
    Gideon, one of the judges of Israel, Judg.
    6:11; 8:2; 9:5.   There was another
    Ophrah in Benjamin, Josh. 18:23;
    and a person so called in the tribe of
    Judah, 1 Chron. 4:14.
  24. OPINION, a sentiment of the mind re-
    garding anything, Job 32:6-17; 1 Kings
  25. OPPORTUNITY, a fit season or occasion,
    Matt. 26:16; Phil. 4:10.
  26. OPPOSE, to resist, 2 Tim. 2:25: to
    prevent, as by arrogant pretensions, 2
    Thess. 2:4.
  27. OPPOSED, did oppose, Acts 18:1.
  28. OPPOSITIONS, arguments or preten-
    sions put forth to contradict, 1 Tim. 6:
  29. OPPRESS, to overpower cruelly, Exod.
    3:9; Jam. 3:6.
  30. OPPRESSED, did oppress, Judg. 4:3;
  31. OPPRESSING, cruel or destructive, Jer.
    46:16; Zeph. 3:1.
  32. OPPRESSION, cruelty or tyranny, Exod.
    3:9; Job 35:9.
  33. OPPRESSOR, a tyrant, who harasses
    others, Jer. 21:12; Isa. 3:12.
  34. ORACLE, a divine declaration, especi-
    ally in writing, Acts 7:38: the most
    holy place in the tabernacle, 2 Sam. 6:16:
    23, and in the temple, 1 Kings 6:16-19;
    8:6-8.   See
  35. ORACLES, Divine revelations written
    by inspired prophets and apostles
    , Acts
    7:38; Rom. 3:2; Heb. 5:12; 1 Pet. 4:
    11.   Oracles were delivered in various
    ways to the patriarchs and prophets,
    Heb. 1:1; 1 Sam. 28:6; Job 33:
    14, 15; but ordinarily by the priest wear-
    ing the sacred breastplate, Exod. 28:
    30: now, however, these are unnecessary,
    as the whole will of God is contained in
    the Scriptures.
  36. ORATION, a set speech, as from a king,
    Acts 12:21.
  37. ORATOR, a public pleader or counsel-
    ler, Isa. 3:3; Acts 24:1.
  38. ORCHARD, a garden of fruit-trees
    Eccles. 2:5; Sol. Song 4:13.
  39. ORDAIN, to fix upon and appoint, as a
    place, 1 Chron. 17:9: to set in order,
    as the Levites were arranged for their
    sacred duties in the tabernacle, 9:22: to
    instruct pious men of gifts and wisdom
    for the gospel ministry, as the evangelist
    Titus was directed to constitute elders
    for the service of certain Christian
    churches in Crete, Tit. 1:5: to appoint
    laws and customs, as the apostle Paul
    did in the churches, 1 Cor. 7:17.
  40. ORDAINED, did ordain or decree, 1
    Cor. 2:7: did appoint to office, as the
    apostleship, Mark 3:14; or that of pro-
    phesying, Jer. 1:6; or that of the idola-
    trous priesthood, 2 Chron. 11:15: did
    establish, as festivals, Est. 9:27.
  41. ORDAINED, appointed, as the sun and
    moon to their stations in the heavens,
    Psal. 8:3; as Christ to be the judge
    of the world
    , Acts 10:42; as Paul to be
    an apostle of Christ, 1 Tim. 2:7; as
    elders were set apart to the work of the
    Christian ministry in the churches, Acts
    14:23; as regenerated men to the prac-
    tice of holiness, Eph. 2:10: as indi-
    viduals to eternal life, Acts 13:48; as
    the Levitical priesthood and ceremonies,
    Heb. 5:1; 9:6; as wicked men to con-
    , Jude 4; as the apostles' de-
    crees for the abrogation of the Levitical
    ceremonies, Acts 15:23-29; 16:4.
