sin, nor from its tiresome
burden.   But the merciful God
has loved man so much that
He sent the only, most holy
Saviour who can provide to
man complete salvation and
give him the peace of God
that passes all understanding.
For this very reason, all the
prophets bear witness for
Him, that whoever believes in
Him, shall receive the for-
giveness of sins, in His name.
(Acts 10:43).   The Tenach says of
Him: "Kiss the Son, lest he be
angry....   Blessed are all they that
[those who]
put their trust in him."   (Psalms
2:12).   Even the Koran attri-
buted the following statement
to God saying to Christ: "And I
will set those who followed
thee above those who dis-
believed, even unto the day
of resurrection."
  (The House
of Imran III:51).   Whereas the
Koran says of the Gospel that
it is: "Light and Guidance";
and whereas we present to
you the message of this
Gospel, we will give you the
definite proofs that establish
the infallibility of the Holy
Bible, confound everyone that
transgress against it, remove
all doubts from your heart,
help you to find the positive
answer, and encourage you to
make the resolved decision
concerning the issue that
divide between eternity in
Paradise and eternity in Hell.
I hope you can be sincere for
your own good when you answer
the most important question
confronting you: "Where will I
spend my eternity?"



A general idea has spread
among the Muslims that the
Bible has been tampered
with and changed.   However,
the proofs that are presented
to you on these pages will
definitely furnish you with
all the convincing evidence,
confirming testimonies, sub-
sabstantiating verifications,
and measures that neither
can be refuted nor comp-
romised, to make sure to you
that it is impossible for the
Bible to be tampered with and
changed.   The first question
that should come to the mind
of the inquiring Muslim is: "If
there was any change in the
Bible, then, was that change
made before or after the
days of the Arabian Prophet?"

    1. It is clear that no
change could have been made
in the Bible before the days
of Mohammed; otherwise, he
would have attacked it, and
he would have mentioned it
in the Koran, commanding
the Muslims and warning the
world against reading a book
that was altered.   But Moham-
med honored the Bible and
emphasized that it is the Book
of God that was given to the
world as "light and guidance".
For this reason, he admonished
them to read it, saying: "Say,
People of the Book, you stand
on nothing, until you perform
the Torah and the Gospel."

(The Table 68).


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