Frederick H. A. Scrivener: 1813-1891

Frederick Scrivener

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**Paper: Ancient Bibles, Scrolls, Manuscripts and Cuneiform 4021 Years Old. (~1995)   Pastor Jewell E. Smith   [FBC color photos too.]

*Greek N.T. (1550)   Stephanici   (10-1859, 1877)   F. H. A. Scrivener   [w/ (1565) Bezae, (1624) Elzeviri]
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Greek N.T. (1550)   Stephanici   (1887)   F. H. A. Scrivener, ARC   [w/ (1565, interdum 1598) Bezae, (1624) Elzeviri]
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"H{e-} Kain{e-} Diath{e-}k{e-} [romanized form] = Novum Testamentum text{u>}s Stephanici D. D. 1550 : accedunt variae lectiones editionum Bezae, Elzeviri / curante F.H. Scrivener. (Cantabrigiae : Deighton, Bell et Soc. ; Londini : Whittaker et Soc., Bell et Daldy, 1875)"   [Info only]

"He Kaine Diatheke. Novum Testamentum text{u>}s Stephanici A. D. 1550. Accedunt variae lectiones editionum Bezae. Elzeviri. Curante F. H. A. Scrivener ... (Cantabrigiae, Deighton, Bell et soc., Londini, Whittaker et soc., G. Bell et filii, 1877)"   [Info only]

"The New Testament in the original Greek according to the text followed in the authorized version... edited for the Syndics of the Cambridge university press. By the late F.H.A. Scrivener... (Cambridge, At the univ. press, 1894)"   [Info only]

"The New Testament in the original Greek, according to the text followed in the Autnorized Version....   Edited for the syndics of the Cambridge University Press, by the late F.H.A. Scrivener. (Cambridge : University Press, 1894)"   [Info only]

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