King James A.V. 1611


   For some time we have printed stickers with the
same wording as the title for this article.
Apparently some do not understand what it
means, therefore they oppose the statement.
Others who are critics of the KJV will naturally be
offended by the printed message on the stickers.
We shall make no attempt to appease these
opponents, but we do want our readers to know
and understand what we believe about the KJV.
   Make no mistake about it, we believe that the
Bible is the verbally and plenarily inspired word
of God, and that it is infallible and inerrant in all
matters of which it speaks.   Of course we believe
that the original autographs were the inspired
word of God.   Since no one in the past ever had all
of the autographs at one time, and since no one in
the present even has one fragment of any of the
autographs, we must approach this subject from a
different angle.
[CHM: God has always had these autographs in His mind
and in Heaven.]

   If God has not preserved His word, as He
promised, then we do not have the infallible word
of God today.   And if we do not have it today, we
might as well fold our tents and steal away, for we
never will have it.   We firmly believe that God
preserved His word through the Masoretic
Hebrew text of the Old Testament and the Textus
Receptus Greek text of the New Testament.   We
firmly believe that the King James Version of the
English Bible is a true and faithful translation of
these two providentially preserved texts.
   The charge is often made that we believe in
double inspiration.   They mean by this, that we are
teaching that the King James translators were
inspired of God.   Nothing could be further from
the truth.   It is God's word that is inspired.   There
is no Scripture that teaches that even the prophets
or apostles were inspired.   It was the words that
they wrote which are contained in the Bible, that
are inspired of God.   God never promised to make
any men inspired, or to keep them inspired.   It is
His word which is inspired, and which He
promised to keep.
   To put it simply, we believe that the King
James Version is the inspired word of God, and
that is has been preserved for the English
speaking people, in the very form that God has
purposed.   We do not believe that it needs any
correction or changes.   It simply needs to be read,
preached, explained, and believed.
   The old confessions of faith testified to the
preservation of the word of God.   The Baptists
issued the Second London Confession of Faith in
1677 and it said: "The Old Testament in Hebrew
and the New Testament in Greek...being im-
mediately inspired by God, and by His singular
care and Providence kept pure in all Ages...."

Use The Bible God Uses
King James A.V. 1611

   We say "Use The Bible God Uses" the "King
James A.V. 1611,"
for the following reasons.

   1. God used the message of the KJV to save my
  If you are saved, it is very likely that He used
it in the salvation of your soul also.   Most of the
saved critics of the KJV were saved by hearing its
message.   If they will be honest, they will have to
admit this.   "Being born again, not of corruptible
seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God,
which liveth and abideth for ever."
  (I Peter 1:23)
The next two verses also clearly contains the
promise that God will preserve His word.   For over
300 years God has been using the KJV to save
multitudes of lost souls in the English speaking
   In fact we make bold to say, that if you removed
all the people in the English speaking world that
had been saved through the preaching and
teaching of the KJV, you would have very little
evidence of Christianity left.

   2. God has used the KJV for the growth and
maturing of the saints.
  The strongest and most
mature Christians that I have met, are the ones
that were nourished and fed from the KJV.   Even
many who have been misled into becoming critics
of the KJV, would have to admit that they learned
their doctrine and obtained their spiritual growth
through the study of the KJV.   In over 35 years in
the ministry, I have yet to meet one person who
was a strong Bible student, who learned his
doctrine from any other version.
   It is the Bible that can be and is memorized.
The multiplying of versions has greatly hindered
the memorizing of the word of God.   No other
Bible has been, nor will there ever be a Bible that
will be memorized, as has been the KJV.

   3. God has used the KJV to build the strongest
and best Bible believing Baptist churches for over
300 years.
  I am personally acquainted with
hundreds and hundreds of independent funda-
mental Baptist churches, and I do not know even
one of them that was built by preaching some
other version.   Look at the largest Baptist churches
in America, and you will find that they were all
built under the leadership of men who preached
the KJV.   Look at the best, and most conservative
of Southern Baptist churches and you will find
that they were built under the preaching of the
   Some of the great churches of America may
now be pastored by men who correct and criticize
the KJV, but they were not built by such

preaching.   These preachers went off to a preacher
factory, where they were told that the ASV,
, or some other corrupt translation was
better, and they foolishly believed what they were

   4. God has used the KJV to bring all the great
revivals among English speaking people for over
300 years.
  I do not know of a single great revival,
during this period, that came under the preaching
of any other version.   Of course I have seen the
false revivals that have come under such men as
Billy Graham, as he sometimes preached from
other versions.   A careful study might well reveal
that the downfall of Graham came about when he
began to recommend the Revised Standard
and other corrupted Bibles.

