A Comprehensive Study

for use in the
training of men for the Baptist ministry

Book I

Prepared by:
Pastor Robert J. Sargent


Outline Of The Course Of Study

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  1. Details Of The Course:

    These lectures [...]

    Lecture 1 -- An Introduction to Church History
    Lecture 2 -- Christianity in the First Century A.D.
    Lecture 3 -- Christianity in the Second Century A.D.
    Lecture 4 -- Christianity in the Third Century A.D.
    Lecture 5 -- Christianity in the Fourth Century A.D.
    Lecture 6 -- Christianity in the Fifth Century A.D.
    Lecture 7 -- Christianity in the Sixth Century A.D.
    Lecture 8 -- The Growth of the Papacy--590-1049 A.D.
    Lecture 9 -- Light in the Gloom--The Paulicians
    Lecture 10 -- The Golden Years of the Papacy--1049-1294 A.D.
    Lecture 11 -- Medieval Baptist Churches and Groups
    Lecture 12 -- The Decline of the Papacy--1294-1517 A.D.
    Lecture 13 -- The Anabaptists

    Lecture 14 -- The Protestant Reformation--Part I
    Lecture 15 -- The Protestant Reformation--Part II
    Lecture 16 -- The Counter-Reformation
    Lecture 17 -- The Development Of Protestantism
    Lecture 18 -- Roman Catholicism in the 18TH and 19TH Centuries
    Lecture 19 -- General Church History in North America

    Lecture 20 -- Baptist History of North America
    Lecture 21 -- The Baptist Union in Great Britain
    Lecture 22 -- The Ecumenical Movement
    Lecture 23 -- The History of Bible-Believing Baptists in the 20TH
    Lecture 24 -- National Church History (overview of Church History
                          covering student's country)

  1. Required Texts:
    A Concise History Of The Baptists -- G. H. Orchard
    The Trail Of Blood - - J. M. Carroll
    Landmarks Of Church History -- R. J. Sargent

  2. Reference Materials.
    The following books are among those used in the preparation of these lectures,
    but are not necessarily recommended as completely reliable.   The student is
    directed to his pastor for guidance in the purchase of all study books.

    1. Baptist Texts:
      Adlam, S. -- The First Baptist Church In America
      Allix, P. -- The Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont
         and of The Albigenses
      [Info only]
      Armitage, T. -- A History of the Baptists [Info only]
      Armour, R. S. -- Anabaptist Baptism
      Benedict, D. -- History of the Donatists
      Broadbent, E. H. -- The Pilgrim Church
      Brown, J. N. -- Memorials of Baptist Martyrs
      Cathcart, W. -- Baptist Patriots & The American Revolution
      Cathcart, W. -- The Baptist Encyclopedia
      Christian, J. T. -- A History of the Baptists -- Two Volumes
      Combs, J. O. -- Roots & Origins of Baptist Fundamentalism
      Cramp, J. M. -- Baptist History
      Davis, J. -- History of the Welsh Baptists
      Faber, G. S. -- The History of the Ancient Waldenses and Albigenses [Info only]
      Gaustad, E. S. -- Baptist Piety
      Graves, J. R. & Adlam, S. -- The First Baptist Church in America
      Griffith, J. W. -- A Manual Of Church History -- Three Volumes
      Holliday, J. M. -- The Baptist Heritage
      Hulse, E. -- An Introduction to the Baptists
      Jarrel, W. A. -- Baptist Church Perpetuity or History
      Manley, K. R. & Petras, M. -- The First Australian Baptists
      McBeth, H. L. -- The Baptist Heritage

      Morland, S. -- The History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of

      Newman, A. H. -- A Manual Of Church History -- Two Volumes
      Perrin, J. P. -- History of the Ancient Christians [Info only]
      Ray, D. B. -- Baptist Succession
      Underwood, A. C. -- A History of the English Baptists
      Verduin, L. -- The Reformers and Their Stepchildren
      Wylie, J. A. -- History of the Waldenses
      Zeman, J. K. -- Baptists In Canada

    2. Standard And General History Texts:
      Dollar, G. W. -- A History of Fundamentalism in America
      Dollar, G. W. -- The Fight For Fundamentalism
      Fuller, D. O. -- Valiant For The Truth
      Schaff, P. -- History of the Christian Church -- Eight Volumes
      Schaff, P. -- The Creeds of Christendom -- Three Volumes
      Sheldon, H. C. -- History of the Christian Church -- Five Volumes

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