  42. ORDER, a command or appointment,
    1 Chron. 25:2; 1 Cor. 16:1: a rank or
    class, as the appointed Levitical priests,
    2 Kings 23:4; Heb. 7:11: appointed
    regularity, as of Christian worship, Col.
    2:5: a regular disposition of things, Job
  43. ORDER, to regulate, Exod. 27:21:
    to command, 1 Kings 20:14: to govern,
    Isa. 9:7: to bring up, Judg. 13:12.
  44. ORDERINGS, arrangements or appoint-
    ments, 1 Chron. 24:19.
  45. ORDERLY, lawfully, according to ap-
    pointment, Acts 21:24.
  46. ORDINANCE, a decree or law, whether
    human or divine, Rom. 13:2; 1 Pet. 2:
    13: a sacred institution, as the feast of
    Passover, Exod. 12:14; or the Lord's
    , 1 Cor. 11:23-29.   Divine ordi-
    nances are evident in the constant revo-
    lutions of the heavenly bodies, forming
    the day and the night, and the seasons
    of the year, Gen. 1:14; Jer. 31:35, 36.
    Ordinances of divine worship were in
    many particulars enjoined upon the Isra-
    elites, Heb. 9:1.   Baptism and the Lord's
    supper, with the Sabbath and the public
    ministry of the gospel, are the chief ordi-
    nances of Christianity.
    • Ordinances, N. T. Church (Local) :--
      1) Scriptural Baptism: complete immersion in water of the believer; and
      2) the Lord's Supper: closed communion of unleavened bread & grape juice.
  47. ORDINARY, usual or necessary, Ezek.
  48. ORGAN, a wind instrument, invented
    by Jubal, Gen. 4:21; Psal. 150:4.   It is
    not known precisely what was the organ
    of the ancient Jews, our instrument of
    that name having been in use not quite
    a thousand years.
  49. ORION, a brilliant constellation of
    about eighty stars in the southern hemi-
    sphere: Virgil calls it "stormy Orion:"
    it appears about the autumnal equinox,
    and is thought to forebode severe weather,
    as cold and frost which no human power
    can dissolve, Job 38:31; Amos 5:8.
  50. ORNAMENT, a decoration, especially
    in dress, as jewels, rings, bracelets, &c.,
    Exod. 33:4; Judg. 8:21-26.   Women
    in the East have ever been extremely
    fond of these means of attraction, Jer.
    2:32.   Meekness is a principal ornament
    of a Christian, 1 Pet. 3:4.
  51. OR'NAN, [h] (that rejoices, or light of the
    ), a Jebusite in the time of David,
    called Araunah, 1 Sam. 24:18; 1 Chron.
    21:15.   See ARAUNAH.
  52. OR'PAH, [h] (the neck, shell, or nakedness
    of the mouth
    ), a Moabitess, sister-in-law of
    Ruth, Ruth 1:4-14.
  53. ORPHANS, children destitute of a father,
    or having lost both parents, Lam. 5:3.
  54. O'SEE, Ώσηε, the name of the prophet
    Hosea, but in the Greek form, Rom. 9:
    25.   See HOSEA.
  55. O'SHEA, [h] (saviour), the early name
    of Joshua, Num. 13:8-16.   See
  56. OSPRAY, a bird of prey, a species of
    eagle or fish-hawk, Lev. 11:13.
  57. OSSIFRAGE, a bird of prey, supposed
    to be the black eagle or vulture, Lev. 11:
    13; Deut. 14:12.
  58. OSTRICH, the largest of birds; some
    have been brought to England eleven
    feet high when standing erect, and
    weighing seventy or eighty pounds: it
    cannot fly, but its speed is astonishingly
    great in the sultry deserts of Arabia and
    Africa.   The Arabs frequently ride upon
    the ostrich, and they call it the camel-
    bird, as it is named by the Greeks, Job
    39:13.   The ostrich lays thirty or
    forty eggs; but being excessively timid,
    it leaves them, or even its young ones,
    on being alarmed: hence she is called
    cruel, Lam. 4:3.