   5. God has used the KJV to challenge and call
vast numbers of missionaries during this time.
know of no other period in church history when as
many missionaries have been called and sent as
has taken place during the reign of the KJV.   Even
now, there are thousands of missionaries who
were challenged and called under the preaching
of the KJV.   At home and abroad, they are
faithfully trying to preach the word of God and
establish churches.   As the use of the KJV is
diminished, so will be the number of sound
missionaries who are called.

   6. God has used the KJV, because it exalts His
Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  All other versions
tend to play down His absolute deity.   Whether we
look at the Jehovah's Witnesses' corrupt New
World Translation
, or the RSV, ASV, NASV, TEV,
or NIV, we find that they all diminish in some way
Christ's standing in the Godhead.   Their mutila-
tion of I Tim. 3:16 alone, should cause the Bible
believer to completely reject them.   There is a
world of difference in the KJV's "God was
manifest in the flesh,"
and the NASV's "He who
was revealed in the flesh."
  The deletion of
"Lord" and "Christ" from so many places in the
modern versions should be sufficient for every
Bible believer to totally reject them.   There is no
other English version that exalts the Lord Jesus
Christ, as does the KJV.

   7. God has used the KJV because it is His
Word, which He has providentially watched over.

Even though the KJV only goes back to 1611,
nevertheless it is based upon the text and versions
which preceded it.   These texts and manuscripts
are the ones that Bible believers have used down
through the ages.   It is a known fact that 85% to
95% of all ancient manuscripts are in basic
agreement with the KJV, but not with the modern

   Consider God's promises to preserve His word.
(1) God's Word is settled forever. (Psa. 119:89)   (2)
Every word of God is pure. (Prov. 30:5,6; Psa.
19:7-11)   (3) The word of God shall stand forever.
(Isa. 40:8)   (4) Not one letter to pass away. (Matt.
5:17-18)   (5) The Scripture cannot be broken. (John
10:35)   (6) The word of God is incorruptible. (I Pet.
1:23-25)   (7) The words will not pass away. (Matt.
24:35; Luke 4:4; 16:17; 21:33)

   Those who would trace the text of the KJV only
back to Erasmus make a serious mistake.   While it
is true that Martin Luther chose the text of
Erasmus to translate his German Bible, it is not
true that this was the first Bible with the same
readings.   The Waldensians who first mistook
Luther for a friend, came down out of their
mountain strongholds to compare their Bible with
Luther's.   They found them to be the same.   This is
documented in "Which Bible" by David Otis
Fuller, and "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated"
by Benjamin G. Wilkinson.
   There are only two streams of texts and Bibles
coming down through the centuries.   (1) There is
the pure stream
that the KJV is based on, which is
the text of the Bible believers for the past 1900
years.   It is the text of the Waldensians,
Anabaptists, and the other ancestors of true
Baptists.   It was the text of Luther and the
Reformation.   (2) There is the polluted stream that
all the modern versions are based upon.   It is the
text of Origen, Constantine, Eusebius, the Roman
Catholic Church
, of Westcott & Hort, and all of
the apostates today.   I have never met a modernist
that said that the KJV was the best or the most
accurate.   They all prefer something else.
   None of the popular new versions are translated
from the Textus Receptus, and this includes the
New King James Version.   A careful reading of the
Preface will reveal that it is not based entirely on
the same texts that underly the King James
Version.   We do not recommend the New King
James Version
   The pure stream has produced and preserved
Christianity down through the ages.   Why?
Because the Bible says, "for thou has magnified
thy word above all thy name."
  (Psa. 138:2)   The
polluted stream has produced Roman Catholicism
and apostate Christendom today.   The polluted
stream of Bibles never has produced anything
that God would ever claim, and they never will.
While some who prefer them, still profess to
believe the fundamentals of the faith, be sure that
in the end they will produce apostasy.   The devil
does not want anyone to be able to say, "thus
saith the Lord."
  He wants people to say, "Yea,

hath God said?"   And that is just about what he
has the modern religious world saying.   Many are
constantly correcting the Bible, and people are so
confused that they do not know what the Lord did
   We have the Bible today and we are not looking
for it.   It needs no correcting, revising, or
criticism, it only needs to be read, believed,
taught, preached, and practiced until Jesus
   That is the reason why we say,

Use The Bible God Uses
King James A.V. 1611

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   Counterfeit or Genuine by Fuller
   The King James Version Defended by Edward
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   Our Authorized Bible Vindicated by Benjamin
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