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*Files: Unicodes (n.d.)   Compiled by CHM
0-999, 1000-1999, 2000-2999, 3000-3999, 4000-4999, 5000-5999, 6000-6999, 7000-7999, 8000-8999, 9000-9999, 10000-10999, 11000-11999.

*Software: Foreigner 3.20 (1991- 94)   L. G. G.   [Info: virtual keypad works with any regular font.]

*File: Languages and Character Sets (Aug. 1995)

*File: Netscape Hex Color Codes (10-6-1998)

*CD Software: Unitype GlobalWriter 98: 100 Language Word Processor.   [Info: virtual keyboard w/ unicode options.]

**List: Bearing Precious Seed, Valley City, ND   [Info: John / Romans Project.]
**List: Baptist Bible Translators Institute   [Info: training.]
**List: Bible Tracts, Inc.

**List: Chick Publications
**List: Couriers For Christ (5-2008)   Wyldewood Baptist Church

**List: Fellowship Tract League   [Info: literature.]

**List: GOD'S SIMPLE PLAN OF SALVATION (1956)   Lifegate, Inc.   [Info: tracts.]

**List: Hope Tract Ministry   [Info: literature.]

**File: John 3:16 (***MANY LANGUAGES***)

**Booklet: LET'S REACH THE WORLD! (~1996)   My. Doug Hammett

**List: Resources For Missions   [Info: online literature.]

**Tract: UNTOLD MILLIONS STILL UNTOLD (1967)   Pastor E. L. Bynum   [John 4:35]

*File: THE WORD OF GOD FOR ALL NATIONS (7/12)   Compiled by Phil Stringer   [Info: helpful.]   [ web ]

**List: Bearing Precious Seed, Milford, OH (2007)   [Survey: printed Bible portions.]   See repentance.

**List: Russian Bible Society, USA   [Survey: printed Bible portions.]

**List: Trinitarian Bible Society   [Survey: printed Bible portions.]

*File: Holy Bible Foundation   [Survey: for research purposes.]

**List: OnLine Bible   [Survey: English KJB & some non-English KJV like {correct Mark 1:2 "prophets"} Bibles.]

**List: World My. Press   [Info only: Booklets.]

*File: The Book of a Thousand Tongues   Revised Edition (1939 ABS "Quotation freely permitted.", 1972 UBS)
   [Info only: Documents some KJV like {correct Mark 1:2 "prophets" } Bible portions.
   Also shows Critical Text like {incorrect Mark 1:2 (Isaiah) } ones too in Gray.]

*File: Language Database of Web Links (12-2-2000)   [Info only: Text, audio and video.]

*File:   [Info only: Media (WMP, FTL, HBF, etc.) sorted by country.   Some links are o.k. if KJV/MT/TR like.]

*File: The Online Books Page (5-23-2011)   J. M. O.   [Info only: Page images at Hathi Trust.]

*Paper: Ethnologue (1996)   Bar. F. Gri., Sum. Ins. of Lin. Inc.   [Info only: 6,700 languages & 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternative names.]

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