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Elohim - Jehová (Señor) - Jesús Christ ( Cristo ) es God ( Dios ).

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Bible Studies ( Baptist = Bautista )
**Files: Español Biblia Diccionario / Spanish Bible Dictionary (2014-2015)   Compiled by CHM
**Book: Inglés Biblia Diccionario / English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

*Files: 7 PASOS HACIA Dios / 7 Steps To God (n.d.)   TCS, FBC   [Spanish translated by My. Bernie Gonzales]

2. *Booklet: EL SIERVO DE DIOS / THE SERVANT OF GOD   (IEC) [printed]
3. San Pedro y la Iglesia.   (IEC) [See RFM]
4. Lecciones para la Vida Cristiana.   (IEC) [See RFM] [printed Booklet]
5. Guia para el Crecimiento Cristiano.   (IEC) [See RFM]
6. ¿Puede el Hombre conocer a Dios?   (IEC)
7. Tu Palabra es Verdad.   (IEC) [See RFM]
8. El Otro Consolador.   (IEC) [See RFM]
9. Sumario de la Biblia.   (IEC) [See RFM]
10. Romanos.   (IEC) [See RFM]
11. Gálatas.   (IEC) [See RFM]
12. Salmos Mesiánicos.   (IEC) [See RFM]
13. Daniel.   (IEC)
14. Apocalipsis.   (IEC)
15. Evangelismo Personal.   (IEC)
16. Que Prediques la Palabra   (IEC)
16. La Mujer que Agrada a Dios   (IEC)


**List: Books--Spanish   (BBCP)

**File: "The Trail of Blood" . . . . (1931, 1988)   J. M. Carroll   [ RVG edition ]
*Booklet: EL RASTRO DE LA SANGRE (2002, 2003)   J. M. Carroll, Challenge Press

*File: Little Red Book (browse) (n.d.)   RFM
*File: Little Red Book (print) (n.d.)   RFM
*File: Little Red Book (RTF) (n.d.)   RFM

**List: Books--Spanish   (Berean Press)

Book: Spanish / The Pilgrim's Progress {LRB} (until 1847)   John Bunyan

Book: Spanish (1955) / BIBLE HANDBOOK   An Abbreviated Bible Commentary (1927, 1957)   Henry H. Halley

Booklet: Spanish / ULTIMATE QUESTIONS (1987 & 1998)   J. Blanchard, EP

Go to: Creation / Evolution Media--Spanish

Go to: Prayer Media--Spanish

Tracts ( Gospel = Evangelio )
**List: Chick Illustrated Tracts-- Spanish   (JTC)

**Web: Fellowship Tract League--Spanish   (FTL)

**File: El Plan De Dios Para La Salvación / God's Simple Plan of Salvation (n.d.)   LI
**Tract: God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ GSPS ]   [ Web ]

**Tract: Anatomy of a Nueva Criatura--Spanish / Anatomy of a New Creature (n.d.)   STL/CHM   [uc]

**List: Tracts--Spanish   (BBCP)
Tract: El Evangelio--Spanish / THE GOSPEL (n.d.)   BBCP

**List: Tracts--Spanish   (Berean Press)

**List: Bible Tracts, Inc.-- Spanish   (BTI)

**List: Fellowship Tract League--Spanish   (FTL)

**List: Tracts--Spanish   (MTCIC)

**List: Booklets & Tracts--Spanish   (My. Dave Christenson)

QUE ES MENESTER QUE YO HAGA PARA SER SALVO?--Spanish / What Must I Do to Be SAVED? (n.d.)   John R. Rice

**Tract: COMO VIVIR PARA SIEMPRE--Spanish (n.d.)   BTM

**List: 18 Titles--Spanish / English (2016)   Hope Tract Ministry   [ CD ]

**List: Media--Spanish (Crown Pubs)

*Paper: HELP FROM ABOVE--Spanish (6-24-1998)   WMP
*Paper: The Way to God--Spanish (1992)   WMP
   [Also from WMP: HFA, HKG, WTG, POG, SvC, WAI, WOZ, ALC, PTL, MAT*, BSJ*, REV*, BSS*]

*Video: The Aya Family   Mies. to Colombia (~2-13-2007)

*DVD: The Castner Family   The Testimony of God's Grace In the Country of Chile (~3-2007)

DVD: C__a Commitment   Responding to a burden   Update 2007   Metro. BC   [Info: also: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition]   [mrp]  

*DVD?: PANAMA SCHOOL PROJECT   Helping Build a Better Tomorrow (~2008)  

**List: WITNESSING DVD: Spanish / THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (2010)   Chi. Pub. Pro.   [Info: Evangelical narration.]

**List: Christian Films

Web Media
Resources for Missions--Spanish '11   [ CD ]

David Cloud's Materials--Spanish

MBBC Training Materials-- Spanish   [ CD ]

**List: Biblia de Elohim o El Cor_n de All_h (~2016)   [Info only: ok.]

Book: DOCTRINA BAUTISTA EN UN AÑO / Baptist Doctrine In One Year   (M. L. Moser, Sr., CP)

Book: La Iglesia Que Jesús Edificó / The Church That Jesus Built   (Roy Mason, CP)

Manual Para la Membresía de la Iglesia Bautista   (M. L. Moser, Jr., CP)
Book: MANUAL BAUTISTA PARA LA MEMBRESIA DE LA IGLESIA / Baptist Handbook for Church Members   (M. L. Moser, Jr., CP, listed 9-1997 in tBC paper)

Una Guía de Estudio para el Libro de Apocalipsis   Vol. 1- 4   (M. L. Moser, Jr., CP)
Book: Study Guide To The Book of Revelation (4 volumes)   (M. L. Moser, Jr., CP, listed 9-1997 in tBC paper)
Book: La Seguridad Eterna del Creyente / Eternal Security of the Believer   (M. L. Moser, Sr., CP)
Book: Los Bautistas a Través de los Siglos / Baptists Throughout the Ages   (Charles L. Neal, CP)
Book: Evangelismo Personal / Personal Evangelistm   (Charles L. Neal, CP)
Book: El Bautismo Extraño y los Bautistas / Alien Baptism and the Baptists   (William M. Nevins, CP)
Book: ¿Por Qué se Debe ser Bautista? / Why Be A Baptist?   (H. Boyce Taylor, CP)
Book: PRIMERO PENTECOSTES, AHORA BAUTISTA / Once A Pen- tecost, Now A Baptist   (G. E. Nethercutt, CP, listed 9-1997 in tBC paper) [See RFM]

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