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"As with Latin, little critical interest was taken in the text of the
early Greek Bibles.   Although Erasmus claims to have sought the
most authentic readings for his version, it is generally accepted
that he used texts which were readily at hand
, and even resorted
to translating ‘backward’ from the Vulgate when his source texts
were incomplete.   The ‘Pre-Critical Period’, as Dr. Bruce M.
calls it, is typified by a [providential] championing of the
Beza text, which came to be known by the [very accurate]
epithet of the ‘Textus Receptus’ (‘received text’)
.   (See under dates
1565 and 1624 [link].)   Although it became scholarly practice to
collect and document variant readings - culminating in the
monumental list of 30,000 compiled by John Mill - few, indeed,
were the editors who dared depart from the Textus Receptus.
It was not until Johann Griesbach ventured to publish his own
that scholars began the active critical reappraisal

of the text which has continued vigorously ever since.   The
search for fresh evidence continues, although it is not every
day the a Codex Sinaiticus appears to a Tischendorf; textual
critics are busy grouping and studying the approximately
5,000 Greek Biblical manuscripts which have already come to
light.   Thus we sense the trail leading back, back, toward the
ideal, but [reachable], goal of the original texts, as set down by
the Evangelists and Apostles."
--1000 Tongues, 1972 {CHM note: adapted.}   [Info only:
Erasmus had his own Latin translation of the NT at or before 1516.]

       "First publication, the Psalter from the Septuagint in 1481
    at Milan by Bonus Accursius; edited by Johannes Crastonus.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

       "First printed New Testament, in the Complutensian Polyglot, printed
    1514, published 1517.   ....
    First published edition of the entire
    Septuagint version of the Old Testament, Alcala, 1517, in the Com-
    plutensian Polyglot.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only:
    Cardinal Ximenes' Greek NT text.]

"1522 Bible Alcala
The Complutensian Polyglot, the Greek section of which was edited
by Diego L. de Zuñiga, Fernando N. de Guzman, and Demetrios
Ducas.   The O.T. section was completed in 1517, but not published
till 1522.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1629-1645 Bible Vitré, Paris
The Paris Polyglot, edited by Cardinal du Perron and Guy M. le Jay.
Follows the texts of previous polyglots.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1894 [o]ld [t]estament Cambridge
Edited by H. B. Swete.   This is the text of the Codex Vaticanus, with
an apparatus of variant readings from other Mss.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
corrupt Codex Vaticanus (B).]

"1906-1940 Old Testament Cambridge
Edited by A. E. Brooke and N. McLean, with an extensive critical
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

ANCIENT GREEK   Septuagint, Rahlfs, 1935--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1935" Deuteronomy 6:12-18 CT.]

"1935 [o]ld [t]estament Stuttgart
Edited by A. Rahlfs; a critical text based on the Codices Vaticanus,
Sinaiticus, and Alexandrinus.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

London Polyglot, edited by Walton (1657), the Greek text (Stephanus, 1550) w/ a Latin interlinear translation, p. 309;
He added to the Greek text the readings of codex A, p. 294.--H. S. Miller

"1707 New Testament Oxford
Edited by John Mill, with remarkably extensive apparatus, and based
on the Stephanus text.   In 1710 L. Kuster published an edition

(Amsterdam) with even further expanded apparatus."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
"Stephanus (1550)", etc.--HSM, pp. 294-295.]

"1734 New Testament G. Cotta, Tübingen
Edited by Johannes Albrecht Bengel, with variant readings graded
according to their value.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
"He used mainly the Textus Receptus"--HSM, p. 295.   "chiliastic" theologian.]

"1777 New Testament J. Curt, Halle
Edited by J. J. Griesbach.   An independent text, based on analysis of
Mss. into Western, Alexandrian, and Byzantine recensions.   Adopted
by the Serampore missionaries as the basis for their versions.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
1805 Mark 1:2, Acts 8:37, 1 Timothy 3:16, 1 John 5:7 all incorrect; See G. R. Berry.
"challenged the text of the Received Text,
although making some allowance for this text"
--HSM, p. 296.]

       "manuscript of the [n]. [t].:
    Codex Alexandrinus:
    by John Nichols, London, 1786; edited by Karl Gottfried Woide; by
    the British Museum, 1878.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: Byzantine (Gospels); CT (Remainder).]

"1841 New Testament Leipzig
Edited by L. F. K. Tischendorf, following the Textus Receptus.   The
8th edition
(1872) contained the fullest critical apparatus to appear in
the 19th century.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
1865-1872 Mark 1:2, Acts 8:37, 1 Timothy 3:16, 1 John 5:7 all incorrect; See G. R. Berry.]

    "Constantin Tischendorf’s "Seventh Large Critical Edition"
    in 1859
    (A. Winter: Leipzig), and his "Eighth Critical Edition"
    in 1864-72
    (Giesecke & Devrient, Leipzig);"
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only:
    Found, 1859, the Codex Sinaiticus.]

       "manuscript of the [n]. [t].:
    Codex Sinaiticus: at the expense of Czar Alexander II, St. Petersburg,

    (Leipzig printed), 1862, 4 volumes, facsimile."
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only:
    corrupt Codex Sinaiticus (Aleph).
    Mark 1:2, Acts 8:37, 1 Timothy 3:16, 1 John 5:7 all incorrect; See D. A. Waite.]

