Dr. & Mrs. LAT
mies. to




Dr. Turk baptizing new believers in the Indian Ocean.

Below: Dr. LAT explaining Baptist his-
tory to a group in a home on a small, remote
island in the western section of Country.   As in
many areas of Country, these people had never
heard of Baptists.


Right: Dr. Turk and
S. T. preach
the glorious gospel of
eternal life without
works through faith
in the finished work of
the Lord Jesus Christ
on the cross--and
eternal does NOT
mean temporary!


Left: An Indon
Two hundred
and 23 million
of the Bible.  
USA which in
is virtually the
Indonesia, and
law to learn it.
Textus Receptus


Above: A group of young converts, immediately
after being baptized in the ocean--for there is
much water there.   Tsunamis hit this beach Dec.
26, 2004, and the welfare of these believers is







esian lady reads Dr. Turk's translation of 1 John.
sixty-one million people (238 million Indonesians
Malaysians) do not have an accurate translation
That is almost equal to the population of the entire
1996 was 265 million.   Bahasa Indonesia (which
same as Malaysian) is the national language of
all Indonesian school children are required by
  Please pray for the Turks as they translate the
Greek New Testament into Bahasa Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world's larg-
est archipelagic state, com-
posed of 17,508 volcanic is-
lands (about 6,000 inhabited)
extending 3,200 miles east to west along the equa-
tor, and 1,100 miles north and south.   Indonesia
spans four time zones.   Indonesia shares borders with
Singapore, Malaysia, Thai-
land, Vietnam, the Philippines,
Papua New Guinea and Aus-
tralia.   Indonesia's land area is
slightly less than 3 times the
state of Texas.   Indonesia's cli-
mate is tropical; hot, and hu-
   Indonesia is the fabulously
fertile spice islands formerly
known as the Dutch East
Indies.   Indonesia became an
independent nation August 17,
Yudhoyono (left), a former gen-
eral, educated in the USA, was
sworn in as Indonesia's sixth
president Oct. 20, 2004.
Please pray for God's protec-
tion upon this man.   Even though he himself is a
Musl_m, he has promised to fight Isl_mist terror-
ism, and to give Christians equal rights with Mus-
lims.   This will make him a target of radical Isl_mic
   With 238,452,952 people (as of July 2004), In-
donesia is the world's 4th most populous nation
after China, India, and the USA.   Indonesia has seven
cities with populations over one million: Jakarta,
the capital have over 10 million residents;
Surabaya 2.8 million; Bandung 2.6 mil-
lion; Medan 2.0 million; Palembang 1.5
million; Semarang 1.4 million; and
Ujung Pandang 1.2 million.   Covering
less than 7% of the surface area of Indo-
nesia, the one island of Java has 60% of
the population with an average of 814
inhabitants/km2 (compared to 30 inhab-
itants/km2 for the United States).
   Indonesia has the world's largest
Musl_m population.   Approximately
88% of Indonesia's people are Musl_m,
5% are Protestant, 3% are Roman Catho-
lic, 2% are Hindu, 1% are Buddhist,
and 1% are of various other religions.
   Indonesia is comprised of over 300
ethnic groups and languages.   Though
divided by water, religion, ethnic differ-
ences, and languages, Bahasa Indonesia
(the national language) unifies Indone-
FACTS sia into one nation--93.5 percent
of Indonesia's children attend
primary schools, and learn this
language.   The Turks are trans-
lating the Bible into this language.   87.9% of the popu-
lation is literate.
   Indonesia's per capita income is US$570 per year--
only one and a half percent of the
US$36,300 for the USA.   Some
of Indonesia's remote islands (es-
pecially Irian Jaya) rank among
the most primitive areas left on
earth.   More than 100 million In-
donesians do not have electric-
ity in their homes.
   Indonesia has vast frontiers
and a rich flora and fauna where
one can find monkeys, apes, el-
ephants, parrots and other exotic
birds, orchids and other tropical
flowers, including the world's
largest flower, the Rafflesia with
blooms up to 3 feet across.   The
vicious Komodo Dragon is the world's largest lizard,
growing to 10 feet in length and 300 lbs. in weight.
   Radical Isl_mist groups are rapidly growing in In-
donesia.   Groups such as Laskar Jihad (Holy War Sol-
diers) and Jemaah Isl_miyah, have massacred thou-
sands of Christians.   Jemaah Isl_miyah has also been
linked to 30 carefully coordinated church bombings in
Indonesian cities that killed 22 people and wounded
96 on Dec. 30, 2000.   Many other churches have been
bombed since that time.   This is a dangerous mission
field, and the Turks need supporting churches that have
faith and will stick with them through hard times.










