Bible Dictionary: Q.   1840

  1. QUAIL, a bird resembling and about
    the size of a small partridge, which
    breeds prodigiously on the shores of the
    Red sea.   God gave miraculous supplies
    of quails to the Israelites, on two occa-
    sions: once at Sin, about a month after
    their leaving Egypt, Exod. 16:13; and
    again, the next year at Kibroth, Num.
    11:4, 18, 31.   The season of the miracles
    was the spring, when the quails pass
    from Asia to Europe; and the miracles
    consisted in "a wind from the LORD"
    bringing them into the camp of Israel,
    and in such quantities as to supply the
    whole of the Israelites, probably more
    than a million of persons, for a month,
    Psal. 105:40.   Moses says the quails fell
    "as it were two cubits high upon the
    face of the earth[;]"
    by which is meant
    that they flew within about three feet of
    the ground, and were easily caught, "he
    that gathered least gathered ten homers[,]"

    seems to denote that every head of a
    family collected so large a quantity as
    ten ass-loads, or homers.   "[T]hey spread
    them all abroad for themselves round
    about the camp[,]"
    is referred to the
    manner of their being dried in the sun
    when salted, as was the custom of the
    Arabs and Egyptians, Num. 11:31, 32.
  2. QUAKE, to tremble, Heb. 12:2; Matt.
  3. QUAKED, did quake or tremble, Exod.
  4. QUAKING, a trembling, Dan. 10:7; Ezek.
  5. QUANTITY, measure, size, or capacity,
    Isa. 22:24.
  6. QUARREL, an occasion of strife, 2
    Kings 5:7: a cause of revenge, Matt. 6:
    19: a sense of injury, Col. 3:13.
  7. QUARRIES, stone mines, Judg. 3:19.
  8. QUARTER, a fourth part, Jer. 49:36:
    a division of a city, Gen. 19:4; or of a
    country, Isa. 47:15; Mark 1:45.
  9. QUAR'TUS, Κουαρτος (the fourth), a Chris-
    tian of note at Corinth, Rom. 16:23.
  10. QUATERNION, four in company, as
    soldiers, Acts 12:4.
  11. QUEEN, the wife of a king, Neh. 2:6:
    a sovereign
    princess of a country, 1 Kings
    10:1; Acts 8:27: the mother of a king,
    a widow of a sovereign, Dan. 5:10: the
    faithful church of Christ, as devoted to
    her divine Lord, Psal. 45:9.
  12. QUEEN OF HEAVEN: a title applied to
    moon by ancient idolators, Jer. 44:
  13. QUEEN OF SHEBA, the sovereign prin-
    cess of the extreme south-east of
    in the reign of Solomon, 1 Kings 10:1- 13;
    Matt. 12:42.   See SHEBA.
  14. QUENCH, to put out fire, Isa. 1:31: to
    alleviate thirst, Psal. 104:11: to destroy
    the hope of a family, 2 Sam. 14:7; or
    of a nation, 21:17.   To "quench all the
    fiery darts of the wicked[,]"
    is to oppose
    temptation by a prayerful use of the
    word of God, Eph. 6:16.   To "quench
    the Spirit,"
    is to indulge an unholy tem-
    per, by which his gracious influences,
    likened to fire, are rendered useless, [1]
    Thess. 5:[19].
  15. QUENCHED, extinguished, as fire, Num.
    11:2: pacified, as anger, 2 Kings 22:7:
    alleviated, as anguish, Mark 9:43.
  16. QUESTION, an inquiry, 1 Kings 10:1-3;
    Mark 11:29; Luke 2:46: a subject of
    inquiry, John 3:25: a dispute, Acts
    18:15; 1 Tim. 1:4
  17. QUESTION, to make inquiry, Mark
  18. QUESTIONED, did make inquiry, Mark
    1:27; Luke 23:9.
  19. QUESTIONING, making inquiry by ques-
    tions, Mark 9:10.
  20. QUICK, alive or living, Acts 10:42; 1
    Pet. 4:5: excessively-growing diseased
    flesh, Lev. 13:10, 24: piercing, as the
    word of God, Heb. 4:12:
    intelligent, as a ready mind, Isa. 11:3:
    immediate, as a sudden visitation of God,
    Num. 16:30.
  21. QUICKEN, to give life, Rom. 8:11:
    to raise up from sickness, Psal. 71:20:
    to give spiritual life in regeneration,
    John 5:21: to excite to spiritual joy
    and peace, Psal. 130:18; John 6:63.
  22. QUICKENED, brought again to life, 1
    Pet. 3:18: regenerated, recovered to a
    life of holiness, Eph. 2:15: restored
    from a languishing state[,] Psal. 119:50.
  23. QUICKENING, life-giving, 1 Cor. 15:
  24. QUICKLY, immediately, Gen. 18:6:
    very soon, Exod. 32:8; Acts 22:18.
  25. QUICKSANDS, two dangerous sand-banks
    opposite Sicily, on the northern coast of
    Africa, Acts 27:17.
  26. QUIET, tranquillity or repose, as of a
    city, 2 Kings 11:20.
  27. QUIET, peaceful, free from commotion,
    as a country, Judg. 18:7: orderly, Acts
    19:36: inoffensive, Jer. 51:59: contented,
    1 Pet. 3:4.
  28. QUIETED, tranquillised or pacified,
    Zech. 6:8.
  29. QUIETLY, without alarm, 2 Sam. 3:27:
    patiently, Lam. 3:26.
  30. QUIETNESS, national peace, Judg. 8:
    28: domestic harmony, Prov. 17:1:
    contentedness, 2 Thess. 3:12.
  31. QUIT, exempted from a penalty, Exod.
    21:19; Josh. 2:20.
  32. QUIT, to behave, 1 Sam. 4:9; 1 Cor.
  33. QUITE, altogether, completely, Exod.
  34. QUIVER, a case for arrows, Gen. 27:
    3; Isa. 22:6: a habitation, as the abode
    of children, represented as arrows of a
    father, Psal. 127:5.
  35. QUIVERED, trembled, as the lips, being
    agitated, Hab. 3:16.

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