"Bible: A full collation of the Codex sinaiticus with the received text of the New Testament: to which is prefixed a critical introd. by Frederick H. Scrivener ... (Cambridge, Deighton, Bell & co.; London, Bell & Daldy, 1864)"   [Info only]

"1879 New Testament (with Latin)   Bagster, London
Edited by Samuel P. Tregelles; based on early uncial Mss."
-- 1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
1857-1872 Mark 1:2, Acts 8:37, 1 Timothy 3:16, 1 John 5:7 all incorrect; See G. R. Berry.
"He ignored the Received Text"--HSM, p. 299.]

    "the edition of Brooke
    Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort of 1881
    (Macmillan &
    Co., Cambridge
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

ANCIENT GREEK   Westcott and Hort, 1885--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1893" John 3:8-21 CT.]

"1881 [n]ew [t]estament Cambridge
Edited by B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort.   They distinguished a

[Radical] Neutral’ New Testament text among the types current before the
ecclesiastical recensions.   This they edited, with a slight apparatus, and
with an introduction describing their critical method with
corruption] and [unsoundness].   This assured the triumph of their text over the
medieval standard text
(Textus Receptus), and laid the basis for all
subsequent critical editions.
--1000 Tongues, 1972 {CHM note: adapted.}   [Info only:
There were unbelieving hereticks involved with this corrupt Greek NT.]

"1881 New Testament Cambridge
An edition prepared by F. H. A. Scrivener; a reconstruction of the
Greek text used by the English Revised Version Translation Com-
mittee.   A similar edition was prepared by Edwin Palmer at Oxford.
In 1910 Alexander Souter edited the Palmer text with a select critical
apparatus.   An edition with a revised apparatus appeared in 1947.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
FHAS was a conservative researcher.   He was largely ignored by liberals W&H.]

       "manuscript of the [n]. [t].:
    Codex Vaticanus: Vatican Press,
    Rome, 1889-90; a photographic facsimile, ed. by Giuseppe Cozza- Luzi.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: corrupt Codex Vaticanus (B).
    Mark 1:2, Acts 8:37, 1 John 5:7 all incorrect; See D. A. Waite.]

"The Englishman's Greek New Testament : giving the Greek text of Stephens 1550, with the various readings of the editions of Elzevir 1624, Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, and Wordsworth; together with an interlinear literal translation, and the authorised version of 1611. (London : S. Bagster and Sons, [1896])"   [Info only]

    "and Eberhard Nestle’s edition of 1898 (Privilegierte
    Württembergische Bibelanstalt, Stuttgart
    ) and later.
       CP: BFBS.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

ANCIENT GREEK   Nestle, 4th edition--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: "1904; 1928 print" John 3:16-21 CT.]

"1898 [n]ew [t]estament Württemberg BS, Stuttgart
Edited by Eberhard Nestle.   Sometimes known as the Stuttgart Text; a
majority text based on the Westcott-Hort, Tischendorf, and Weymouth
texts, it became and remained a standard for scholarly used.   The 3rd
(1901) included Weiss’ readings instead of Weymouth’s; the
13th edition
(1927) saw a recasting of the apparatus, which has been
constantly revised to report new Ms. discoveries, especially papyri.

(25th edition, 1963.)"
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: corrupt Greek NT.
NESTLE TEXT   "1952" Mark 1:2 incorrect (Isaiah prophet).]

"1900 [n]ew [t]estament Hinrichs, Leipzig
Edited by Bernard Weiss.   Favors the Codex Vaticanus."
-- 1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
corrupt Codex Vaticanus (B).]

"1913 [n]ew [t]estament Berlin
Edited by Hermann von Soden.   An independent text with a full
critical apparatus.   Part 1
(1911, in 3 volumes) reports the date,
method, and analyses underlying the text of the edition.   A smaller
edition with condensed apparatus was also published.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
HVS "belongs to the liberal Ritschlian school" of German heresy.]

"1933 [n]ew [t]estament (with Latin)   Rome
Edited by Augustin Merk, with an apparatus based on von Soden’s
analysis of witnesses, augmented with fresh evidence.   Later editions by
Stanislas Lyonnet
(1951), J. P. Smith (1957), and C. M. Martini
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: CT.
C. M. Martini, a Jesuit priest.]

"1933-1940 [m]ark   [m]atthew   Oxford
Edited by S. C. E. Legg.   Westcott-Hort text with an extensive
apparatus of variants from early Mss., patristic quotations, and
previous editions.   Luke was prepared but not published.
-- 1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:

"1943 [n]ew [t]estament (with Latin)   Madrid
Edited by Joseph M. Bover.   Eclectic text with select apparatus, includ-
ing modern critical editions.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
BOVER TEXT   "1959" Mark 1:2 incorrect (Isaiah prophet).]

"1966 [n]ew [t]estament ABS, BFBS, National BS of Scotland,
Netherlands BS, WBS
Edited by an international committee, consisting of Kurt Aland,
Matthew Black, Bruce M. Metzger, and Allen Wikgren.   The
distinctive purpose of this edition was to produce a critical apparatus,
restricted in the main to variant readings significant for translators.
The apparatus includes an indication of the relative degree of certainty
for each variant.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: corrupt UBS Greek NT.   See DWC.
BIBLE SOCIETIES’ TRANSLATORS’ TEXT   "1966" Mark 1:2 incorrect (Isaiah prophet).
K. Aland, a Lutheran & anti-TR;
B. Metzger, English RSV & anti-TR.]