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"MIAO (HWA) (BTT 861. China, Vietnam)

(Mark) [Tp and text in Pollard script] [M{a-}k{e<} fú y{i-}n].
Shanghai, British and Foreign Bible Society, 1910.
84p.   22cm. 898"
  [Info only: f06.pdf]

"(Matthew) [Tp and text in Pollard script] [M{a-}taì fú y{i-}n].
Shanghai, British and Foreign Bible Society, 1912.
142p.   22cm. 897"
  [Info only: f06.pdf]

Miao: Chuan...
"The Miao, an independent people who number as many as 2.5
million, live in Kweichow and adjacent areas of Hunan,
Kwangsi, Szechwan, and Yunnan provinces of China.   Known as
Meo’ in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, the Miao are divided
into a number of groups, generally based upon characteristic
habits of dress: He (Black) Miao, Hwa (Flowered or Variegated)
Miao, Chuan, or Pe (White), Miao, Ching (Blue) Miao, and
Hung (Red) Miao are the most common distinctions.

These Miao groups speak languages that are related, but generally
not mutually intelligible.   There are numerous dialects.   Although
Miao and Meo are related to Yao, the precise linguistic affiliations
of these tongues have not been fully determined.   They are
generally considered a part of the Sino-Tibetan group.   Since the
Miao had no writing of their own, their monsyllabic languages
have been written either in the syllabic script devised by
Samuel Pollard in 1904, or in the Chu Yin phonetic system.

The White Miao are found in southern Szechwan Province’
China, where they are known as ‘Chuan Miao’, and southward

into southern Kweichow, where they are called ‘Pe’ or ‘Pei
Miao’.   The Pei Miao live in proximity and contact with the
Hung Miao, of the eastern Kweichow border areas, and the
Ching Miao of central Kweichow."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"Pollard Script
1922 Mark BFBS, Yunnan
Transated by H. Parsons, United Met.ist Mission."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1938 Mark (revised)   China Bible House, Shanghai
A revision prepared by Yang K’uan-I, a Hwa Miao teacher."
- -1000 Tongues   [Info only: Pollard Syllabic Script 1938 Mark 1:2 unknown.]

Miao: He...
"He, or Black, Miao is spoken in the upper Tsing Shui Ho River
area of southeastern Kweichow, and southward into Kwangsi
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"Chu Yin Phonetic Script
1928 Matthew   Mark   1932 Gospels   Acts
1934 New Testament   BFBS, Shanghai
Translated by H. N. Hutton, China Inland Mission, assisted by
Mr. Yang.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: Chu Yin Phonetic 1932 Mark 1:2 unknown.]

Miao: Hwa...
"The Hwa, or Flowered, Miao live in western Kweichow
Province of China and southward as far as northern Vietnam
and Laos.   An impoverished people, widely scattered across the
mountains and arid upland plateaux of southwestern China,
the story of the movement of these hill folk to Christianity is
one of the most remarkable in the history of missions.

Samuel Pollard and his fellow mies. began their work
among the Miao at the end of the 19th century.   They first
attempted to provide the illiterate Miao peasants with the
Gospel by teaching them to read the Chinese Bible.   Despite the
almost insuperable difficulties posed by this program, such was
the eagerness of the Miao to read the Scriptures that, we are
told: ‘Within six months there were 10,000 people in and around
one mission station alone - not to speak of the others - all
studying the Gospel, and yet there was no portion of the Word
of God in their own language’.

The mission set itself to provide the Miao with a Bible in their own
tongue.   As Mesrop had done for the Armenians, and Cyril for
the Slavs, Pollard and his colleagues devised a script for the Miao.
It was a syllabary, an alphabet of syllables, such as Evans had
invented earlier for the Cree Indians of Canada, and its success
was immediate and phenomenal.   When the first copies of one of
the Miao Gospels reached Yunnan-fu, the provincial capital,
every copy was sold within two hours, although the consign-
ment had been carried in on the backs of twenty-nine horses.
Twice the entire font of Miao-script type was destroyed (in
the Yokohama earthquake and in the Japanese Shanghai
Campaign of 1932), and twice it was remade so that the Bible
might be read in this strange writing."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"Pollard Script
1907 Mark   1908 John
1917 Acts   New Testament (reprinted 1929)
1936 New Testament (revised)   BFBS, Shanghai
Translated by Samuel Pollard, Bible Christian Mission, and revised by
W. H. Hudspeth and A. G. Nicholls, United Met.ist Mission.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: Pollard Syllabic Script 1936 Mark 1:2 unknown.]

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