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Bible ( Biblia )
"Independent Baptist my. Clemente Quitevis is offering a
bi-lingual Ilocano-English Bible.   He is out of Bible Baptist
Church of Vallejo, CA.

Bro. Quitevis wrote this account of his work:

"Here's a very brief history about myself and the P.I.E.
(Parallel Ilocano English) King James Version Bible Project.   I
was born in the Philippines in 1944 and am a true and pure
Ilocano.   I came to the United States in 1962, got saved in the
United States in 1973.   I was burdened at first about the

salvation of my relatives in the Philippines, therefore we (my wife and three children) went to the northern Philippines in 1977 where I was born, sent out as local church mies. of Calvary Baptist Church of San Francisco, California. In 1988 we moved to Vallejo, California, and since then became members of Bible Baptist Church of Vallejo, California where I am serving as their layman my. to the Philippines. I have been teaching and preaching in the Ilocano dialect since 1977, and I speak the dialect fluently.

While in the Philippines (1977-2000) I used extensively the original Ilocano Bible published by the Philippine Bible Society in preaching, teaching, and studying. I have been told that this Ilocano Bible was translated from the King James Bible. I believe some pastors here in the Ilocandia region have the same thoughts also. In 2000 while I was in the United States I read that the United Bible Societies were publishing those corrupted versions, even in the foreign languages, and I saw also that the parent company of the Philippine Bible Society is the United Bible Society. Further research, found out the Ilocano Bible we were all using seems to be translated using the Revised Standard Version. I was very much bothered about these things, especially when I checked that some verses were missing and many words omitted and added. This became a heavy burden on my heart to make and present to my Ilocano countrymen a true Ilocano Bible translated after the pure and preserved Word of God in English (the King James Version).

In 2002-2003 I started to type in my computer the New
Testament Ilocano using my King James Version Bible.   The
Parallel Ilocano-English concept type of work, still at this time
did not get into the picture.   On July 19, 2005, this New
Testament Ilocano (King James Version) was completed and
printed and bond locally in Ilocos Sur, Philippines.   It was done
also like the red-letter edition of the King James Bible.

In 2005-2006 another heavy burden put on my heart to produce
this time a Parallel Ilocano-English King James Version New
Testament Holy Bible.   In December of 2007, I completed the
New Testament portion and some copies of the New Testament
Parallel Ilocano-English King James Version with red letters
that were produced by a local print shop in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
Then afterwards, another burden was moving in my heart to
produce the complete Old Testament and New Testament
Parallel Ilocano English Bible.

Now in 2009, I completed the electronic copy of the King
James Version of the Old Testament and New Testament
Parallel Ilocano-English Holy Bible with the words of the Lord
Jesus in red letters."

Brother Quitevis died in an automobile accident on August 3,
2010.   Dr. Steve Zeinner is now working with this text.

Brother Quitevis has produced a second draft of the N.T.
(correcting several errors) and the first draft of the O.T.   He
stated his willingness to correct anything that is not consistent
with the King James Bible.   He further made this statement.

1. "I believe that the so called Authorized Version in the English language is the King James Version (KJV) Bible.

2. I believe that God has given us the infallible Scripture by divine inspiration in the original Greek and Hebrew writings, and that God by divine preservation has preserved that in the Hebrew Masoretic Old Testament and the Greek Received Text New Testament underlying the KJV Bible and other Reformation Bibles, and that the KJV Bible is an accurate translation of the pure Words of God in the English language.

3. I believe that the Hebrew Masoretic Old Testament and Greek Received Text New Testament when translated properly into any language is the preserved Word of God in that language, whether it is Chinese, Korean, or a Phillippine dialect.

4. I believe that the KJV Parallel Ilocano English (P.I.E.) Bible is intended for the use of those "whosoever will" draw near and love God particularly to those Philippine Ilocano dialect speaking people, and that permission is hereby granted to those "whosoever will" to make copies of it, and that permission is also granted to those "whosoever will" to publish it as long as it is published with my consent and without any modification.

5. I believe that anyone is welcome to make comments, suggestions, improvements, modifications, and that you can contact me with the information below.""--Phil Stringer   [Info only]

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