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The Founder of Saltaire

SIR TITUS SALT, man of millions, inventor of "Al-
founder of Saltaire, commenced life as a
factory boy in a Yorkshire town, and by industry, perse-
verance, and strict attention to business, became one of
the wealthiest manufacturers in the county.   Upright,

honourable, and considerate of the interests of his workers,
he built a model town, calling it Saltaire.   Eventually he
was elected to Parliament, and a baronetcy was conferred
upon him by Queen Victoria.   After such achievements
and attainments, was the baronet satisfied?   Indeed he
was not.   God's Word declares that "the eye is not satis-
fied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing"
1. 8).   All that Sir Titus Salt had heard, seen, and pos-
sessed did not, and could not, afford him real satisfaction.
   On a never-to-be-forgotten Sunday, Sir Titus listened
to a preacher of the Gospel, who showed that soul rest
and satisfaction are alone to be found in Christ.   In the
course of his sermon the minister said that he had "sat in
his garden and watched the caterpillars climbing the
painted sticks; he had seen them reach the top, and look
this way and that in search of some juicy twig on which
to feed, only to be disappointed, and to return slowly
and wearily to the ground again.   There are many painted
sticks in this world,"
continued the preacher; "there are
the painted sticks of pleasure, wealth, power, and fame.
All these are calling to men and saying, ‘Climb me, and
you will achieve the desire of thy heart.   Climb me and
you will fulfil the purpose of your existence.   Climb me
and taste of the fruits of success.   Climb me and so find

   On the following day the baronet visited the preacher,
and said to him, "Sir, I was in your congregation last
night, and I heard what you had to say about the painted
sticks; and I want to tell you that I have been climbing
them, and to-day I am a weary man.   Tell me, is there
rest for a weary millionaire?
  The herald of the Cross had
the joy of pointing the sin-burdened soul to Him Who
says: "Come unto [M]e, all ye that labour and are heavy
laden, and I will give you rest"
(Matt. 11. 28).   And he,
who was tired and worn-out in the long struggle to obtain
what this world promises but does not bestow, laid his
heavy burden at the foot of the Cross of Christ, accepted
Him as his own personal Saviour
, and was enabled truth-
fully and joyfully to exclaim:

"I came to Jesus as I was,
   Weary, and worn, and sad;
I found in Him a resting place,
   And He has made me glad."

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