  59. OTHER, the next or more, Gen. 8:
    10: not the same, Lev. 6:11: besides,
    Matt. 12:45.
  60. OTHERWISE, or else, Heb. 9:17: in a
    different manner, 2 Chron. 30:18: dif-
    ferently, Phil. 3:15.
  61. OTH'NI, [h] (my time or my hour), a
    valiant warrior with David, 1 Chron.
  62. OTH'NIEL, [h] (the time or the hour
    of God
    ), a nephew and son-in-law of
    Josh. 15:17; Judg. 1:12, 13.   Othniel
    was the first of the judges, after the death
    of Joshua, Judg. 3:9-11.
  63. OUCHES, rims, as of gold, in which
    precious stones were set, Exod. 28:
    11; 39:6-13.
  64. OUGHT, anything, Gen. 39:6.
  65. OUGHT, obliged, as a duty, Luke 24:
    26; Acts 5:29.
  66. OURS, belonging to us, pertaining to
    us, Gen. 26:20; 1 Cor. 1:2.
  67. OUT, from a place or state, Gen. 2:
    9, 23.
  68. OUTCAST, an exile or wanderer, Jer.
    30:17; Isa. 11:12.
  69. OUTER, that which is on the outside,
    Ezek. 46:21.
  70. OUTER DARKNESS, extreme gloominess,
    Matt. 8:12.
  71. OUTGOINGS, extreme boundaries, Josh.
    17:9; 19:22: the "outgoings of the
    morning and evening,"
    are the times of
    sunrise and sunset, Psal. 65:8.
  72. OUTLANDISH, foreign, not native, Neh.
  73. OUTLIVED, did survive, Judg. 2:7.
  74. OUTRAGEOUS, furious in anger, Prov.
  75. OUTRUN, did run before, John 20:4.
  76. OUTSIDE, the external part, Matt.
    23:25, 26: the extreme limit, Judg.
    7:11, 19.
  77. OUTSTRETCHED, powerfully extended,
    Deut. 26:8.
  78. OUTWARD, external, 1 Sam. 16:7; 1
    Pet. 3:3.
  79. OUTWARDLY, in mere appearance,
    Matt. 22:28; Rom. 2:28.
  80. OUTWENT, ran before another, Matt.
  81. OVEN, a place or instrument for baking
    bread, Lev. 2:4.
  82. OVER, above, as in a higher place,
    Exod. 40:36: in authority, as a ruler,
    Gen. 27:29; 41:40: on account of,
    Luke 15:7: in watchful care of, 1 Pet.
  83. OVERCAME, did overcome, Acts 19:16.
  84. OVERCHARGE, to load excessively, 2
    Cor. 2:5.
  85. OVERCHARGED, filled excessively, Luke
  86. OVERCOME, to conquer, Num. 13:30;
    Rom. 12:21.
  87. OVERDRIVE, to fatigue excessively,
    Gen. 33:13.
  88. OVERFLOW, to fill above the banks, as
    a river, Jer. 47:2: to destroy by a
    flood, Deut. 11:4: to ravage with an
    army, Dan. 11:10.
  89. OVERFLOWED, did overflow, Psal.
    78:2: did destroy by a flood, 2 Pet.
  90. OVERFLOWING, excessively flooding,
    Isa. 28:2.
  91. OVERLAID, did lie upon, to injury or
    death, 1 Kings 3:19.
  92. OVERLAID, covered over, as with a
    plating of metal, Exod. 26:32.
  93. OVERLAY, to cover over, as with a
    plating of metal, Exod. 25:11.   Thus
    Moses was commanded to overlay the
    ark with a plating of fine gold, and the
    altar with a plating of
    brass, Exod. 30:
    3; 27:2.
