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French: Amiens-Picard...
"French dialects have long been considered an interesting cultural
feature of certain regions of France.   Although these dialects still
persist, especially in rural and village France, they present little
problem in communication.   French dialects formerly were, and
sometimes are still, grouped as the Northern dialects, or
langues d’oil, and the Southern Provençal dialects, or langues d’oc,
a classification based on the development within these groups of
the Latin affirmative ‘hoc illud est’, or ‘that is so’.   The southern
dialects retained a shortened form of the Latin phrase and the
northern dialects [changed] a special construction of the vowels of
the first two words.   The langues d’oc are treated under Provençal.

To a considerable extent provincial dialectal differences still
characterize the colloquial speech of France, as well as the
various patois spoken in areas of French colonial impact.   ....

The Amiens-Picard dialect is spoken in the Picardy region
around Amiens, in northern France. (See No. 23 for note on
Louis-Lucien Bonaparte.)"
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1863 Matthew London
Translated by Edouard Paris for Louis-Lucien Bonaparte."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Bourgogne...
"A dialect spoken in Burgundy, in northeastern France."--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1831 Ruth Printed privately, Dijon
Translated by C.-N. Amanton."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Franche-Comte...
"A dialect spoken in the Doubs Valley above Besançon, in north-
eastern France.   The dialects of Burgundy and Franche-Comté
are historically related."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1864 Matthew London
Translated by C. Thuriet for Louis-Lucien Bonaparte. (See note to
No. 23.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Guernsey Norman...
"A Norman dialect spoken on Guernsey, in the Channel Islands."--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1863 Matthew London
Translated by Georges Métivier for Louis-Lucien Bonaparte. (See note
to No. 23
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Saintonge...
"A dialect spoken in the former French province of Saintonge, in
southwestern France, along the Bay of Biscay.   This province is
now the Charente-Maritime department."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1864 Matthew London
Translated by Burgaud des Marets for Louis-Lucien Bonaparte. (See
note to No. 23.
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Toulouse...
"A dialect spoken in Toulouse in southern France."--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1820 John B. Nabarro, Toulouse
Translated by C. Chabrand."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Vaudois, Ancient...
"Vaudois was spoken during the Middle Ages by Waldensians in
the Piedmont region of Italy.   Manuscript translations of the
New Testament and parts of the Old Testament were prepared
by followers of Peter Waldo as early as the 13th century.

Vaudois, with the dialects of Dauphin, Neuchâtel, and Lyons, is
a Franco-Provençal tongue, and is considered to form a transition
between French and Provençal."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

       "Spoken by the Waldensians in the Piedmont region of Italy during
    the Middle Ages.   Translations of the New Testament and parts of the
    Old Testament were made by the followers of Peter Waldo.   The following
    editions may be related to them.   First publication, St. John's
    Gospel, edited by W. S. Gilley, from a manuscript at Dublin, being a
    copy of a translation made possibly in the 14th century; J. Murray,
    London, 1848.   New Testament, reproduced from a 16th century
    manuscript in Zurich, Turin, 1890, published by C. Salvioni in vol.
    11 of the Archivio Glottologico.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1848 John J. Murray, London
Edited from 16th century Mss. by W. S. Gilly."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1848 John 2:1-4 unknown.]

"1890 New Testament Archivo Glottologico, Vol. XI
Edited from 16th century Mss. by C. Salvioni."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

French: Vaudois, Modern...
"The modern Vaudois dialect is spoken in Vaudois communities
in northwestern Italy and southeastern France."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1830 Luke   John   BFBS, London
Translated by Pierre Bert."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1830 John 2:1-4 unknown.]

French: Walloon...
"Although the term Walloon is sometimes used to describe all the
4 million French-speaking Belgians (as distinguished from the
Flemish), the Walloon dialect actually connotes the French
spoken around Liège, in southeastern Belgium.   It was there that
the 19th-century movement to develop a Walloon literature was
--1000 Tongues   [Info only]

"1934 Mark Gillet-Jacques, Liège
Translated by J. Mignolet."
--1000 Tongues   [Info only: 1934 Mark 1:2 incorrect.]

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