Why not?   Puppies chase their tails all the time . . .

"OKAY, I'M READY to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the Evolution-Creation debate.   Yes, you in the brown shirt."

"Sir, how do you respond to the Creationist's argument that design in nature is an indication that there has to be a Creator?"

"There's not much to say.   That argument is flawed.   Just because something exhibits non-randomness doesn't automatically mean that a higher intelligence was required to bring it about.   We can't constrain ourselves to identifying intelligence simply on the basis that something exhibits a pattern or organized structure.   After all, design does not necessarily demonstrate that a higher intelligence was behind its origin.
That would be a simplistic approach to solving a complex problem, of which Creationists are notorious for practicing.   Next question?   Yes, you--"

"Do you feel that finding life elsewhere in the universe would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that evolution occurred?"

"First of all, I assure you that I personally have no doubts that evolution has occurred.   After all, we're here, aren't we?   But to answer your question, I believe that finding extraterrestrial life in the universe would go a long way in silencing the Creationist once and for all.   That's why, as an evolutionist, I strongly support projects like SETI, which set up radio telescopes to monitor space and search for electromagnetic transmissions from another civilization.   Next . . . Okay, you in the brown shirt, I'm afraid this has to be your last question.   From now on, we'll limit the questions to one per person.   Go ahead."

"Thank you, Sir.   In regard to the previous question, how will scientists know the difference between a signal transmitted by extraterrestrials versus the normal background radiation that's all around us."

"Oh, it's very simple.   Electromagnetic background radiation tends more toward randomness.   So naturally, you look for a signal that has a pattern, perhaps a repetitive and organized structure.   Something that looks like it was designed.   After all, design is evidence of there being intelligence behind its origin--
     What?!   Why is everyone looking at me like that? . . . Next Question."

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