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Bible ( ביבל )
"Yiddish, in varying forms, is the mother tongue of almost 4
million Jews throughout the world.   Although spoken by more
than three times that number before World War II, the atro-
cities of anti-Semitism in Germany, Soviet limitations on Jewish
cultural expression, and the integration of American Jewry with
the mainstream of American life have considerably diminished
its use.   A linguistic descendant of Medieval German, spoken
Yiddish displays varying regional admixtures of Hebraisms and
borrowings from local languages.   The dispersion of the Euro-
pean Jews after World War II and their subsequent contact
with other languages, particularly with English in the USA, has
caused widening regional differences.   Since the late 19th century
several attempts to find an acceptable standard usage have been
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

       "First publication, the New Testament except Revelation (in rab-
    binic characters
    ), in 1540 at Cracow; tr. by Johann Harzuge."
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: See German Bible History.]

       "The Penta-
    teuch with the Megilloth
    (Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesi-
    astes and Esther
    ), Paulus Fagius, Constance, 1544; tr. by Michael Adam."
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

Yiddish is generally written in Hebrew character.
"1544 Pentateuch Constance
Translated by Michael Adam, a Christian Jew of Zürich.   Several
other early versions of the Pentateuch were also published.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

1545 Psalms Venice
Translated by Elijah Levita."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1676-1678 Old Testament Veibsch & Blaeu, Amsterdam
The first O.T. in Yiddish, translated by Jokuthiel ben Isaac Blitz,
with some assistance from Meir Stern and Shablai ben Joseph, a
celebrated Rabbinic scholar.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

       "New Testament, Michael Gottschalck, Frankfurt a. d. Oder, 1700; tr.
    by Christian Mōller.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

       "Reitz Version: New Testament, Offenbach,
    1703; tr. by Johann Heinrich Reitz.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1679 Old Testament J. Athias, Amsterdam
Translated by Joseph J. ben Aaron Alexander, and revised by Meir
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: See Hebrew 1661 O.T.]

       "Sūsskind and Levi Version:

    Old Testament, Moses Frankfurter, Amsterdam, 1725-9; tr. Naphtali
    Hirz b. Sūsskind and Menahem b. Solomon Levi.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

YIDDISH--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: Rabbinic characters   Sūsskind and Levi Version   "1729" Deuteronomy 6:13 unknown.]

       "Callenberg Version:
    New Testament, Halle, 1732 etc
    (in parts); tr. by J. H. Callenberg."
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1821 New Testament London Jews Society
Translated into the Polish Yiddish usage by Benjamin N.[ehemiah] Solomon."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: Rabbinic characters.]

"1826-1836 Old Testament Karlsruhe
Translated by Asher ben Joseph."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

       "London Jews Society Version: New Testament (Rabbinic characters),
    Pentateuch, 1829; tr. by A. McCaul; Isaiah, 1829; Psalter, 1834.
    - -1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1829 Pentateuch   Isaiah   1834 Psalms   London
Translated into Polish Yiddish for the LJS by A. McCaul of Warsaw."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1872-1878 New Testament (in parts)   BFBS, London
Translated for the BFBS by P. I. Hershon, into the Galician usage.
Often printed.   A revision appeared in 1901 in Berlin, prepared by J.
Rabinowitz, W. I. Nelson, and Joseph Lerner, in an attempt to com-
bine the Lithuanian, Bessarabian, and Galician usages.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: Hebrew characters.]

"1887 Psalms BFBS, Vienna
Translated by Isaac I. Kahan, into the Lithuanian Yiddish usage."
-- 1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
"aided by G. H. Händler" per 1939.]

"1889 Matthew   1891 Hebrews   1895 New Testament
Trinitarian BS, London
Translated by J. A. Adler for the TBS."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1891-1901 Genesis-2 Kings   Isaiah   Jeremiah   BFBS,
Translated by J. Lichtenstein."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

"1893 Pentateuch   1898 Old Testament   BFBS, London
Translated by Mordecai Samuel Bergmann.   In 1904 a revision of the
O.T. was published.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]
       "Bergmann Version: Penta-
    teuch, BFBS, 1893; tr. by Mordecai Samuel Bergmann of the London
    City Mission and revised by Aaron Bernstein of the L.J.S.   Hebrews, pri-
    vately published, 1896; Old Testament, 1898; Bible, BFBS, 1908.
    -- 1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1900 Old Testament TBS, London
Translated by G. H. Händler and S. Mandelkern, completing the
TBS version.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]

"1904 Matthew   1912 New Testament
1927 Old Testament   BFBS, London
A revision of the BFBS text by A. Bernstein, A. S. Geden, M. S.
Bergmann, S. H. Wilkinson, and R. Kilgour.
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only]
       "BFBS revision: New Testament, BFBS, 1913; revised by...."--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

YIDDISH--1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only: Hebrew characters   BFBS Revision   "1913" Book ch:v unknown.]

"1926-1936 Old Testament Hebrew Publishing Co., New York
Translated by F. Bloomgarden."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: Yehoash Version.]

    "ABS American Version: St. Matthew’s Gospel, ABS, 1925; a tentative
    edition tr. by Rev. Henry Einspruch and a committee.   St. John’s Gospel,
    1927; a tentative edition, tr. by Rev. I. Landsman and a committee.
    Einspruch Version: James, "The Mediator," Baltimore, 1929; tr. by
    Rev. Henry Einspruch; Hebrews, 1930; St. Mark’s Gospel, 1932; St.
    John’s Gospel, 1933.
    --1000 Tongues, 1939   [Info only]

"1929-1933 Mark   John   James   Hebrews
The Mediator, Baltimore
1941 New Testament American Board of Missions to Jews,
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Translated by Henry Einspruch."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only:
HEBREW CHARACTER   "1929" Mark 1:2 correct (הַנְּבִיאִים = prophets).
Dr. HE was a Lutheran.]

"1939 Matthew   Hebrews   Scripture Gift Mission, London
1950 New Testament Million Testaments, Philadelphia
Translated by a my., A. Krolenbaum, into modern Yiddish."
--1000 Tongues, 1972   [Info only: ?]

**File: Yiddish New Testament   (Henry Einspruch, 1941, 1959, 1977 & Eric S. Gabe, 1994, The Society For Distributing Hebrew Scriptures)   [Info only: good translation.]

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