The most important question
that confronts every man
living on this earth is: "Where
will I spend my eternity?"

The thing that is clear to
every one is that man's life
on earth, no matter how
much prolonged, is short, and
full of labor, dangers,
disasters, adversities, sor-
rows, fears and tears.   But all
those do not compare neither
with the measure nor with the
extent of the eternal suf-
ferings that will inflict every
sinful man in the fire of Hell.
When it becomes clear to us
that this life is short and that
eternity is endless, then we
give eternity the priority it
deserves in our life.   Here, the
spiritual concepts become
preeminent in our thoughts,
and "religion" becomes of ut-
ter importance to man.   But it
is lamentable that many
people have closed their
minds, blinded their eyes,
and hid themselves behind
their blind religious fana-
ticism that can produce
nothing but misery, and lead
to nothing but eternal des-
truction; prohibiting them
from searching, studying and
discovering the truth that
can give internal peace,
concerning their eternity.   It
was appointed unto man once
to die, after which is the
judgment; this means that
man cannot receive a second


chance after death, to repent
and to straighten up his ways.
Such an opportunity will pass
for ever after death.   Do not
let blind fanaticism make
you lose it; especially be-
cause God has prepared for
you an eternal salvation.
GOD'S GIFT: When you
study the world's religions,
you find that all major
religions offer man certain
educational foundations, and
moral values that are
indispensable for our society.
However, man's sin has
paralyzed him spiritually
and condemned him to
eternal Hell.   For this reason,
man is in need for more than
just principles and values to
save him from his pathetic
state, for principles and
values cannot save.   You can
test yourself by asking this
important question: "Where
will I spend eternity?"
is of the utmost importance
that you do not overlook or
bypass this question because
your very eternity depends
on it.   If you felt uneasy and
confused as you hear this
question, it is because you
are like everybody else, a
sinner in need to be saved
from the shackles of sin.   But
to receive that salvation, you
undoubtedly need the Saviour,
the Lord Jesus Christ whom
God the Father sent to
accomplish your very sal-
vation, introducing Him in
the Gospel.   Without this
Saviour, you cannot be saved
neither from the shackles of


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