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[ Элохим] - [ Иегова] - Jesus ( Іисус ) Christ ( Христосăн ) = God ( Тура ).

Useful Resources

"The trade language throughout Chuvashia is Russian.
The Chuvash are bilingual, speaking both Russian and Chuvash."
-- JC

Hebrew O.T., Greek N.T.   English King James Bible.
Arabic Bible, Persian Bible, Russian Bible, Turkish Bible.

Bible ( Bible )
{#} Chuvash John / John (n.d.)   RBS

Чăвашла / Chuvash NT (2009)   IBT   [Info only: Mark 1:2 correct.]

**List: Russian Bible Society   [Survey]

**File: Chuvash Bible History

Bible Studies ( Baptist )
**Book: Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

*Files: 7 шагов к Богу / 7 Steps To God (n.d.)   TCS, FBC   [Russian translated by N. I.]

**List: Books--Russian   (BBCP)
Book: OCHOBbI XPИCTИAHCKOГO POCTA--Russian / The ABC's of Christian Growth (2004)   RJS, BBCP

printed Russian "The Trail of Blood". . . . (n.d.)   J. M. Carroll

Russian Trail of Blood, William Byers, 2010 Williams St., Sturgis, SD 57785--e-mail --cost: cost of producing only

Russian Preacher's Bible   (RBS)

Go to: Creation / Evolution Media-- Russian

Go to: Prayer Media--Chuvash

Tracts ( Gospel = Евангелi{_}e )
**List: Tracts--Russian   (NI)

**List: Tracts--Russian   (BBCP)
Tract: Title--Russian / THE GOSPEL   (BBCP)

*Tract: What about Eternal Life?-- Russian   (BTI)
*Tract: The Gift--Russian   (BTI)
*Tract: Two Kinds Of Death-- Russian   (BTI)
*Tract: The Tragedy of a Wasted Life--Russian   (BTI)

**List: Chick Illustrated Tracts- -Russian   (JTC)

**List: Fellowship Tract League--Russian   (FTL)

*File: Title--Russian / God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ CD ]
**Tract: God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ GSPS ]   [ Web ]

**List: Christian Films

Web Media
David Cloud's Materials--Russian

**List: Russia Key

**List: Библия Элохима или Коран Аллаха--Russian / Elohim's Bible or All_h's Kor_n (~2013)   [Info only: o.k.]

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