Collegiate Discipleship Ministries: 5/9/2021

My. Pat R. Briney, Ph.D.
2006 Mission Boulevard, Fayetteville, AR 72702 . USA

C. H. M. disclaimer. *=Library, **=Online

**List: Creation Insights (2012)   CHM   [Campus Bible Studies @ MU]

**Business Card: Pat Briney Family (~1993)   [Original w/ Photo]

*Paper: Answers to your Bible Questions (~2-3-1998)   On-line Bible Answer Man   [117 Questions]

*Paper: Brief Extract of a Lecture By Dr. Pat Briney Showing Evidence For the Creation Model And the Lack of Evidence For the Evolution Models of Origins (4-12-1997)   PRB, RBC

*Paper: Crucifixion Wednesday   Tradition VS Scripture (n.d.)   PRB

*Paper: Knowing God's Will (1996)   PRB

*Paper: Leadership Training Institute (~2-21-1998)   PRB

*Paper: Personal Encounters with God (~4-17-2002)   MBBC
[Scientist believes the Bible, Pat Briney.
Search for God Takes Unexpected Turn, Michael Lea.
Agnostic Finds Truth, Brian Disney.
Break A Leg!, Nick Cogan.
I Wasn't In The Boat, Josh Turk.
twice Cancer   A Survivor's Testimony, Pat Briney.]

*Paper: Real life testimonies of experiences with God (~12-1996)   MBBC
[Scientist believes the Bible, Pat Briney.]

*Paper: Revival and a PASTOR'S Dream Congregation (1995)   PRB

*Paper: Time line for the book of Revelation (~2-2001)   PRB

*Paper: Understanding the New Testament Church (1997)   PRB

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