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Nuba: Heiban...
"The name Nuba does not designate various forms of a single
language.   Rather it is a collective geographical term, referring
generally to tribes living in the Nuba Mountains of Kordofan
Province, in central Sudan.   Driven into this area long ago by
Arab incursions or the later slave raids of the 17th to 19th
centuries, numerous tribes of different origins and different
languages chose the isolation and easy defense of this moun-
tainous region.   Although there is no common Nuba language,
a general cultural affinity does exist among the Nuba groups.
Many Nuba tribes have adopted the name of the hill area within
which they live.

The Heiban people, who number about 25,000 in the Heiban
area of southern Kordofan, speak a Koalib (Koalib-Tagoi)
language, related to the Moro and Otoro dialects and Nirere."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1931 Mark   Luke   BFBS, London
1941 John Sudan United Mission, Hertford
Translated by D. N. and Phoebe MacDiarmid, and F. W. Wilson,
SUM, aided by Chief Kabacu, Kabilo, Bakili, and others.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1945 Acts   BFBS, Cairo
1955 Matthew BFBS, London
Translated by K. Wale, Kenneth Nobbs, SUM, and Chief Kabacu."
-- 1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1966 New Testament BSS, Khartoum
Translated by Olive M. Stebbins, SUM, and Sheikh Ali, Ishaag
Kuku, Kwumi Gwodinya, Sheikh Galla, and others.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1966 Mark 1:2 unknown.   Sheikhs?]

Nuba: Krongo...
"The Krongo people, who number 15,000 to 25,000, live in an
area known as the Krongo Hills, west of Talodi, in the Nuba
Hills of southern Kordofan Province, Sudan.   Krongo, spoken
with one or more significant dialects, is classed in the Tumtum
group, or Kadugli-Krongo, of the Niger-Kordofanian lan-
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1934 Mark Sudan United Mission, Tabanya
1943 Mark (revised)   BFBS, London
Translated and revised by G. E. Hansford, SUM."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1963 New Testament SUM
Translated by Mr. & Mrs. J. Pearose, SUM."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1963 Mark 1:2 unknown.]

Nuba: Moro...
"The Moro Nubas number about 40,000, scattered throughout
the mountains around Moro, in the southern Nuba Hills of
Kordofan Province, Sudan.   They have been described as a
friendly, robust people who industriously farm their lands for
six months of the year and then for six months are occupied in
finding grazing lands for their cattle.   Their language is a Koalib
(Koalib-Tagoi) tongue, which they speak in several local
dialects, all of which are mutually intelligible.   Moro is related to
Nirere, Heiban, and Otoro."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1951 Mark BFBS, London
1965 New Testament BSS, Khartoum
Translated by G. and Ada Edwards, Mr. & Mrs. Keith Black, and
May Clucas, Sudan United Mission, aided by Arnu, Kapirma, Omar,
and Rama.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1965 Mark 1:2 incorrect (isaiya).]

Nuba: Nirere...
"The Nireres are one of several Nuba groups living around Abri,
in the Nuba Hills of Southern Kordofan Province, Sudan.   These
groups and the languages they speak are collectively known as

‘Koalib’.   The languages of the Nirere, used as a common tongue
among many of these peoples, is understood by more than
50,000 speakers of Nirere and mutually intelligible dialects.
Nirere is a Koalib (Koalib-Tagoi) language."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1937 Mark BFBS, London
1945 John BFBS (printed in Cairo)
Translated by Mrs. Wilfred L. Mills, Sudan United Mission, with
the aid of Kwedia and Kanja.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1962 Matthew-Acts BFBS, London
1967 New Testament BS, Khartoum
Translated by Mrs. W. L. Mills, Mrs. W. J. Lunn, Miss L. P. Dale,
and Miss E. J. Lambie, SUM.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1962 Mark 1:2 incorrect (izaya).]

Nuba: Otoro...
"The Otoro Nubas, numbering about 28,000, live in the Otoro
Hills, south of Heiban, in southern Kordofan Province, Sudan.
Otoro is a Koalib (Koalib-Tagoi) language related to Heiban, and
is spoken in a number of mutually intelligible dialects."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1966 New Testament BSS, Khartoum
Translated by H. Bond, N. R. Astbury, and Kenneth J. Nobbs, Sudan
United Mission.   This is a rare instance of a complete N.T. published
by the Bible Societies without previous publication of one or more
Portions.   However, Mark, John, Acts, and certain Epistles were
circulated earlier in tentative mimeographed form.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1966 Mark 1:2 incorrect (isaia).]

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