Ancient Bibles, Scrolls,
Manuscripts and
Cuneiform 4021 Years Old.

Where did our Bible Come from?

Which is the Best Bible for Today?

How do we know that we have the Word of God?

Which is the Best Family of Manuscripts?

All these questions and others will be answered by

Pastor Emeritus
Temple Baptist Church
118 S. Semoran Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32807


Pastor Jewell E. Smith holding a reprint of the first New Testament ever
printed in English . . . Tyndale (1526).
This is part of his collection.


Ancient Hebrew Scroll (Torah)


Tyndale 1526 with Erasmus in Latin.


Coverdale Bible 1535


Mathews Bible 1537


Mathews Bible 1537


Bishops Bible 1568


King James 1611


Ancient Hebrew Scroll of the
Book of Esther.

* * * Other Color Photos of the Collection * * *

Pastor Jewell E. Smith will present displays of ancient Bibles
and slides on the manuscripts.   Charts are used to present the
History of the Bible.

Pastor Smith has spoken at Bible Colleges and churches on the
History of the Bible and manuscripts.   He believes that the
Textus Receptus manuscripts are the best manuscripts.   He feels
and proves in his lectures that the Textus Receptus
are superior to the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus
which make up the corrupted text.   In doing so he proves the
King James Version is the best translation of the Bible today.

Pastor Jewell Smith is available for meetings in churches, Bible
colleges, or Bible conferences.   These meetings can cover from a
Sunday to a Sunday; Sunday night through Wednesday night,
or Wednesday night through Sunday morning.

Office Phone Number:   407/381-1838

RECOMMENDATIONS: "I Believe the work of Jewell Smith
on our Bible is the most concise historically proven scriptural
work I have seen.   It helps us in this day and age of attack on the
Holy Scriptures to have facts at our fingertips which give
answers that satisfy which have been proven and tested with

Dr. Verle Ackerman
First Baptist Church West
Hollywood, Florida

I have known Pastor Jewell Smith for 33 years.   During this
long friendship, I have found him to be a man of high
standards; in doctrine, in honesty, and a person of great
compassion for the Lord's Work.

I do not know of another researcher, compiler, scholar, or
anyone else that has been as diligent and careful in research
work to compile such a great, if not the greatest, Biblical
collection of documents to substantiate not only the divinely
given, inerrant Word, but proves the preservation of God's
precious Word for this generation.

I commend this brother that God may use him to teach our
Biblical heritage in defense of the faith.

John W. Rawlings
Landmark Baptist Temple
Cincinnati, Ohio

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