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An Edinburgh Physician

DR. W. T. P. WOLSTON, the well-known physician,
        evangelist, and author, who resided in Edinburgh
for over forty years, was brought up in Devonshire and
was blessed with Christian parents.   But till he was
twenty years of age he was a thorough worlding, doing
his utmost to banish from his mind thoughts of God and
   He went from Brixham to London with the object of
studying law; and there at the age of twenty, through
the preaching of Richard Weaver, the converted collier,
he was awakened to concern about his soul, and impres-
sions were deepened on the following Sunday through an
address by Charles Stanley, author of the well-known
"C.S." tracts.
   On remaining for conversation, he was spoken to by
T. B. Miller, who asked him if he were a Christian.   "No,
I am not, and cannot profess to be what I am not,"
the candid reply.   "Do you want to be a Christian?"

"Yes, I should like very much to be one."   "And how are
you to become a Christian?"
  "I suppose by believing on
the Lord Jesus Christ."
  "Yes, there is no other way.
Do you believe on Him?"
  "Yes, of course.   We all
  "What do you believe?"   And after a pause he
replied: "I believe that Christ Jesus came into the world
to save sinners
  "Quite true; and are you a sinner?"
"Oh, yes! I know that I am a sinner."   "And did He come
to save you?"
  "I hope so."   "You hope so!   And has
He saved you?"
  "Oh, no!"   "And why not?"   "Because
I do not feel saved."

   And so the questioning went on, until Mr. Miller said
to the anxious inquirer: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
and thou shalt be saved
[.]"   "What! only believe?"
"Yes, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be
  "But," said the seeking soul, "I do not feel it."
"Man, never mind your feelings; fling them overboard
as useless.   If you trust in your feelings you will waken
up in Hell some day, and then you will know what your
feelings were worth.   You are not told to feel; you are told
to believe.   You must take God at His Word."

   Satan whispered in the ear of the seeking one: "Stop!
Do not be in a hurry.   Do not decide to-night.   You know
you have a number of things to attend to in Devon.   You
have to sing at that concert; you have got your new
comic songs, and have been practicing them some time.
And besides, you have promised the conductor to be there.
If you become a Christian you cannot sing those songs!
Then you have that dinner party and ball, and you are
engaged seven deep in Christmas week.   Put it off for a
fortnight.   Go and fulfil your engagements and then
come back to London and become a Christian."
Satan wound up his diabolical advice by quoting Scrip-
: "No man can serve two masters" (Matt. 6. 24).
   But that word settled Walter Wolston, who said to
Satan: "You are right.   You have been a bad master,
and I will serve you no longer.   Henceforth, Christ for
  Mr. Miller again quoted Acts 16. 31: "Believe on
the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved
[.]"   "Have
I only just to believe that Jesus died for me on the Cross,
bearing my sins, and if I believe I am saved?   Could I
believe in Him still feeling nothing?   Lord, I believe,"

sprang from his heart and from his lips, and in his own
words: "I was saved on the spot."   At once he confessed
Christ to his friends and relations, and continued to serve
the Master to the ripe age of seventy-six.

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