Isaiah 40:1,2,9
Text V. 9

The book of Isaiah is the Bible in miniature.   It is comprised of 66 chapters; the Bible is made up
of 66 books.   The book of Isaiah is divided into two divisions; the Bible is made up of the Old
Testament and the New Testament.   The first division of the book of Isaiah contains 39 chapters;
the Old Testament contains 39 books.   The second division of Isaiah contains 27 chapters; the
New Testament contains 27 books.   Thirty nine chapters of Isaiah warn Judea of impending
judgment.   Twenty-seven chapters of Isaiah speak of captivity under foreign powers used by God
in His sovereign plan.

Isaiah's ministry extended over a period of 60 years and was under the reign of 4 kings.   (Isaiah
1:1)   He died under the reign of Manases and was killed by being placed in the hollow trunk of a
tree and was sawed asunder.   The messages recorded in his book may represent only a part of his
writings as mentioned in II Chronicles 26:22.   Coming judgment prophesied the destruction of
Jerusalem and the fall of the throne of David.   On the other hand, the Messianic hope is dominant
throughout the entire book.   Portrayed as the suffering servant and the ruler of the restored
kingdom of absolute, perfect peace and righteousness, the Messiah is presented as the one in
whom all people may trust.

Chapter forty is placed to prepare for suffering, as well as to counsel, to console and to inspire.

  1. A Magnificent Shepherd.   Isaiah 40:10, 11.

    God appears as a Shepherd.   Luke 12:32 "My little flock".   Picture of compassion,
    warmth, and love.

    1. A loving shepherd.   John 10:11,12.
    2. A caring shepherd.   Ps. 23:1; I Pet. 5:7.
    3. A guiding shepherd.   John 10:3,4; Ps. 78:52,53.
    4. A sustaining shepherd.   Ezek. 34:14,15.
    Our shepherd has not changed - can do all things that He has promised - and more.

  2. A Marvelous Creator.   Isaiah 40:12; 46:5,9,10; 48:12,13,14.

    1. All the waters are as a drop in the Hand of God.   Seventy per cent of earth's surface
      is water.   Nothing compared to the hand of God.
    2. The Greatness of God cannot be measured.   Isaiah 46:5,9,10.
    3. It is the same God that measured the heavens and formed the mountains.   Isaiah
      48:12-14; 40:12-14.

  3. A Great Sovereign.   Isaiah 40:15-17, 23,24.

    1. The nations are no more than a drop of water on a bucket.   Isaiah 40:15.
    2. Governments are in the hand of God to accomplish His purposes.   Isaiah 40:17,23,24
      (Are as fragile as hay, fodder and leaves).


    1. The woods of Lebanon are not sufficient to make a sacrifice or burnt offering to the
      True and Living God.   Dan. 2:20-23.

  1. An Incomparable Sustainer.   Isaiah 40:18-22, 28-31.

    1. Those with money have a golden image made - and a chain to secure it.   Isaiah
    2. The poor have a wooden image made with a platform that secures it.   Isaiah 40:20.
      (What god is it that can be stolen or broken?)   (Our God is immutable - does not
      change or vacillate.   James 1:17; Num. 23:19-20.
    3. The universe cannot contain God.   Isaiah 40:21,22.   (Can your god be put in your
      pocket?   Can your god be left at home?   Can your god be stolen or burned or die?)
    4. God has unlimited wisdom   Isaiah 40:28
    5. God has the power to sustain miraculously.   Isaiah 40:29,30.
    6. God promises continual renewal of strength, courage and fortitude.

  2. A Majestic Saviour.   Isaiah 40:2; 44:6; 47:4; Jerm. 50:23,24.

    1. All the eternal purpose of God is focused in and upon the Lord Jesus Christ.
    2. Every thought, act of obedience and the ministry of the angels is concentrated in
    3. All the hate, strategy and wiles of astuteness converges against Christ.
    4. Every human hope is in Christ.
    5. All human occupation should be towards Christ.
    6. In the creation, the entire material universe is centralized in Christ.
    7. The written Word of God is a Christ centered book.
    8. The Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament.


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