  94. OVERLIVE, to survive others, Josh.
  95. OVERMUCH, excessive, 2 Cor. 2:7.
  96. OVERPASS, to exceed, Jer. 5:28.
  97. OVERPAST, gone away, or removed,
    Psal. 57:1.
  98. OVERPLUS, what remains of a thing,
    Lev. 25:27.
  99. OVERRUNNING, overflowing, Nah. 1:8.
  100. OVERSEE, to keep, 1 Chron. 9:29: to
    superintend, as labourers in a great work,
    2 Chron. 2:2.
  101. OVERSEER, a chief officer, as a steward
    in a house, Gen. 39:4, 5: a director
    of labourers, 2 Chron. 2:18: a chief
    magistrate in a district, Neh. 11:1-9: a
    revenue collector in a province, Gen. 41:
    34: a
    bishop of a Christian congregation,
    Acts 20:17-28.   Overseer is the proper
    rendering of the Greek word translated
    "bishop;" and pastors of congregations
    were so called on account of their office
    and pastoral oversight, 1 Pet. 5:1, 2; 1
    Tim. 3:1-5.
  102. OVERSHADOW, to bring a shade over,
    Acts 5:5.
  103. OVERSHADOWED, did cover with a
    shadow, Matt. 17:5.
  104. OVERSIGHT, superintendence, as of
    servants, Num. 3:32; or of a building,
    4:16; or of a church, as a pastor, 1 Pet.
    5:2: a mistake or error, Gen. 43:12.
  105. OVERSPREAD, covered over, as the
    earth with people, Gen. 9:19.
  106. OVERSPREADING, prevailing, as idola-
    try and calamity, Dan. 9:27.
  107. OVERTAKE, to reach in pursuit, as a
    traveller, Gen. 44:4: to fall upon, as
    blessings or curses, Deut. 28:2, 15.
  108. OVERTAKEN, reached in pursuit, Psal.
    18:37: discovered, as in a fault, Gal.
  109. OVERTHROW, destruction, Gen. 19:
    29; 2 Pet. 2:6.
  110. OVERTHROW, to destroy, Gen. 19:21;
    Exod. 23:24: to defeat, Acts 5:39:
    to subvert, 2 Tim. 1:18.
  111. OVERTHROWN, defeated, Exod. 15:7;
    2 Chron. 14:13: destroyed, Amos 6:
  112. OVERTURN, to subvert, Ezek. 21:27:
    to ruin, Job 12:13.
  113. OVERTURNED, rolled over by falling,
    Judg. 7:13.
  114. OVERWHELM, to crush underneath,
    Job 6:27.
  115. OVERWHELMED, depressed or dejected,
    as the heart with grief, Psal. 77:3:
    to destroy underneath, 78:53.
  116. OVERWISE, excessively knowing in the
    affairs of others, Eccles. 7:14.
  117. OWE, to be indebted, Rom. 13:8.
  118. OWED, did owe, as a debt, Matt. 18:
  119. OWL, a bird of prey, whose instincts
    lead it to shun the light of day, and seek
    its supplies by night, Job 30:29; Isa.
  120. OWN, belonging to: it is a word added
    to the possessive pronouns, giving them
    force, as God created man in his own
    image, Gen. 1:27.
  121. OWN, to possess, as property, Lev. 14:
    35; Acts 21:11.
  122. OWNER, one to whom a thing belongs,
    Exod. 21:28.
  123. OX, a bullock or bull, Exod. 21:28-
  124. OXEN, the general name for black
    cattle, Gen. 12:16.   Oxen were com-
    monly used in agriculture, and formed
    a great part of patriarchal riches, 24:
    35; and references to their qualities and
    labours, therefore, are frequent in the
    Scriptures, 1 Cor. 9:9.
  125. O'ZEM, [h] (that feasts, or eagerness), a
    brother of king
    David, 1 Chron. 2:15.
  126. OZ'NI, [h] (my ear, or my balance), a
    son of Gad, and chief of a family of note,
    Num. 26:16.

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