Religion: Eastern

"And this is life eternal,
that they might know thee the only true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."
  John 17:3

*Paper: 10 Facts About the Isl_mic Religion (2014)   TT

**List: Abd-el-Maseeh   [Info only.]
*Paper: THE AGENDA OF ISL_M -- A WAR BETWEEN CIVILIZATIONS (n.d.)   Moshe Sharon   [Info only: o.k.]

**Book: The Bible and Isl_m (2015)   DWC

**List: Calverley, Edwin   [Info only.]

**Paper: Did God Become A Man? (~2013)   [CHM edition]
**List: Donaldson, Dwight   [Info only.]

*Paper: Elohim's Bible or All_h's Kor_n (2013)   [**File: CHM edition, English, 2016.]
**List: Elohim's Bible or All_h's Kor_n (2016)   [Info only: Other languages.]

**List: F. T. L.
**Tract: The FALSE GOSPEL of ISL_M (n.d.)   FEA
**File: False Religion Of Isl_m (n.d.)   D. R.   [uc]
**Paper: FIVE QUESTIONS TO ASK A MUSL_M (~2013)   RTN   [CHM edition]

**Book: The Gospel of Christ Jesus according to Saint John (1993)   B. M. Jamil   [uc]
   part 1    pt. 2    pt. 3    pt. 4    pt. 5

**List: Harris, George   [Info only.]
**List: The Holy Spirit
**List: Hunt, Dave   [Info only.]

**Paper: ISL_M IN A NUTSHELL (~2013)   RTN   [CHM edition]

**List: J. T. C.
**List: Jeffery, Arthur   [Info only.]

Landmarks of CHURCH HISTORY (n.d.)   RJS
**Book I   FROM THE DAYS OF THE APOSTLES TO THE END OF THE DARK AGES   [The Rise of Isl_m pp. 129-130
The Crusades pp. 161-162]

**List: Lew., Ber.   [Info only.]

**List: Life of Christ
**List: Life of Paul

*Book: My. Stories with the Millers (1993)   M. A. M.   [pp. 15-19: THE STOLEN TESTAMENT.]

Paper: NO SEPARATION OF MOSQUE AND STATE (Jan./Feb. 2001)   TBP   [*Another paper too.]
**Tract: Nothing in Common   A RESPONSE TO ISL_M'S [...] (~6-2001)   AAA, BBM

**Paper: One God Or Three? (~2013)   [CHM edition]
**Booklet: ONLY ONE WAY (n.d.)   OJS   [KJV]

**Tract: September 11, 2001   STL
*Paper: Six Reasons Why Your Musl_m Neighbor Might be Resistant to the Gospel (2014)   DM

**Tract: THREES That Bear Witness   The Day Christ Died (n.d.)   STL
**Tract: THREES That Bear Witness  The Triune God (n.d.)   STL

**Paper: WHAT ABOUT JIHAD? (~2013)   RTN   [CHM edition]
*Tract: What Muh_mm_d Said About Jesus (~6-2001)   BBM
**Paper: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MUH_MM_D (~2013)   RTN   [CHM edition]

*Tract: when you meet GOD! (n.d.)   BTI   [Mosl_m]
*Tract: Title--Arabic / when you meet GOD! (n.d.)   BTI
**Tract: CPEЩA C БOГA!--Bulgarian / when you meet GOD! (n.d.)   BTI
**Tract: Istennel találkozol!--Hungarian / when you meet GOD! (n.d.)   BTI

**List: Wilson, J. Christy   [Info only.]

**List: Zwemer, Samuel   [Info only.]

**File: What You Need to Know About Musl_ms (1987)   DKI   [CHM edition]
**Book: THE WORM THAT NEVER DIES (1978)   Al Lacy, Daniels Publishers