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"Testamentitãk terssa Nálegauta annaursirsivta Iesusib Kristusib, ajokaersugeisalo, sullirseit okausello. The New Testament Tr. into the Greenland language by the mies. of the Unitas fratrum or United brethren. (Budisime, Printed by E. Monse, 1851)"   [Info only]


(New Testament) Testamentitãk Terssa: Nálegauta Annaursirsivta Iesusib Kristusib,
   ajokaersugeisalo, sullirseit Okauseello. Translated into the Greenland Language
   by the Mies. of the Unitas Fratrum; or, United Brethren.
   London, British and Foreign Bible Society, 1822.
   587p.   22cm.
   NUC 55:NBi 0045317. 5"
  [Info only: f03.pdf]

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