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A Godless German Infidel

DR. F. W. BAEDEKER, who traversed thousands of
        miles visiting prisons in Russia, was a German by
birth, but as a young man he came over to England, where
he earned his living as a teacher of modern languages and
science.   At this time he was, to use his own expression,
"a Godless German infidel."   He was not a strong man,
and having lost one lung, he was advised to take a voyage
to Australia, but could not settle there, for he left alone
and friendless, and it was not long before he returned to
England, but without his strength established as he had
hoped.   He settled down in Weston-super-Mare, and
married a widow lady residing at that place.   Their lives
were thoroughly worldly, and given up to the passing
pleasures of the scene around them.   But God's purpose
of mercy towards Dr. Baedeker were now to be accom-
   In the year 1868, Lord Radstock, who was much used
of God in the preaching of the Gospel, came to Weston-
super-Mare to hold special services.   His name drew large
numbers, especially of the upper classes, to hear him; and
many of these were brought to the knowledge of them-
selves as sinners in God's sight, and of their need
of a Saviour, and were led to the Lord Jesus Christ,
who alone can save.   A friend invited Dr. Baedeker
to go and hear the noble preacher who was making such
a stir in the place, and after some pressure the doctor
at last yielded.   He therefore went, but came away
   The Spirit of God, however, was at work in his soul, and
somehow he could not keep away from the meetings.   At
the close of one of the services, Dr. Baedeker was making
his way to the door, having no desire to be tackled about
his spiritual state.   But before he could get down the
aisle, Lord Radstock touched him upon the shoulder with
the words: "My man, God has a message for you to- night."
He was prevailed upon to go into an inner room, and very
soon the two men were down on their knees.   And the
Spirit of God who had been bringing conviction of
sin to bear upon his soul, now let the light of the

glorious Gospel shine into his heart, and the "Godless
German infidel"
became a humble disciple of the Lord
Jesus Christ.
   For forty years Dr. Baedeker found his delight in telling
out the glad tidings of salvation, not only in Britain, but
also on the continent of Europe, and chiefly in Russia.
He travelled through Siberia, the Caucasus district, and
the borders of the Caspian Sea, as well as Central and
Southern Europe, carrying the good news of God's love to
needy perishing sinners, telling them of a full and free
salvation through the finished work of His Son, the Lord
Jesus Christ.

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