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Elohim - Jehovah - Jesus ( Jezus ) Christus is God.

Useful Resources
Alt. = Nederlanden

Hebrew O.T., Greek N.T.   English King James Bible.
Flemish Bible, French Bible, German Bible.

Bible ( Bijbel )
**File: Johannes / John (1750)   Web   [ CD ]
**File: Romeinen / Romans (1750)   Web   [ CD ]

File: Bijbel / Bible (1750)   Web   [ CD ]   [ Title Page ]

*File: BIJBEL (Statenvertaling) (1618-1619)   [www.sdhs.co.uk]

[www.coas.nl/bijbel]--new as of 2016

**File: Dutch (Flemish) Bible History

Bible Studies ( Baptist = Doper )
**Book: Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

Book: Flemish & Dutch / The Pilgrim's Progress {LRB} (until 1847)   John Bunyan

Booklet: ULTIMATE QUESTIONS (1987, 1998)   J. Blanchard

Go to: Creation / Evolution Media--Dutch


Tracts ( Gospel = Evangelie )
*List: Chick Illustrated Tracts--Dutch   (JTC)

**List: Fellowship Tract League--Dutch   (FTL)

Tract: Title--Dutch / God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)
**Tract: God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ GSPS ]   [ Web ]

File: Title--Dutch / Are You 100% Sure That You Will Go To Heaven When You Die? (2016)   Hope Tracts
File: Title--Dutch / If There Is A God, Why Doesn't He Prove It? (2016)   Hope Tracts

[Dutch HFA, HKG]   (WMP)

**List: WITNESSING DVD: Dutch / THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (2010)   Chi. Pub. Pro.   [Info: Evangelical narration.]

**List: Christian Films

Web Media
**List: Elohim's Bijbel of All_h's Kor_n (~2016)   [Info only: o.k.]

Book: Dutch MARTYRS MIRROR OF THE DEFENSELESS CHRISTIANS (1660)   Compiled by T. J. Van Braght

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