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God Wrote
Only ONE Bible

Wherein We Find That Our Sovereign God
Has Kept His Holy Word Pure And
Free From The Vicious Attempts
Of Apostate "Scholars" To
Defile And Destroy It.

By David Otis Fuller, D. D.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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   Over a number of months past we have been care-
fully comparing and checking, verse by verse, the
modernistic Revised Standard Version with the King
James Version
of our Bible.   We have noted by writing
in the margin of the pages of the RSV, over 1100 (1138
to be exact), for the most part, deliberate mistransla-
tions, deletions, perversions in the RSV.
   The "editors?" of the RSV do not understand the
simple English let alone the Hebrew or the Greek!
Several illustrations from many will suffice.   The RSV in
Mark 4:19 reads "And the delight in riches" while in
the KJV it reads "the deceitfulness of riches".   Any ten
year old child could tell you the difference between
"delight" and "deceitfulness"!
   (The "translators" of the Old Testament evince more
venomous hate for God's Word in their abortive mis-
translations than those of the New Testament.   They
prove themselves to be more brazen and arrogant in
changing meanings and prophecies to suit their
depraved minds.   The difference in the number of
distortions is 715 in the Old Testament as over against
423 in the New Testament).
   The RSV in Luke 12:25 reads "and which of you
being anxious can add a cubit to his span of life?"
in the KJV it reads "And which of you with taking
thought can add to his stature one cubit?"
  Is there one
person now reading these lines so ignorant, so bereft of
just ordinary intelligence, who does not know the
difference between "span" and "stature"?   (This
marked RSV "bible" with its 1138 deliberate
mistranslations, deletions and perversions, may be
seen by anyone upon appointment, in the pastor's
study, but not to be borrowed or removed).
   We make no pretense at great scholarship by any
means, but it has been our privilege to study both
Hebrew and Greek under two of the greatest scholars in
this country or abroad, J. Gresham Machen and Robert
Dick Wilson, formerly of Princeton Seminary.   Dr.
Wilson in silencing one modernistic critic for good, read
through 100,000 different manuscripts in many lan-
(he knew and could speak 45 different
languages) in order to prove this critic wrong in his
contention our Bible was in error at this point.
   (The languages Dr. Wilson used in this particular
expose of the higher critics included Aramaic,
Babylonian, Chaldee, Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew,
Greek, Latin, etc.).
   Dr. Machen has written the most scholarly work ever
produced by any one on "The Virgin Birth of
nearly 400 pages, holding up to the light of
truth every argument advanced against the miraculous
birth of our Lord.   No one has ever answered this, and
never will; it is unanswerable.
   We have already called to your attention the
blasphemous "Interpreter's Bible" of 12 volumes,
10,000 pages, and 8,000,000 words, termed by one well
known Christian scholar as "the greatest attack upon

the Scriptures since the days of the Caesars".   Twelve
of the editors of the RSV are editors of this Interpreter's
Bible which abounds on page after page with refer-
ences to things in the Bible as "myth", "fable",
"tradition", "fancy", "legend", etc.
   You and I need an Anchor for our souls.   The storm in
its fury is breaking fast.   We need a Road Map, a Light
for our way.   The road ahead is black midnight without
it.   Do not be alarmed at these malicious attacks by men
whose minds are mastered by insensate hatred for God
and His Holy Word.   A dollar bill found counterfeit by
you wouldn't cause you to lose faith in all treasury
   Whether it be a counterfeit RSV or a spurious
Goodspeed Bible (which translates Isa. 1:18 as follows,
"Come, Let us reason together saith the Lord, Tho your
sins be like scarlet, shall they be white as snow? tho
they be red like crimson, shall they become as wool?"
or the vicious abortive "translation" of the Jehovah's
, you may be sure our Sovereign God will
keep His Word pure and clean and safe from the dirty
fingers of those who take counsel together against the
Lord and against His Christ ("He that sitteth in the
heavens shall laugh"
   The heading of this article, "GOD WROTE ONLY
has been taken from a fascinating, factu-
al book bearing this title.   It has been written and com-
piled by John Jasper Ray of Junction City, Oregon.   Its
cost is $       and may be obtained from Tabernacle
Baptist Church, at the address found at the end of this
tract.   In this book we find an abundance of vital
information tabulated by the author after years of
intensive research.   If you desire your God-given faith
strengthened and established more firmly, we highly
recommend that you purchase this book but don't think
it will be easy reading, though anyone with average
mental equipment can grasp it.

