Bible Dictionary: Nn.   1840

  • NO, [h] (stirring up, or forbidding), a
    famous city of Egypt, called No-Ammon,
    the city of Ammon.   Nahum, the pro-
    , calls it "populous No," Nah. 3:8;
    and it is believed to have been the
    ancient Thebes, the capital of Upper
    Egypt, celebrated for its magnitude and
    its hundred gates, by Herodotus.   It was
    called by the Greeks Diospolis, or the
    city of Jupiter: and it was the chief
    seat of Jupiter Ammon, the grandeur of
    whose worship is evident from the exist-
    ing magnificent ruins of the temples of
    Carnac and Luxor.
  • NOADI'AH, [h] (witness, or ornament of
    the Lord
    ), a Levite, Ezra 8:33.
  • NOADIAH, a false prophetess, Neh. 6:
  • NO'AH, נח (repose or consolation): this
    faithful man of God, the eighth "preacher
    of righteousness,"
    2 Pet. 2:5, the most
    distinguished of the patriarchs, is re-
    garded as "the father of the new
    his personal character, his
    ministerial office, the miracle of his
    preservation in the deluge, and the
    covenant of safety and of fruitful sea-
    sons, which God made with him for
    future ages, demand our most devout
    consideration, Gen. 6. 7. 8. 9.   See
    ARK and FLOOD.
  • NOB, [h] (discourse or prophecy), a city
    of the Levites, famous for the barbarous
    massacre of the priests and their families,
    by order of king Saul, 1 Sam. 21. 22.
  • NOBLE, dignified or illustrious, as the
    head of an honourable family, Ezra 4:
    10; 1 Cor. 1:26: candid, Acts 17:11.
  • NOBLEMAN, a man of high rank, John
  • NOBLES, princes, Exod. 24:11: ru-
    lers, 1 Kings 21:8.
  • NOD, [h] (vagabond), a district of coun-
    try to which Cain withdrew after the
    murder of his brother Abel, Gen. 4:16.
  • NO'GAH, [h] (brightness or splendour), a
    son of David, 1 Chron. 3:7; 14:6.
  • NOISE, sound, Exod. 20:18; Ezra 3:
    13: outcry, Exod. 32:17.
  • NOISED, reported, Josh. 6:27; Acts
  • NOISOME, hurtful or offensive, Psal.
    91:3; Rev. 16:2.
  • NONE, no one, not any, Exod. 12:22.
  • NOON, mid-day, Gen. 43:[16].
  • NOONDAY, full daylight, Job 5:14.
  • NOONTIDE, mid-day, Jer. 20:16.
  • NOPH, [h] (honeycomb, or that drops),
    Memphis, a celebrated city of Middle
    Egypt, and the residence of the kings
    of Egypt until the time of the Ptolemies,
    who kept their royal palace at Alexan-
    .   Memphis was on the west bank
    of the Nile, about fifteen miles from
    which, on the north-east, is Grand Cairo.
    Near to Noph stood the famous pyra-
    mids, whose prodigious magnitude has
    excited the astonishment of all ages.
    Noph was the residence of the ox Apis,
    the brute-divinity of the Egyptians; and
    on account of their abominations in
    idolatry, impurity, and cruelty, Divine
    vengeance overthrew their temples, and
    brought their glory to desolation, Isa.
    19:13; Jer. 44:1; 46:14; Ezek. 30:
  • NORTH, the point opposite to the
    south, Gen. 28:14.   Relatively to the
    situation of Judea, Babylon and Syria
    lay north, Dan. 11:13-15; Jer. 3:12, and
    Egypt lay south, Gen. 12:9-11.
  • NORTHERN, from the north, Joel 2:20.
  • NORTHWARD, toward the north, Deut.
    • NORWEGIAN BIBLE, Norsk.   List: Ministry.
