2. If you were told that the
Bible could have been changed
after the days of Mohammed,
then ask yourself this ques-
tion: "If Christianity spread
all over the world, before the
days of Mohammed, and it
was divided into many deno-
minations; then, for the favor
of which denomination was
the change made?
  Was the
alteration made in favor of
the Catholics, the orthodox or
any of the independent deno-
minations?   Would the other
denominations acquiess to
have any changes made in
favor of one denomination
but not in favor of the others?
    3. Could it be possible that
there was a collusion between the
different denominations who
"supervised" each other, to mali-
ciously change the Book that
command them to be truth-
ful, faithful, and righteous?
How could they alter God's
Book when the strong warn-
ing rings throughout its pages,
saying: "If any man shall add
unto these things, God shall
add unto him the plagues
that are written in this book:
And if any man shall take
away from the words of this
prophecy, God shall take
away his part out of the book
of life..."
(Revelation 22:18-19).
Whereas God has promised
that heaven and earth will
pass before the hand of
corruption could touch His
Word, He remains faithful to
His promise and to keeping
His Bible.   If any one could
have altered the Bible, the


traditional churches would
have at least eliminated from it
the verse that says: "Thou shalt
not make unto thee any graven
image, or any likeness of any
thing that is in heaven above,
or that is in the earth beneath,
or that is in the water under
the earth: Thou shalt not bow
down thyself to them, nor
serve them: for I
[am] the
Lord thy God..."
(Exodus 20:4-5).
But those churches with all
their powers and capabi-
lities, could not delete that
verse or any other verse or
word from the Holy Bible.
   4. Was it possible for the
different Jewish sects to agree to
the alteration of the Torah in
favor of Christianity?   As you
well know, the Jews in those
times were lurking for the
Christians, and raring to
launch their attack against the
Christians had they introdu-
ced any alteration to the
Bible; especially, when the
Jews were strongly protective
of their Torah to the extent
that they knew the number of
its letters and its words, so
that nations used their atti-
tude for a proverb.   For that
reason, it was impossible to
change the Bible.
   5. If the Bible has been
tampered with and changed,
why then the accusers have
not presented a list of the
verses that were supposed to
have been changed, accom-
panying a list of the original,
with an explanation of the
purpose behind the change?
The Bible was translated into

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