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"Bible: Te Bibilia moa ra, oia te Faufaa Tahito e te Faufaa Api ra : iritihia ei parau Tahiti, e au faa au maite hia i na parau tumu ra, e ua hope hoi i te faa titiaifaro hia. (Lonedana : Neia e William Watts : na te taieta Biblia i Beritani e te mau Fenua 'Toa, 1847)"
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"Bible: Te Bibilia moa ra oia te Faufaa Tahito e te Faufaa api ra: iritihia ei parau Tahiti. E ua faa au maite hia i na parau tumu ra, e ua hope hoi i te faa titiaifaro hia. (Lonedona, Neia e W. Watts, na te taieti Bibilia i beritani e te mau fenua 'toa i faa tupu hia i Lonedona ra i te matahiti, 1804, 1847)"
http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/001937662   [Info only]

"Bible: Te Faufaa Api, a to tatou fatu e te ora a Iesu Mesia ra: iritihia ei parau Tahiti ... (Lonedona, Neia e W.M. Watts, na te Taieti Bibilia i beritani e te mau fenua toa i faatupu hia i Lonedona ra i te matahiti, 1853)"
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"Tahiti, the ‘Polynesian paradise’ in the Society Islands, was the
home of the first mission founded in the South Pacific, and for a
century served as the central point for the Pacific my.
effort.   The band of determined men who put ashore on Tahiti in
1797 immediately set about the business of providing the Good
News in the language of the islands.   However, it was not until
20 years later that the arrival of a printing press made it possible
for the first Gospel to be printed in the Ocean World.

The islanders, seeing the deference with which the press was
handled and the place of honor accorded it in its own house -

which had a floor made of smooth stones from the ruins of an
altar on which human sacrifices had been offered - were certain
that this was the White Man's God.   This suspicion was fortified
when the ‘idol’ began to emit a steady stream of what the
mies. told them was ‘God's Word’.   Even after the
misunderstanding was clarified, their interest in the idea of the
missionaries' God persisted and the Tahitian king, Pmare II,
was so eager to discover what the iron oracle would say that he
struck off the first sheets himself.

Tahitian is a Polynesian tongue, still spoken by a majority of the
26,000 inhabitants of the group, although bilingualism is almost
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1818 Luke   1819 Matthew   1820 John
London MS, Huahine
1822 Acts LMS, Tahiti
1824 Daniel   Ruth   Esther   LMS, Tahaa
1824 Galatians-Philemon LMS, Tahiti
1826 Hebrews-Revelation LMS, Tahaa
1827 Mark   1829 Romans-2 Corinthians   1, 2 Peter   Jude
1832 Psalms   LMS, Tahiti
1833 Isaiah LMS, Huahine
1834 Hosea-Malachi LMS, Tahiti
1838 Bible BFBS, London
Translated by members of the LMS, including Henry Nott, John
Davies, and John Williams.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1847 Bible BFBS, London
Translated by William Howe and Thomas Joseph, LMS."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1863 Bible BFBS, London
Revised by William Howe, Alexander Chisholm, and John Barff,
LMS.   Another edition, slightly revised was published in 1884,
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

[Info only: "1953" Mark 1:2 probably o.k. (te mau pero- pheta...).]

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