Bible Dictionary: Kn.   1840

  1. KNEAD, to make up flour into bread,
    Gen. 18:6, 24.
  2. KNEADED, did knead or make up
    cakes or bread, 1 Sam. 28:4.
  3. KNEADING-TROUGHS, vessels in which
    flour is made up into bread, Exod. 14:34.
  4. KNEE, the upper joint of the leg, Gen.
    41:44.   To bow the knee is to show
    reverence, Isa. 45:23: to worship or
    pray, 1 Kings 19:18; Eph. 3:14.   To
    strengthen the feeble knees, it to con-
    sole the sorrowful believer with the
    promises of the gospel, Heb. 12:12.
  5. KNEEL, to bend the knees, as for
    prayer, Psal. 95:6.
  6. KNEELED, did kneel, as for prayer,
    2 Chron. 6:13; Dan. 6:10; Luke 22:41.
  7. KNEELING, bending the knees for
    prayer, 1 Kings 8:54; or in token of
    great respect, Matt. 17:14; Mark 1:40.
  8. KNEW, did know, Gen. 3:7: did ap-
    prove, Matt. 7:23.
  9. KNIFE, a cutting instrument, Gen.
    22:6.   To "put a knife to the throat,"
    is to restrain the appetite, Prov. 23:2.
  10. KNIT, fastened, as pieces of cloth by
    weaving or sewing, Acts 10:11: bound,
    as in affection, Judg. 20:11; Col. 2:2.
  11. KNOCK, to beat or strike, Luke 13:
    25.   Sinners knock at the door of God's
    mercy by prayer
    , Matt. 7:7.   Jesus
    knocks at the door of our hearts by the
    appeals of his word, and the reproofs of
    his Spirit
    , Rev. 3:20.
  12. KNOCKED, did knock, as at a door,
    Acts 12:13.
  13. KNOCKING, rapping or striking, Acts
  14. KNOP, a tufted top of an ornament,
    Exod. 25:31; 1 Kings 6:18.
  15. KNOW, to understand, Gen. 15:13;
    John 7:17: to approve, John 10:27.
  16. KNOWING, understanding, Gen. 3:5:
    recollecting, 1 Pet. 3:9.
  17. KNOWLEDGE, acquired information,
    learning, wisdom, and skill, Exod. 31:
    3.   This word is variously and exten-
    sively used in Scripture, and its precise
    meaning must be considered according
    as it relates to persons, things, principles,
    qualities, or courses of conduct.   God, as
    "the Father of lights," is the only source
    and fountain of knowledge
    , which he
    gives to man, as a rational, intelligent
    being, by his various works in nature
    and providence, but especially by his
    word and Spirit, Psal. 19:1-4; 2 Tim.
    3:15, 16; 1 Cor. 12:8.   Truly religious
    knowledge is imperishable widom, se-
    curing the sanctification and salvation
    of the
    soul, Prov. 3:5-8; John 17:3;
    2 Pet. 1:2-11.
  18. KO'HATH, [h] (congregation, wrinkle, or
    obedience), the second son of
    Levi, father
    of Amram, and grandfather of Aaron
    and Moses, Exod. 6:16-20.
  19. KO'HATHITES, [h], Levites of the
    posterity of Kohath, besides the families
    of Moses and Aaron, appointed to a
    special service of the tabernacle and
    temple of Solomon, Num. 4:2, 18, 34;
    2 Chron. 29:12.
  20. KO'RAH, [h] (bald, frozen, or icy), a son
    Esau, Gen. 36:5.
  21. KORAH, a cousin of Moses and Aaron,
    Exod. 6:21: he perished by the visita-
    tion of God in rebellion against the
    divine authority of Moses and Aaron, to
    which he was prompted by his jealous
    ambition, Num. 16.   Some of Korah's
    posterity were persons of [importance] in
    the temple service, 1 Chron. 26:1-19:
    several psalms are inscribed to them,
    Psal. 42.-49.
  22. KOR'HITES, [h], the posterity of Korah,
    Exod. 6:24.

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