Creation and the Pentateuch

**List: Briney, My. Pat R.

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**List: Creation / Evolution   STL

*Booklet: Creation or Evolution (1974)   Pastor M. L. Moser, Jr., CP   [Sermon 3-1966]

**Tract: CREATION or EVOLUTION?   Part II-The Historical Record (1-19-1992)   Edited by CHM

**Book: English Bible Dictionary (~1840)   Compiled by CHM   [ Index ]

**Tract: EVOLUTION: Science or Religion? (1992)   My. Louis A. Turk, {Jr.}

**List: FAITH for life (2007-2015)   Fargo Baptist Church   [Info only: Bro. Daniel Aceituna articles.]

**List: Gish, Dr. Duane T.   [Info]

*Book: GOD   THE MASTER MATHEMATICIAN (2002)   Noah W. Hutchings, HP   [Info: ISBN 1-57558-106-X]

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*File: THE HOLY BIBLE - WHOLLY TRUE (n.d.)   Edited by CHM

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**Paper: SURVEY OF THE PENTATEUCH (11-5-1994)   Bro. R. Spurgeon

*Booklet: What Is Man? (1975)   Dr. David A. Warriner, Challenge Press   [Info only.]

**Tract: Why the Tree?   A fascinating Answer to the age-old Question   STL

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**List: Riddle, Mike   [Info]

*Book: SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS OF GENESIS   An Engineer Examines Genesis (1991)   Dr. Edward F. Blick   [Info]

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*Tract: BIG DADDY ? (2000)   Jack T. Chick

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Video: Christ in Creation (n.d.)   ICR catalog

*Booklet #1: Creation or Evolution? (n.d.)   Kent Hovind   [Info only]

*Seminar Notebook: CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM (2001 edition)   Kent Hovind   [Info only]

*Tract: CREATOR OR LIAR ? (2005)   Jack T. Chick

Did Man Just Happen? (n.d.)   W. A. Criswell (SB)

EVOLUTION: Fact or Fairy Tale? (n.d.)   Ralph Stewart

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Pamphlet: Evolution: Satan's Biggest Lie (n.d.)   My. Louis A. Turk, {Jr.}

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*Tract: IN THE BEGINNING (2000)   Jack T. Chick


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*Tract: Who Made It? (n.d.)   [ CD ]

*Book: The YOUNG EARTH (1994)   John D. Morris