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The Lord Mayor of London

SIR J. E. KYNASTON STUDD, the son of Edward
       Studd of Tidworth House, Wilts., was born in 1858,
educated at Eton, and Trinity College, Cambridge; is
brother of C. T. Studd, the my., and G. B. Studd.
"G.B., C.T., and J.E.K.," three famous cricketers in
their day, were referred to as "a set of studs."   J.E.K.
followed Quinton Hogg, the founder, in the management
of Regent Street Polytechnic.   A. J. Hullah, chaplain
at the Polytechnic makes this statement:
   "It is many years since he felt the call to give his life
to the Master.   It is generally believed that it was in one
of D. L. Moody's evangelistic services that his conversion
took place, but I have a little note from him, in which he
states that his decision was made very quietly in his own
room when he was a lad at Eton.   Religion is the passion
of his life.   All interests are subservient to the interest of
religion; and to him Christ is religion's central fact and
supreme inspiration

   Sir Wilfred Grenfell, the hero of Labrador, speaking
in Wesl. Chapel, attributed his conversion and call to
Christian work to an address he heard 41 years ago from
Sir Kynaston Studd, and that Dr. John Mott, the great
my. leader, was also won for Christ through Sir
   Confirmation of above is given in the Evening Standard,
London, for Saturday, 24th Nov., 1928.   Convinced that

nothing makes so ready an appeal to man or woman as
a frank affirmation of faith, the editor of the Church Page
invited well-known men and women to express, each
Saturday, their fundamental belief.   The first of the
series by the Lord Mayor, Sir Kynaston Studd, well-
known for the prominent part he has taken in religious
and social work in London for many years, especially in
connection with the Regent Street Polytechnic, whose
welfare he has very much at heart, and of which he is
president.   His statement is truly important:
   "I believe that every man and woman should constantly
endeavour to develop the spiritual side of their nature.
We all have a spiritual side, and if we neglect it we are
like a four-cylinder car with only three cylinders working.
The form that development will take, however, we must
each decide for ourselves, but faith is essential.   Every
man, even the humblest and least important, wields an
influence for good or ill (and if it is not one it is the other),
far greater than he ever dreams.   He wields it all the time
and he never knows which moment--which word or action,
is going to have the most lasting effect.

   "My own deepest belief is in the Lord Jesus Christ.   I
believe His teachings embody the highest ideals ever given
to man, and have been the most powerful influence the world
has known

   "It seems to me that our religious faith ought to form
part of our daily life.   If we think of it only on Sunday
and live without it for six days we are one-sided, like a

   Hard experience with the world, with the masses of
young people connected with the Polytechnic, as well as
with many of the ablest business men in the City of world-
wide fame, only deepens and confirms the Lord Mayor
as to the value of the life and the teachings of our Lord
Jesus Christ, and above all, His Death for sinners, for "God
commendeth [H]is love toward us, in that, while we were
yet sinners, Christ died for us"
(Rom. 5. 8).
   A Threefold Cord.   In this threefold testimony of the
STUDDS--Father, a noted sportsman; one son, a noted
cricketer and pioneer; the other, Lord Mayor of famous
London Town, the Grace of God is truly manifest.   He
who saved them will save you.

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