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"There are a total of 111 languages1 spoken by the people living in Myanmar.   Bible [of any kind] has been published over 50 languages spoken in Myanmar2.   There are altogether 135 ethnic groups, also known as "Nationalities".3   Some two or three ethnic groups speak same dialect or language and some ethnic groups speak more than one dialect.   Among them, Burmese (Myanmar) is the official language and spoken by about 69% of the population as their mother tongue.   According to 1983 census,4 the top language groups are Myanmar (Burmese) 69%, Shan 8.5%, Kayin (Karen) 6.2%, Rakhine 4.5%, Mon 2.4%, Chin 2.2%, Kachin 1.4%."

The Baptist mission published the newspaper in Moulmein under British colonial area in 1843.

Adoniram Judson of the American Baptist Mission published the first English-Burmese dictionary in 1852.

Some material above adapted from MBS