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[Elohim] - Geova - Jesus ( Gesù ) Christ ( Cristo ) è God ( Dio ).

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Hebrew O.T., Greek N.T.   English King James Bible.
French Bible, Frioulan Bible, Latin Bible, Sardinian Bible.

Bible ( Bibbia )
**File: Giovanni / John (1576-1649)   BPS
**File: Romani / Romans (1576-1649)   BPS

*printed Booklet: John & Romans (1576-1649)   BPS, OH
**printed Book: N.T. (1576-1649)   BPS   [ Title Page ]

Bible portions (BPS)   Ref: OH

**List: Italian Diodati Bibbia (1649) w/ King James Bible (1769)   OLB

*File: LA SACRA BIBBIA (Giovanni Diodati) (1649)   []

**File: Italian Bible History
**File: Italian--Other Bible History

Bible Studies ( Baptist = Battista )
**Book: Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM

Book: Italian / The Pilgrim's Progress {LRB} (until 1847)   John Bunyan

Book: Italian (1964) / BIBLE HANDBOOK   An Abbreviated Bible Commentary (1927, 1957)   Henry H. Halley

*Booklet: DOMANDE DI FONDO / ULTIMATE QUESTIONS (1987, 1989)   J. Blanchard, EP

Book: Italian / THE BLOOD OF JESUS   (William Reid, ~1861)

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Tracts ( Gospel = l’Evangelo )
*Tract: ...faccio tutto il mio possibile!--Italian / ...The Best I Can   (BTI)

*List: Chick Illustrated Tracts--Italian   (JTC)

*List: Fellowship Tract League--Italian   (FTL)

*File: Il semplice piano di Dio per la salvezza dell'umanità / God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)
**Tract: God's Simple Plan of Salvation   (LI)   [ GSPS ]   [ Web ]

File: Title--Italian / Are You 100% Sure That You Will Go To Heaven When You Die? (2016)   Hope Tracts


[Italian HFA, POG]

**List: WITNESSING DVD: Italian / THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (2010)   Chi. Pub. Pro.   [Info: Evangelical narration.]

**List: Christian Films

DVD: Italian / A Question of Origins (2004)   Ref: ICR catalog 2006- 2007

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