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"There is a Hiligaynon text that was done by Bro. Roger
Vournas on the island of Guimaras.   His text is a complete Old

and New Testament.   Hiligaynon is the dialect of the Visayan
My. Vournas writes.


For some additional info about our Hiligaynon
(llonggo) Bible translation.   Pastor Winston White, a native
Filipino (llonggo) Baptist pastor, and I translated the entire
Hiligaynon Bible from the Authorized King James Version,
1611.   The Hiligaynon language is one of the major languages
of the Philippines and is spoken by millions on Panay Island,
half of Negros Island, Guimaras Island, and parts of Mindanao
island.   We translated as close as we could according to formal

Translation using the grammar of this language; however, there
are times, for example regarding an English idiom, where we
needed to make it understandable in the language here and we
did so.   We printed the New Testament in 1998 and kept on
translating in the Old Testament.   It took the span of about
seven years to translate the entire Bible.   Allowing time to
request and receive donations to print the Bible, we were able
to print the entire Bible in 2006 in Korea.   My wife, Bing Bing,
also a native llongga, did general checking of the translation
which included checking for grammar, which she is good at.
Our translation has given fruit in the souls saved and of course
for use in Bible studies, which has been a real blessing because
we can trust what we are reading.   ....

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Bible Studies ( the Baptist = nga Bautista, nga Manugbaptis, nga Manugbautiso )
**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

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*File: Ang Simple Nga Paagi Sang Dios Sa Kaluwasan--Ilongo (Hilegaynon) / God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)
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File: Title--Ilongo / Are You 100% Sure That You Will Go To Heaven When You Die? (2016)   Hope Tracts

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