Robert Stephanus: 1503-1559

Robert Stephanus

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**Paper: Ancient Bibles, Scrolls, Manuscripts and Cuneiform 4021 Years Old. (~1995)   Pastor Jewell E. Smith   [FBC color photos too.]

*File: Greek New Testament (1550)   RS, HBF   [ CD ]   [Accents on words.   Some punctuation.   Upper & lower case.]

**Book: A History of the Churches from a Baptist Perspective (2002, 6- 2005)   My. David W. Cloud, WOLL   [Contents]
[pp. 300-302: Robert Estienne, or Stephanus.]

*Book: The King James Version Defended (1956, 1973, 1984)   Edward F. Hills, C. R. Press   [Info only]
[pp. 62, 106, 116, 117, 192, 193, 203, 204, 205: Robert Stephanus.]

*Book: Landmarks of ENGLISH BIBLE: Manuscript Evidence (1989, 4-2001)   Pastor Robert J. Sargent
[pp. 169, 171: Stephanus.]

**List: Berry, George R.

**List: Wilson, P.

"The Englishman's Greek New Testament : giving the Greek text of Stephens 1550, with the various readings of the editions of Elzevir 1624, ...; together with an interlinear literal translation, and the authorised version of 1611. (London : S. Bagster and Sons, [1896])"   [Info only: Footnotes document the departure from the TR by the critics: Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, and Wordsworth.]

Latin "Biblia. Quid in hac editione praestitum sit ...
   Lutetiae, Ex Officina Roberti Stephani, 1545.
   [12], 156, 172, 116, 180 [ie. 184], 128, [12]p. 20cm. Zürich and Vulgate
   versions in parallel columns.
   NUC 53:NBi 0013326. D & M 6127."
  [Info only.   f06.pdf]

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