  • NOSE, the organ of smelling, Psal. 115:
    6.   Rings being put in the noses of oxen
    or camels for the purpose of a bridle,
    the king of Assyria was threatened to
    be so restrained, 2 Kings 19:28.
  • NOSE-JEWELS, golden rings hung from
    the nose (a custom still common in the
    East), Isa. 3:21.   The proverb alludes
    to this practice, Prov. 10:22.
  • NOSTRILS, the cavities of the nose by
    which an animal breathes, Gen. 2:7;
    Job 4:9.
  • NOTABLE, conspicuous, Dan. 8:5:
    remarkable, Acts 2:20: notorious or
    infamous, Matt. 27:16.
  • NOTE, high esteem, Rom. 16:7.
  • NOTE, to mark, Isa. 30:8; 2 Thess.
  • NOTHING, not anything, Num. 16:26:
    of no use, Matt. 5:13: no advantage or
    profit, Luke 6:35: no new authority or
    wisdom, Gal. 2:6: of no honour or real
    consequence, 6:3: false or groundless,
    Acts 21:24: absolute vanity, as an idol,
    1 Cor. 8:4.
  • NOTWITHSTANDING, nevertheless,
    Exod. 16:20.
  • NOVICE, one unacquainted with his
    duty, 1 Tim. 3:6.
  • NOURISH, to feed or support, Gen.
    45:11: to contribute to growth, Isa.
  • NOURISHED, maintained, Gen. 47:
    12: fed and preserved, Acts 7:20: sup-
    ported and educated, ver. 21: benefited,
    as by trade, 12:20.
  • NOURISHER, a supporter or comforter,
    Ruth 4:15.
  • NOURISHMENT, natural support, Col.
  • NOW, the present season, Exod. 9:18;
    Rom. 13:11.
  • NUMBER, the amount counted, Num.
    1:2; John 6:10.
  • NUMBER, to count, Num. 1:3, 49: to
    consider seriously, Psal. 90:12.
  • NUMBERED, did number or count,
    Num. 4:45.
  • NUMBERED, counted, Gen. 13:16;
    Matt. 10:30.
  • NUMBERING, counting, reckoning,
    Gen. 41:49.
  • NUMBER OF THE BEAST: this is de-
    clared to be "the number of a man[,]"
    which is "Six hundred threescore and
    manifestly the mystical description
    Antichrist.   Ancient and Protestant
    commentators explain it thus :--the let-
    ters in the Greek word Λατεινος (Lateinos),
    a title given to the pope of Rome, form
    the numerals of 666, and this added to
    70, the year of the destruction of Jeru-
    salem, makes 736, the period at which
    the papal hierarchy attained its matu-
    rity, the pope being then made a tempo-
    ral prince, or, in the language of John, a
    beast, Rev. 13:1-18.
    • NUMBER OF THE BEAST.   Tract.
  • NUMBERS, BOOK OF: this book derives
    its name from its relating the registering
    Israelites in their journeyings and
    encampments in the wilderness, during
    the period of about thirty-nine years:
    the records of this book are remarkable,
    illustrating the providence of God mira-
    displayed in favour of the Isra-
    elites.   List: Commentary.
  • NUN, [h] (son or posterity), the father of
    Joshua, who succeeded Moses as the
    leader of Israel, Num. 13:16; Josh.
  • NURSE, a woman who suckles or takes
    care of a child, Exod. 2:7.
  • NURSED, taken care of, as a child,
    Exod. 2:9.
  • NURSING, tenderly supporting, Num.
  • NURSING FATHERS and nursing mo-
    thers, as members and supporters of the
    Christian church, are to include pious
    kings and queens in the latter days of
    the Messiah, Isa. 49:23.
  • NURTURE, education or instruction,
    Eph. 6:4.
  • NUTS, hard fruits of certain trees, Gen.
  • NYM'PHAS, Νυμφας (spouse or bride-
    ), a Christian head of a family at
    Colosse, Col. 4:15.

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