   The following are a few of the salient facts as
recorded by Mr. Ray in his remarkable book.

   "A correlated historical summary of textual criticism
reveals that only two streams of Bibles have come to us.
These are the products of two separate systems.   First,
the true Christian Faith puts the Inspired Word of God
above everything else.   The other system puts
something above the Bible, or places human traditions
in a chair of equal authority with it.   At the Council of
, called by the Catholic Church in 1546 A.D., 53
prelates made a decree declaring that the Apocryphal
, together with unwritten tradition, are of God,
and are to be received and venerated as the Word of

   "Somewhere around the year 175 A.D. Tatian wrote
a harmony of the four Gospels which was called the
Diatessaron.   This was so notoriously corrupt that a
bishop of Syria was compelled to throw out of his

churches two hundred copies because church members
were taking it for the true Gospel."
  (This was one of the
many forerunners of our modern day counterfeit RSV.)
   "An indication that Arianism (the denial of Christ's
Deity) is with us today is to be found in the footnote of
the ASV (American Standard Version) at John 9:38.   In
verse 35 the Lord Jesus asks the man born blind if he
believes on the Son of God.   In verse 38 he replies,
"Lord, I believe, and he worshipped Him".   In this
footnote the translators plainly reveal the fact that they
do not believe in the Deity of Christ but refer to Him as
a mere creature of Adam's race.   Turn to this in your
American Standard Version and see for yourself.
Referring to the word "worship" the note reads; 'The
Greek word denotes an act of reverence, whether paid
to a creature (AS HERE) or to the creator.'
this when you hear Bible teachers say; 'This is the best
  (And the ASV was published some 50 years
before the RSV!)
   "A version is that which is translated, or rendered
from one language to another.   The Textus Receptus is
NOT a version.   It is composed of basic manuscript
copies from which the King James Version was made.
The Greek text of Westcott and Hort changed the
reading of the Textus Receptus in 5,337 places.   The
Revision of 1881, the American Standard Version of
1901, and the Revised Standard Version Bibles, are in
no true sense
a revision of the King James of 1611.   If
they were, they would follow the same Greek text, the
Textus Receptus, and thus would contain the same

   "Textus Receptus is the Latin for the Received Text.
This is the Greek manuscript used as a basis for the
translation of the King James Bible in 1611.   However,
this collection of canonical manuscripts, written in the
Greek language, did not receive the name 'Textus
Receptus' until the days of the Elziver brothers in 1633.
In the preface of their Greek New Testament they
printed the following words translated into English,
'Therefore thou hast the text (textum) now received
(receptum) by all, in which we give nothing altered or

   "A number of textual authorities state that the Bible
of the Syrian Church, the Peshitta, was translated from
the Greek Vulgate into Syrian about 150 A.D. ... This
Peshitta version is admired by Syriac scholars as a
careful, faithful, simple, direct, literal version, clear
and forceful in style.   These characteristics have given it
the title 'The Queen of the Versions'."