                            /\  H O L Y   \ 
                           \  \  B I B L E \
                            \  \            \
                             \  \    KJV     \
                              \  \    1611    \
                               \  \____________\
The Bible-way My. Bap-
tist Church of Hamilton, Ohio,
an unaffiliated, independent Bap-
tist church, is the sending agency
for 4 my. families, and
helps support over 60 other mis-
sionary families sent out by other
independent Baptist churches--
the sun never sets on her minis-
tries.   Eph. 5:21 says that God receives glory in Christ's
church.   The local, visible Baptist church was designed
and is headed by Christ Himself, and is therefore the
most effective my. sending agency on the face of
the earth, and the Holy Spirit is the ultimate missions
director.   Bro. LAT is authorized and directly
sent out by the Bible-way My. Baptist Church,
in the same manner that Paul and Barnabas were sent
out by the church at Antioch (Acts 13).   Bibleway My.
Baptist Church invites you to co-labor with us
to evangelize Country.
   Dr. LAT and Cheryle, his wife, are born-
again believers, having placed their faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ in early childhood, after which they sub-
mitted to Baptist baptism.   In 1965, Bro. Turk left
home to attend Bible college in Dallas, Texas.   Thus
began a lifetime of systematic learning, resulting in a
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, a Master
of Divinity Degree in Missions Ministry, and a Ph.D.
Degree in Multi-Cultural Education from the Great
Plains Baptist Divinity School in Sioux Falls, South
   Bro. Turk was called of God to preach the Gospel in
1965.   On August 26, 1967, Bro. Turk married the former
Cheryle Gayle Muncy.   Their union resulted in 12 chil-
dren, the 5 youngest of whom will be returning with
them to Country.   The Turk's children are great work-
ers in Dr. Turk's my. team, as they train for
future leadership in ministries of their own.
In 1968 Bro. Turk was ordained to the Gos-
ple ministry by the Arkansas City My.
Baptist Church in Arkansas City, Kan-
sas.   From Arkansas City, God lead the
Turks to Garnett, Kansas to start a new
church from scratch.   The Lord blessed with
many souls being saved, and the Trinity
Baptist Church of Garnett was organized
in 1972.   During this period, Bro. Turk read
a tract entitled Untold Millions Still Un-
by Pastor E.L. Bynum, that said: "In-
donesia with a population of 90 million
has no Baptist my."
  He knew in-
stantly that Country would be his next
field of service.   Indonesia's population is
now 238 million, and there are still few
independent Baptist mies. to Indo-
nesia.   The Turks arrived in Jakarta, Indo-
nesia February 2, 1974.   Bro. Turk
preached his first sermon in Indonesian 6
months later.   From 1974 to 1985 the Turks dis-
tributed thousands of tracts, opened seven mission
points, operated a Bible correspondence school with
over 500 active students, instituted a small Bible
school to train young preachers, and translated or
wrote scores of Gospel booklets and tracts.   In 1985
the Turks returned to the USA, and endeavered to
minister to Indonesian college students in Okla-
homa City.   Bro. Turk and his sons also made nu-
merous mission trips back into Country to con-
tinue to minister there, and God mightily blessed
with many souls saved and baptized.   God has now
made clear His will for the Turks to move back to


The establishment of independent Baptist
churches in the Minahasa area of Country with
the character, ability, and will to evangelize all
the rest of Country without foreign help.


To accomplish this vision will require:

  • Raising the necessary funds.
  • Getting to the field.
  • Finishing translation of the N.T.
  • Publishing the New Testament.
  • Evangelizing Minahasa.
  • Training men for the Gospel ministry.
  • Planting churches.

    Of course, the Turks can only accomplish this im-
    mense task with the support of God's churches.

    What You Can Do To Help:

  • Pray for Country daily.
  • Pray for the Bible translation daily.
  • Pray for the Turk family daily.
  • Support the Turks through your church.


    WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: 26 August yyyy

    Louis Anton
    Cheryle Gayle
    Tabitha Kezia
    Prisca Jael
    Caleb Elijah
    Boaz Ruel
    Obadiah Malachi


       Our most urgent need is new supporting
    churches.   However, some churches also desire
    to help with special needs.   Our special needs are
    few and simple as listed below.


       A new airbag and brake canister for our

       A high defination digital camcorder.

       A laptop computer with video editing hard-
    ware & software.   This workstation will be used
    for the Bible translation project, and to edit
    and produce videos to keep you informed.

       $420.00 for passports.


       $5,250.00 for airfare to Country.   This fig-
    ure is approximate, as prices change each month
    according to demand.

    Contact Info

    Home Church and Pastor Terry Zeller

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    Web site........ www.eternalsalvation.org

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