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An Irish Landlord

JOHN PARNELL, Second Lord Congleton, was born in
       1805, went to Bagdad as a my. in 1831.
   When attending college at Edinburgh, he spent many
of his evenings at balls and parties, but his heart was still
unsatisfied.   Again and again he tried to be "good," but
he learned that his resolutions were not strong enough to
hold him, and he found himself slipping back again and
again into his old ways.   After repeated failures to come
up to the standard of living he had made, he thought that
if he had the precepts of Christ constantly before his eyes,
he would be more likely to keep them.   With this object
in view, he cut out all the precepts and counsels he could
find in the New Testament, and put them on a board
placed on the mantelpiece.   But he soon learned the
difference between knowing the Lord's will and doing it.
   Still "doing his best" to merit God's favour, and almost
despairing of accomplishing it, a friend said to him one day
"If you want to find the knowledge of God, study the
Epistle to the Romans
; it is there the plan of salvation is
made known."
  This seemed to revive his hope, and he at
once, with the object of fully understanding the Apostle's
reasoning, began to copy out the Epistle.   He had got as
far as the eighth verse of the eighth chapter: "So then
they that are in the flesh cannot please God
  The thought
was suggested to his mind, "What is the use then of all
my efforts?   If a sinner cannot please God, how can I do
anything to gain acceptance with Him?"
  Then in a
moment the truth came before him: "No, I cannot please
God, but Jesus Christ can
.   He is the way.   He is the
perfect One, and this is what is meant by those words at
the end of every prayer, 'through Jesus Christ our Lord.'"

"Yes," said he, "God receives sinners for His sake, and

He will receive me."   There and then he saw that it was
what Christ had done that had satisfied the claims of
Jehovah, and through believing on Him who bore the
wrath and curse and shame, he was saved.
   He could not keep the good news to himself.   He
testified to friends and relatives of the value of the precious
Blood of Christ which cleanses from all sin.   On being
asked by one if he had not to "give up" much to become
a Christian, his reply was characteristic: "Give up!   No.
I gave up nothing.   I got all."
  For sixty years he was an
earnest and faithful follower of the Lord Jesus, and ceased
from his earthly labours on departing to be with Christ,
October 23, 1883.

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