   Antioch was the capital of Syria where the early
believers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26).   In a
few years the Syrian believers could be numbered by
the thousands.   Their Bible, the Peshitta, even today
generally follows the Received Text (Textus Receptus).
This is another proof that the foundation for the King
James Bible
is older and more reliable than the Codex
which was elevated to the chair of authority

by Westcott and Hort.
   Dr. Nolan, who acquired fame for his Greek and Latin
scholarship, spent 28 years in tracing the Received Text
(Textus Receptus) back to its apostolic origin.   His
searching led him to investigate the Bible texts of the
Waldenses who were the lineal descendants of the Italic
Church.   This being done, Dr. Nolan says, "It has
supplied me with the unequivocal testimony of a truly
apostolic branch of the primitive church."
  This means
that the Textus Receptus, the basis for the King James
, has been proven to be in harmony with
translations which go back to the second century
.   It is
important to note here that the Sinaitic and Vatican
MSS were not brought into existence for many years
following the Textus Receptus, when Eusebius copied
them for Constantine.
   On July 22, 1604, King James of England announced
that he had appointed 54 Hebrew and Greek scholars to
produce a Bible, which we know today as the King
, or Authorized version.   These men were
organized into six groups which were to meet
separately.   Two groups met at Cambridge, two at
Oxford, and two at Westminster.   Each group was
designated a certain portion of Scripture to translate
into the English language.
   Each scholar first made his own translation, then
passed it on to be reviewed by each other member of his
group.   When each section had completed a book of the
Bible, it was sent to the other five groups for their
independent criticism.   In this way each book went thru
the hands of the entire body of translators
   With the revisers of 1881 (the Revised Version) all
was different!
  The Old Testament committee met
together secretly as one body for ten years.   The New
Testament Committee did the same.   All was done in
.   We wonder why?   The unpublished new Greek
Text of Westcott and Hort, upon which they had been
working for twenty years was, portion by portion,
secretly committed into the hands of the Revision
   Similar tactics were used in bringing before the public
the RSV (Revised Standard Version) on September 30,
1952.   Pastors had no opportunity to review the new
Bible, yet they were asked to open their churches for a
tremendous advertising campaign!
  "Things equal to
the same thing are equal to each other!"

   Figures following the Bible versions named below
indicate the number of Scripture portions changed from
the reading of the Textus Receptus out of 162

   Revised Standard Version - 158 out of 162
   Nestle's Greek Text - 155 out of 162
   Goodspeed's New Testament - 154 out of 162
   Westcott & Hort's Greek - 151 out of 162
   Tischendorf's New Testament - 150 out of 162

   New English New Testament - 150 out of 162
   Williams' New Testament - 149 out of 162
   Berkeley Version N.T. - 148 out of 162
   New American Standard - 147 out of 162
   New World Translation - 145 out of 162
   Good News For Modern Man - 144 out of 162
   Moffatt's New Testament - 144 out of 162
   Wuest's Expanded N. T. - 142 out of 162
   Twentieth Century N. T. - 142 out of 162
   Weymouth's New Testament - 138 out of 162
   Amplified New Testament - 136 out of 162
   Alford's Greek N. T. - 134 out of 162
   Revised Version of 1881 - 135 out of 162
   American Standard Version - 135 out of 162
   Diaglot New Testament - 128 out of 162
   Lachmann's New Testament - 121 out of 162
   Philip's New Testament - 117 out of 162
   Living N.T. Paraphrased - 114 out of 162
   Confraternity New Testament - 90 out of 162
   Douay Version N. T. - 75 out of 162
   Griesbach's Greek N. T. - 61 out of 162
   Wordsworth's Greek N. T. - 47 out of 162
   Norlie's Simplified N. T. - 41 out of 162
   John Wesley's N. T. - 38 out of 162
   Martin Luther's German N. T. ....   0 out of 162
   Textus Receptus Greek N. T. .....   0 out of 162
   King James New Testament ......   0 out of 162

   We could give you no better advice; keep to the King
James Version
for your authority.
  Accept the work of
Godly, consecrated, Bible-believing men who were
scholars, in preference to the modernists of our day
who claim the highest scholarship and yet who have
demonstrated their inability to understand the simple
English, let alone Hebrew or Greek!

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