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C. H. M. disclaimer . *=Library, **=Online

**Prayer Card: LAT, {Jr.} Family (~2013)

*Prayer Letter: Nov. 2, 2012

Booklet: COUNTRY   A Special Bible Translation Project Report (~2011)   ST & LAT   [uc, mrp]

*File: CHRIST'S CHURCH (2003)   LAT
*File: Christs Church.pdf (2003)   LAT   [pdf version of the above, part 1]
*File: Church History Chart.pdf (n.d.)   LAT   [pdf version of the above, part 2]

**Tract: Dr. & Mrs. LAT mies. to Country (11- 13-2005)   [old]
*File: Dr. & Mrs. LAT mies. to Country (~10-2005)   [pdf version of the above]

Pamphlet: Evolution: Satan's Biggest Lie (n.d.)   LAT
**Tract: EVOLUTION: Science or Religion? (1992)   LAT
*File: EVOLUTION: Science or Religion? (1994)   LAT

**Tract: God Promises All Believers ETERNAL Life (1998)   LAT

**Tract: INDONESIAN BIBLE Translation Project (~1996)   LAT   [old]

**Tract: Knowing the Difference Between Good and Evil (1992)   LAT

**Tract: LEMBAGA TERJEMAH KITAB SUCI   (Holy Bible Translation Society) (before 2-26-2006)   Pastor Terry Zeller & LAT   [old]
**Tract: COUNTRY Bible Translation Project (~2013)   LAT & Cle. BC
**Tract: COUNTRY Bible Translation Project (7-6-2008)   LAT & Pastor Terry Zeller   [old]

Did the First Church Practice Socialism? (1994)   LAT
Wine or Grapejuice In the Lords Supper~.pdf   LAT
THE FIRST COMMANDMENT and its Relationship to World-Wide Missions.pdf   LAT
A Standard Bible   LAT
Abortion In the News   [LAT comments]
Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Message To Atheists, Humanists and Other Americans
Aid and comfort to the enemy: The Kerry record... ; by Mark Alexander; 6/25/2004 11:29:50 AM (archive)
AIDS---a sin caused disease   [LAT comments]
Alcohol In the News
America he saw was a perfectly pagan place   Dinesh D'Souza   [LAT comments]
ARE H________LS BORN THAT WAY? (1994)   LAT
Atheism's Case Against GOD (1994)   LAT
Atheists and Humanists Believe in MIRACLES! (1994)   LAT
Baptist Bible Fellowship Preaches One Thing and Practices Another   M. L. Moser, Jr.
Bill Clinton: man of Convictions   LAT
The Myth of the Universal Invisible Church Theory Exploded   Roy Mason
The Lord's Supper   Norman H. Wells
Articles About THE HOLY BIBLE
Can You Believe For a While and Then Fall Away? (1/20/00)   LAT
Capital Punishment In the News
Articles About THE CHURCH
Contact Information
Conventionism And Associationism Analyzed   W. Lee Rector
Conventionism or Independency?   M. L. Moser, Jr.
Articles About CREATION ExNihilo
Divine Creation and the Flood In the News   LAT

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