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"CASHMERE Proper is an elevated and fertile tract, consisting of an extensive valley enclosed between
very lofty mountains, situated in the extreme north-west of India.   It is about 120 miles long by 70
broad.   In superficial extent it comprises 4500 square miles, being little less than four-fifths of the size
of Yorkshire.   The total amount of population does not now (1859) exceed 200,000, to which number
it has, within a period of thirty years, been reduced from four times that amount, by the combined
effects of earthquake, pestilence, and famine: the majority of the inhabitants are Moh_mm_dans.
After having been successively subject to the Mogul empire and to the Affghans, Cashmere fell in
1819 under the dominion of the Sikhs, by whom it continued to be governed until the year 1846,
when the successful campaigns of the British in the neighbouring province of the Punjab brought

it under British control.   It was erected, with some adjacent territory, into a separate state, nominally
independent, but subject to the supervision of the Anglo-Indian government.   The whole area of the
state thus formed is estimated at 25,000 square miles, and the population at 750,000.
   The Cashmerian dialect is derived from the Sanscrit, and the written character resembles the
Devanagari.   The business of the government is transacted in Persian, and a number of Persian words
have hence become engrafted on the Cashmerian dialect.   The pronunciation of the Cashmerians is
said to be remarkably broad, coarse, and uncouth.
   An edition of 1000 copies of the New Testament was printed at Serampore in 1820, after having
been ten years in course of preparation.   An edition of the Pentateuch was commenced in 1822; but
as the types used in printing it were afterwards exchanged for smaller ones, the completion of the
edition was retarded, and in 1832 the Old Testament had only been printed as far as the Second Book
of Kings.
  It does not appear that any farther efforts have since been made to continue the work.
Probably the version was eventually discovered to be comparatively useless, on account of there being
no mies. in Cashmere to undertake the distribution.
"--The Bible of Every Land. (1860, Second Edition)   Samuel Bagster   [Info only]

CASHMERIAN--1860   S. Bagster   [Info only: {Sarada} Character   n.d. John 1:1-7 unknown.]

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